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To propel Jack into the future, Aku had to send someone to the past, so he figured he’d kill two birds with one stone

imagine how awkward its gonna be when his estranged son shows up with his arch nemesis for a boyfriend

those holiday family dinners are gonna be tense

Thanksgiving Turkey Cran Sandwich

Yield varies by preference

The things you’ll need

  • Leftover cranberry sauce, stuffing, & turkey
  • Provolone cheese
  • Sourdough bread
  • Electric griddle
  • Spatula
  • Knife
  1. Heat leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.
  2. Turn the griddle up to 300ºF and then place a slice of bread on it.
  3. Lay a slice of cheese on the bread and then layer cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey on top of the cheese. Let it sit for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. Flip the sandwich over and allow the other side to brown, about 30 to 45 seconds.
Thanksgiving with White families vs. Black families

White People Thanksgiving Dinner

Cranberry Sauce (w/ the cranberries in it)
Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Congealed Salad
Pumpkin Pie

Total Amount Of Attendants: 4-10 people (Not including dogs and cats that sit at the table)

Black People Thanksgiving Dinner

Smoked Turkey
Fried Turkey
Fried Chicken
Roast Beef
Honey Baked Ham
Country Ham
Dressing (w/ Turkey baked in it)
Giblet Gray (w/ eggs and some mo in it)
Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Turnip Greens
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Mixed Greens
Boiled Okra
Fried Okra
Green Beans
Baked Mac n Cheese
Black Eyed Peas
Broccoli Rice Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Candied Yams
Carrot Soufflé
Potato Salad
Tuna Salad
Tossed Salad
Pasta Salad
Crab Legs
Fettuccine Alfredo
Deviled Eggs
Rotel Cheese Dip
Corn Bread
Hot Water Cornbread
Butter Rolls
Sweet Potato Pie
All Of The Sold Out Patty Labelle Pies
Pecan Pie
Egg Pie
Chess Pie
Chocolate Pie
Peach Cobbler
Punch Bowl Cake
Banana Pudding
Lemon Cake
Pound Cake
Red Velvet Cake
German Chocolate Cake
Caramel Cake
Yellow Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting
Carrot Cake
Sock-It-To-Me Cake
King’s Hawaiian Savory Butter Rolls
Fry Bread
Cous Cous
Popcorn shrimp
Shrimp kabob
Fried shrimp
Pineapple shrimp
Shrimp and grits
Shrimp and gravy
Birthday Cake
Bean Pies
Little Debbie’s
Pot Pies
Dirty Rice
Pig Feet
Hog Maws
Cotto Salami
Jalapeño Poppers
Cottage Cheese
Old Halloween candy
Egg Foo Yung
Vienna Sausage
Potted meats
Saltine crackers
Ramen noodles
Taco salad
Salisbury steak
Hot pockets
Frito Pies
Hot Dog Casserole
Pork Rinds
Broccoli & Cheese Casserole
Black Licorice
Hamburger Helper
Chocolate Covered Raisins
Hot Cheetos
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Ranch Style Beans
Lil Smokies
Cases of Knockoff Soda
Seagram’s Gin
Crown Royal
Bud Ice

Total Amount Of Attendants: Anybody who likes Seasoning Salt and a 18 minute prayer over the food


