this one is a gift for my roomie - to counteract her seasonal affective disorder/depression, instill her with confidence, stave off loneliness, and draw in affection and friendship!

  • petals of one orange rose - roses are her favorite flower, and orange is for pride, exuberance, confidence, and passion, to help her stay focused and positive
  • bouquet water from the vase the rose was in bc i’ve already decided ALL my jar spells are gonna have water in them (u can take the pagan out of the kemetic context but u can’t take the kemetic out of the etc etc) and it seemed appropriate w the rose already in there!
  • a spoonful of sugar for sweetness and affection, and as a nod 2 honey jar spells!
  • a nice spoonful of really good marmalade, for a sunny disposition
  • a shot of vodka for confidence and a reminder of good times with existing friends
  • a sprinkle of earl grey leaves that were a gift from her to me - the black tea will represent and reinforce my support of her as a friend, and the bergamot in the tea echoes the marmalade to fight her S.A.D.
  • wax drippings from a white candle that burned while i was w my bf, to keep the three of us mindful of the space we all need while still keeping us tight knit
  • her name on a pink petition slip

this is a super personal, super specific spell - not necessarily sth i would suggest other ppl recreate just bc i made it so specially as a gift for my friend and it was mostly built specifically w our friendship in mind! i’m really excited to let it soak up some sunlight and moonlight over the next week or so UuU