cranberry crop

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i just got stardew valley! any tips? i love your farms ;u;

Tip 1: The tunnel on the left side of the bus stop can be filled with kegs

Tip 2: Not every crop is a good crop, value wise. So if you want to make money most efficiently, buy these crops during their respectful season:

Strawberries: 500 profit per crop (spring)
Rhubarb:  240 profit per crop (spring)
Starfruit: 800 profit per crop (summer)
Blueberries: 880 profit per crop (summer)
Cranberries: 1101 profit per crop (fall)
Pumpkins:  440 profit per crop (fall)

Tip 3: You can grow “giant crops”. Plant melons, cauliflowers, or pumpkins in a  3x3 pattern. They give you x2 more crops on average.

Tip 4: ALWAYS have crab cakes & coffee. they give you 2+ speed together (+1 defense as well). Crab cakes benefits also last 15m10s, while coffee last 1m23s.

Tip 5: Ancient fruits are your best friends. They mature after 28 days, and give crops after every 7 days. its 550 for every fruit, 1100 when you keg them,  6,750 each for iridium aged wine (though it takes like two seasons)

Tip 6: Opening the journal by clicking on it while fishing will pause the game but still allow you to get a bite.This saves you a lot of time.

Tip 7: If its past 2am and you’re about to pass out, clicking on the journal tap with cancel it. you have to repeat this every time your about to pass out.

Tip 8: Rainy days are the best days to go fishing/mining, because they give you rarer loot/fish and you wont have to water your crops.

Tip 9: Theres a random event in the game where a witch will fly over your chicken coop and give you a void egg. You can incubate it for a void chicken, which you will need void eggs to make void mayonnaise for a future quest.

I think that’s all the tips I can think of at the moment. I hope that helps :D!