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 093
summary : Reader and Kai are friends and go together to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Salvatore’s house.
* gif by phantom-evil
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Kai got up early and walked to Y/N’s house , ringing the doorbell. Usually he’d sneak into her house through her bedroom window but not this time. It was his favourite holiday and he wanted to do things right for a change.  A moment later Y/N’s dad opened the door , letting him inside.
“I think she is still asleep but you are welcome to wait for her downstairs until she wakes.” said her dad.
“Thanks.” said Kai smiling , putting his hands on her father’s shoulders. “But I think I will go upstairs and wake her up myself.. and you are not going to come check up on  us.”  and the next second he whooshed himself upstairs in her bedroom seeing her door was cracked open. He smiled and pushed it in , seeing Y/N curled up into a ball , semi hanging off the bed. Kai walked inside , sitting on the opposite side , pulling her towards him.
“Wakey wakey.”
“5 more minutes dad…” mumbled Y/N pulling the covers over her head.
Kai laughed at her words, tickling her through the covers.
“Not your dad sweetheart , though you can still call me ‘daddy’ if you want.”
Y/N pulled the covers over her head finding Kai grinning over her. His eyes sparkling with excitement as he tapped her nose. She glanced at the clock noticing its barely 7.25AM , then back at Kai.
“What ? H-how did you get in my ro- bed?”
“Front door. Weirdly your father is not on vervain. I wonder who got him off of it.” said Kai amused. “Oh right. I did.“ he laughed.
She couldnt help but smile. Kai might be dangerous around everyone else but not around her. Y/N got to see a side of him no one else did. He was charming , funny and sometimes annoyingly cute but she loved him just the way he was with all the good and the bad.
“Should I be worried you made sure my dad can be compelled or ?”
“Nah … Don’t worry. I just wanted him to allow me to sneak into the house whenever I want without interruptions.” he said smiling. “Now , get up. It’s THANKSGIVING !!! My favourite day of the year !”
“What about Christmas ?”  she asked yawning , rubbing her forehead with her thumb and index finger. Kai was like a little kid on Christmas morning. The most dangerous thing about him today would be how much food he’d try to get her to eat.
“Christmas is fun but I like Thanksgiving best.” he grinned. “Come on , get up !” he pulled the covers off her , pulling her hands until she was in a sitting position. “There is so much to do - turkey , cranberries , stuffing OH and those glazed carrots !!”
“I know , I know … Caroline already send me a whole list with chores the other night.” she said getting up. Her friends had invited her to Friendsgiving and of course everyone had chores to do and a schedule to stick to. Kai looked at her confused.
“What does Candice had to do with today ?”
“Didn’t I tell you ? Sorry … classes and all. Must’ve slipped my mind.” she laughed nervously. “Caroline invited me over to celebrate Friendsgiving … well Thanksgiving at the Salvatores…and you are coming as my plus one.”
Kai stared at her as if she had just dropped a nuclear bomb in the middle of her bedroom. Her friends didn’t like him and he didnt really feel like spending the day with them , but he also wanted to spend the day with Y/N. He liked being around her , talking or just sitting together doing nothing.
“Lose the sad face.” she tickled him. “Smile. There is nothing to be nervous about - I’ll be there and -”
“They don’t like me. What if -”
“No , no , no. No ‘but’ or ‘if’. “ she said wrapping her hands around her best friend. “You are coming or I’ll be very very sad … and mad at you.”
“You know I cant say no to you.” he smiled. “Now , where is that list Candice sent you? I dont want them to hate me for ruining Thanksgiving , also I make the best stuffing. Literally to die for.” said Kai excitedly.
“Ah well thats perfect because stuffing is our responsibility.” smiled Y/N.
“Fantastic !” said Kai grabbing her by the waist and tossing her over his shoulder making her laugh. “Lets go sweet cheeks. I am making you breakfast.”

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Who First Farmed Potatoes? Archaeologists in Andes Find New Evidence

Nobody knows precisely what the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving feast looked like. According to primary sources, there was fowl (likely including wild turkeys), venison and cornmeal for sure. Possible side dishes were cranberries, pumpkin and stuffing made with onions, nuts and herbs.

Many of these flavors are still Thanksgiving staples. There’s one modern favorite, though, that would not have been found at the inaugural Plymouth celebration: mashed potatoes. That’s because potatoes are native to South America and had not yet made their way to North America.

Where in South America potatoes first became domesticated, however, is still unknown. Recent genetic studies point to the Andean highlands in southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia as the crop’s birthplace, but a lack of direct plant evidence has made it difficult to confirm. Read more.

thank you to the cinnamon snail (vegan nyc-based food truck, catering company & more) for the amazing vegan thanksgiving dinner ❤️ herb crusted seitan, rosemary root vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy & i also had the truffle mac n cheese and mini pumpkin pie !!! they’re amazing ✨✨✨

instagram: @witchy_vegan

Vietnamese American in South California

After stumbling upon this blog more or less by accident but very welcomed, I figured it would be a good idea to browse around as I myself do try to write recreatively every so often. I’ve gone through maybe the first ten profiles, I figured I may as well do one myself.

A little of background, the place where I live is known to have one of the largest Vietnamese population in the country. You can find all sorts of different Asian food/markets/stores/etc just walking down the street. My high school where I’m a junior is predominantly Asian and Hispanic. Both my parents were born in Vietnam and came over around the time of the Vietnam War. My siblings and I, on the other hand, were both born and raised in America. I myself am still adjusting to the whole poc thing after having grown up with the average american culture on media.

Beauty Standards

Of course everyone has their own opinions, but I find that the saying “the grass is greener on the other side” to be very true to the way I think. As a nearly year round swimmer, my skin can get pretty darned tan pretty fast. I always liked whiter skin that wasn’t too white for myself but I recognize beauty in many shades. As for the rest of the body, I’ve always admired taller and slim figures for both females and males, being a nearly ridiculously skinny and short person for most of my life, but again, recognizing beauty in other shapes.

Maybe this part isn’t specifically related to my beauty standards but it does have to do with my appearance. I’ve been out in the sun for a long while now. As a kid, way before all this technology stuff came along, I was playing outside with my younger brother before I was going to school. I was in the pool every summer and began learning how to properly swim since about the summer after fifth grade (10/11 years old). I’ve been swimming on my high school team for three years now. Bottom line: I’m in a constant state of tan. It doesn’t bother me that much that I range from potato tan to dirt brown tan. However, people have been confusing me for non Vietnamese, while it is a little amusing to watch them guess, why does it matter? Vietnamese is just another label. Why not appreciate my skin color for the color it is? Seems to work for eyes pretty well regardless of whether the person is German or Korean or Brazilian or whatever.


In terms of american vs viet dress, I’ve always worn more american clothing. It’s a lot easier to find in good quantity and quality; many of the traditional Vietnamese ao dai dresses begin very flimsy. I have no problem with wearing traditional Viet but the main issue is that the only time i really do is for new year celebration which is usually late january-february, aka pretty cool, aka not the same tropical weather Vietnam normally has, for which ao dais were designed.

Dating and Relationships

I’m not big on dating. Never have and I don’t see myself being so for a while. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact that my dad is a stickler for a sort of traditional setup where I end up with a respectable Vietnamese male. My mom, however, is a lot less restrictive, or she’s kept quiet about her expectations; I don’t exactly keep my relationship status and opinions on such a secret. As for friends, both my parents prefer people that are respectable and asian. They have to meet a certain criteria or else I start hearing something about my friends. Personally, my circle of close friends is largely based on the connection and experiences we’ve had with each other.


One of my favorite topics. Once upon a time, I was a picky, slow eater. Nowadays, I’m pretty open to what I’ll stomach. In terms of what I normally eat, it’s almost always home cooked for health reasons, but mainly Vietnamese based. I’m used to this diet, but I was rather shocked when I found out a former classmate had never eaten fast food until almost high school and a current friend of mine eats out nearly every weekend with her family; too each his own. Nearly every meal I have will have rice or rice noodles. Traditionally, that’s what constituted most dishes. Some popular dishes: pho (chicken/beef noodle soup), fried rice with mixed vegetables/meat/cilantro/green onion, spring rolls (noodles, greens, meats, and some other stuff wrapped in rice wrappers), egg rolls (more or less the same as spring rolls without the greens and fried). Of course, if you go into a Vietnamese/Asian restaurant, you’ll have a heckuva lot more variety. Sometimes, my mom or dad will whip up something different. Normally, dad does a stew sort of thing. I’m pretty sure the recipes vary or are a family bc I’ve almost never seen the same stew in a restaurant. Mom will either go for another viet dish we normally don’t eat or something less Asian like pasta. However, when we celebrate Thanksgiving, we go for the traditional turkey with potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, corn, etc.

Holidays (yayyyy)

I’m pretty sure it varies by family, but there are very few holidays that my family will actually celebrate. From the previous section, there’s Thanksgiving, and as Roman Catholics, there’s also Christmas, which we smush together with (Jan 1st) New Year’s, and Easter. For birthdays, there’s a lot of us so we’ll throw one celebration for one bunch of people (ex: I’m mid september like my aunt and two cousins, so all four birthdays will be celebrated at once although each of us is actually a different day) unless the immediate family decides to have another celebration. The only other major holiday we celebrate is tet, or lunar new year, whatever. We celebrate with traditional tet and Vietnamese food and red envelopes of money (which when initially introduced to one of my English teachers, she thought the kids were presenting the money to the adults, hahaha). Out of the monthly american holidays, I feel that we mainly use the more significant ones, like mother’s and father’s day, as reasons to get the whole family together, something getting rarer with the growing children (the young generation ranges from the oldest who’s already 23ish to the youngest who’s a little over a year old).


As the children of first generation parents, I and many of my siblings and cousins first spoke Vietnamese before learning English at various points in our childhood. I started sometime around kindergarten (5/6 year old) but one of my younger cousin, a 3 year old, is already picking up on conversational English. As I became more immersed in the English language, I stopped speaking Vietnamese although I could still understand most of the adult table conversations at parties or when addressed to me directly. When I first got into high school, I wanted to take Vietnamese as my foreign language because I wanted to reconnect to my native language. My mom argued against it, saying that I could learn at home instead. Despite that, I’ve started picking it up again and speak Viet much more often compared to a few years ago.


Because of the high concentration of other Asians, especially Viets, where I live, I feel that I don’t have to deal with many misconceptions in person, being an introvert also helps with that. 

Still, I would like to take the opportunity to address some common stereotypes and misconceptions. 

First, the smart Asian.

(Unless otherwise specified, assume that the people I refer to here are Asian.)

 Despite being at the top of class and sincerely enjoying and doing well in my math and science classes, I don’t flaunt it around friends. I honestly don’t think that I need to smart to have good friends and not all of my friends feel the same way as I do academically. Not all of my friends are as smart I am sometimes. I have a B average friend that made it to the decathlon team and I didn’t. She went on to wearing medals and going to state competition and doing very well there with the rest of the team while I was swimming. I have days where my brain doesn’t work with me and I can’t think straight. I have another friend, B/C average, and she hates history but she managed to score better than me on our benchmark final, not because I scored low, but because she scored high and we had the same teacher, same test. Maybe it’s a fluke but does it matter? It happened. 

On the other hand, there’s another smart guy, top of the class, all AP classes, you know the type. He flaunts his smartness. I don’t talk to him personally, but I’ve heard him refer to the average people, even the above average people as “commoners”. Getting into top 20 of several hundred in our class and being nominated for almost every class he’s taken this year at the awards ceremony was “gg ez”. Just goes to show you that not every smart Asian is the same. Also, some things like smart being the same as nerdy and glasses is 100% not true. 

Hot nerd =/= smart. Smart and nerdy are not mutually inclusive. A few things that really get on my nerves, especially at the latest assembly which was supposed to be focus on academics, ASB had a bunch of people dress up in the stereotypical nerd dress up (white top, glasses, suspenders, etc.) for a “flash mob” dance.

“Asians are bad drivers.” 

Just. WhY???? We have to take the whole driver’s ed thing like everybody else. Some of the Asian people I know are perfectly fine drivers. I’ve seen bad drivers that aren’t Asians. Bad driving is a label earned, not given.

Sexy Asian ladies. 

I’m sorry, but have you taken a good look at the rest of the human population???? Back to my beauty standards, I see beauty everywhere. Even if you can’t, at least understand that humans come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes. Not all Asian ladies have white skin and chi*ky eyes with the monolid, big ass boobs, and are skinny as frick. I’m tan as all hell in the summer; I don’t think I have eyes that are that small; I’ve been putting on weight; I don’t have curves. I have other friends that are also tanned, bigger than me, flat and no curves. I have friends that don’t tan, have curves and all that. Why care?

Self Esteem

Another big topic. I haven’t been put down for identifying as Asian american yet and I’m not aware of any of my friends being put down for identifying as whatever it is, but self esteem is not solely based on that. Going to the smart Asian stereotype, yes, I have “Asian parents”. My mom was top of her class in Vietnam, she seems to expect the same from me. I’m not specially honored or anything when I have A average grades when other people would kill for that. Instead, I’m given a “good job, keep your grades like that” and a chewing out when anything drops to a B. 

Sometimes, I will put in a lot of hard work for something big, academically, and the results don’t turn out as great as I was expected to get. I’m not given a “hey, i know you expected better, let’s try again”, I’m told “you need to do better, go work harder and do it again” or “you blew it this time, do you realize the consequences it can have on your future?” Sometimes, I don’t care about what happens, I just want to be appreciated for what I can do, and not what I can’t. I have friends who aren’t as academically talented and their parents give them hell for it. It stresses them out and makes them just want to quit. But I always let them know that they can come to me for help. I am more than willing to help and tutor.

I can’t begin to count how many times someone in my family has said sometime over the years “you’re so skinny, eat some more.” or “you’re so short, why don’t you put in more effort to grow taller?” or “you’re so tall now” or “you don’t look good in those clothes without a chest” (This is mainly from my mom who works in fashion, but it’s true because the size I am, it can be difficult to find nice fitting clothes.) I don’t let this bother me too much either, but there are still days where I wish I were taller, more curved, more athletically built. Some days, I will wish that I wasn’t so Asian looking or had the background and experiences that I do.

Things to see

I read an article awhile back about the roles of Asian males in tv and movies, particularly Hollywood ones. I would like to see more non traditional Asian male roles by less traditional looking males. Unless the story is literally based in Asian culture, don’t have the one cool ninja guy be Asian and everyone else is something else. What about the suave con man? Or gentlemanly football player? President/leader of a community club? 

For the ladies, don’t make her the slut or concubine of the group. I like the idea of an angry but caring motherly figure for the dudes constantly getting in trouble. The kickass awesome chef sprouting sarcasm. What the heck, an Asian version of Ginny Weasley. Make her the leader instead of the follower. Melinda May, anyone?

We are not all that people think we are. We may have cultural differences with others, but we are also every bit as diverse.

ilivedtoo  asked:

I never understood why the Ikea meme was that it's a place where couples go to break up. I've never met anyone who has ever had an actually bad time at Ikea. Like, sure, any place can be frustrating. But I've never known anyone who's had such a bad time at Ikea that it's affected them longer than 10 minutes.

Right? RIGHT?!

Like…who? Who is going to Ikea with their partner and not being like “Hey, my love, my dear, we should get this stuffed Bjornskjelllllllgr, it’s cute…it’s cheap, either that or fifteen shelves for the same price. Do you want to sit in this fake living room and imagine what it would be like to have an entire room designed around the abstract Nordic concept of Fjijkggrr? No, you’re right, I want cranberry sauce and stuffing from the food court, and I only want to pay like 3 dollars for it.”

Like…it’s great, you just wander around, and by the time you hit the crates and check out you’re like ‘hey, you wanna go and like…really look at couches in the first section…just to you know, experience the ambience again?’

Thanksgiving With the Twins

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Warnings: Slight mentions of smut but mostly fluff.

Summary: You help cook Thanksgiving dinner for the Avengers and Wanda decides to help you put some Sokovian food on the table, and Pietro can’t help but find you very attractive in the kitchen. Romantic Pietro x Reader and platonic Avengers x Reader. 

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you like this new imagine! 

Wanda and Pietro walked by the kitchen when they smelled something really good. Pietro stuck his nose in the air and sniffed. Wanda smiled a bit. “Something smells delicious.” She says and smiles. Pietro rolls his eyes.

“It’s just stupid American food, the stuff in Sokovia is better.” He complains then his eyes widen when he sees you in the kitchen with Steve. He marveled over how hard you were working as you chopped up some vegetables. You had an old looking apron on over y/f/c dress and you wiped some sweat off your brow with your flower covered hand. Pietro admired how you always worked so hard, with everything you did. And he loved how pretty you looked in that y/f/c dress of yours. It hugged your body in all the right places and made you look more radiant than you already are normally. Wanda hit his arm and wiggled her eyebrows at him. He scoffed and rolled his eyes at her, before you talked to them. 

“What’s up guys?” You ask and Pietro clears his throat. 

“Nothing we were just looking around. What are you and Steve doing?” He asks, getting slightly jealous that you were spending time with Steve and not him. 

“Cooking Thanksgiving dinner.” You say and the twins look confused. 

“What’s Thanksgiving?” Wanda asks and Pietro shares her look of confusion.

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Thanksgiving with the Goodkins

Read on AO3 here.

I know this is late, but I hope you still like it!

Thanksgiving, 2015. The first Thanksgiving the group would spend together. They planned for it to be the day before Thanksgiving because Linus and Cameron both had families planning dinner for the day of.

Kirsten and Camille decided to host it. They had the most space and two pitching in money for one turkey and a couple of sides was better than baking and cooking other things to bring. They assigned the boy items to bring: Cameron was required to bring bread rolls, a pie, and a green bean casserole; Linus was asked to bring other veggies, some cookies, and utensils to cut the turkey. The girls would be providing the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows baked on top (a bizarre dish Camille insisted on having).

Cameron and Linus arrived around 1:30. “We have the goods!” Linus said once Camille opened the door.

“Great, glad you pulled through,” she replied in a slightly sarcastic tone. She took the pie from Cameron along with the bag of canned vegetables from Linus. She directed them around as to where to put things.

Meanwhile, Kirsten was in the kitchen bent over at the oven, basting the turkey. While Camille and Linus argued pettily in the dining room over the utensils he brought (apparently they were dull or broken), Cameron went into the kitchen to see what he could help with. “Got it, Stretch?” he asked as he walked towards her.

She looked up, a few fly away hairs in her face. “Yeah,” she sighed. “Yeah, I think I got it all.” She didn’t know how long she had been dripping the juices over the turkey for, but assumed it was long enough. She stuck the thermometer in to check the readiness of the bird. “Damn. Still at one thirty.” She removed it and placed it on the counter. Closing the oven, she turned towards Cameron. “Hi.” She pushed her hair out of her face and dusted her hands off on her apron.

“Hi,” he smiled. “Smells good.” He adored the flustered Kirsten standing in front of him.

She inhaled deeply. “I’ll probably end up drying it out somehow.” She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “What’re you up to?”

“Just came in to see if you need any help,” he said.

Kirsten looked around. “Wanna open up a can of cranberry sauce and slice it up in the little dish it’s sitting in?” she asked.

Cameron nodded. “Sure.” He grabbed the can opener that was sitting next to a can of corn. “Is this your first ‘Friends-giving’?” he asked as he twisted the knob.

She nodded, still standing against the oven. “Yeah. First Thanksgiving in years, if I’m being honest.”

He whipped his head around. “Are you being serious right now?” She shrugged, almost saying “Why wouldn’t I be?” He shook his head with a grin. “Then you’re coming to my house tomorrow for a real Thanksgiving meal.”

“Are you implying this isn’t good enough?” she challenged, brows furrowed.

“No! No, this is a real Thanksgiving dinner and it’s going to be wonderful, but it’s ‘Friends-giving.’ It’s totally different than spending it with a family.”

“We’re a family,” she said casually.

Cameron’s cheeks reddened. “W-we are. Yeah, I-I guess we are.” He nodded, dumping the sauce onto the plate. He grabbed a knife and began to slice small slivers. “Sorry. Y-you don’t have to go. That was dumb.”

She walked over to him and rested her elbow on the counter with her head in her hand. “I’ll go, if you want me to go.”

He looked up at her. “Really?”

She shrugged. “Yeah, why not? As long as I get first dibs on dessert,” she said with a smirk, dipping her finger in the Cool Whip tub sitting next to her and placing a bit on Cameron’s nose.

His face became as red as the cranberry sauce as she walked away. He wiped it off, chuckling softly as he continued to work.


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nygmobblepot thanksgiving headcanons

(I know some of you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or it isn’t today for you, but I’m in the holiday spirit so I’m making these)

  • Oswald always is the one who goes out to by the turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, beans, etc. Ed only decorates the mansion. It is a bunch of pilgrim stuff so that when Oswald comes home he feels like he just walked into the first thanksgiving. ‘
  • They only have thanksgiving with each other, obviously because their family is either dead or abusive. They are each other’s family.
  • Ed gobbles at Oswald after dinner to make him giggle
  • They both wake up early, despite normally waking up late in the day, just to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.
  • One Thanksgiving, they weren’t able to put up decorations or get all the necessary food because of a specific obstacle/reason, so Ed ordered Chinese food takeout last minute. This made Oswald extremely happy.
  • Ed always makes sure Oswald eats 3x as much as him, and always surprises him with a customized dessert every year
  • Ed always teases Oswald about putting more weight on every year, and squishing his cheeks, telling him he loves him even more. Oswald gets annoyed and flustered due to it, but he also loves it.
  • The minute they are done with dinner, they take down all the Thanksgiving decorations and burn them.
  • They dress in green and red pajamas before going to bed that night, Ed of course wearing the green ones.
  • Ed never gets to sleep until late Thanksgiving night, because he wants to wait until Oswald is asleep so he can cuddle him and watch his adorable sleeping face after such an eventful holiday.

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