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Derek turns into a cat on a Tuesday.

There’s nothing unusual about this particular Tuesday. He wakes up in the abandoned warehouse he’d claimed in North Carolina, on top of an old flea-bitten mattress, and he’s wallowing in his usual morning routine of self-doubt and questioning his life choices. It isn’t until he realizes the sad, pitiful meowing is not coming from the feral cats he tries to feed with what meager income he can get doing odd jobs, but is in fact, coming from himself.

He is a cat. 

Derek takes stock of the situation. This must be that witch he met yesterday; he’d politely asked her to move on from this town because her anti-aging potions were giving the neighborhood ladies glow-in-the-dark hair and it wouldn’t be long until she attracted attention– of the local supernatural enforcement kind, meaning packs, meaning emissaries, meaning Derek would have to move on. Yet again. She’d shot some spells at him, ruined his favorite leather jacket, and chased him through the woods where there were a startling amount of hidden cameras. Derek then had to avoid several bungling FBI agents and led them on a merry chase through the woods until losing them, then he headed back to town.

The worst part was that whatever spell it was, Derek couldn’t shift into a wolf. He’d forgotten about it once he got to safety, and there didn’t seem to be any other effects of the spell, but…

Yeah. Four legs. Tail. He’s fluffy. And small.

He should have just stayed in South America. 

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Modern Witches

- Nervous witches collecting rainwater in mason jars and purifying it for non visibility spells. Dousing their wrists and necks and behind their ears to prevent unwanted attention.

- Witches brewing tea and coffee and leaving it to sit for days so that the spirits in their homes will be pleased.

- Twenty year old witches squinting at their scrawled runes in a composition notebook in a cramped apartment as they study for exams.

- Witches arming themselves with non-lethal hexes and curses when they have to walk at night in the city because you can never be too careful.

- Witches adopting their black cats from shelters, and maybe several other cats that aren’t black as well.

- Witches creating fairy lights of floating candles that sometimes drip wax on the floor but will refuse to burn the witch’s dwelling.

- Familiars doubling as therapy pets and service dogs.

Transference (M) – Chapter 05

cr. [X]

Summary: Hoseok struggles to process his feelings as he is haunted by his past.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 10,216

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, BDSM, shibari, dom/sub roleplay, profanity.

A/N: Here is the long awaited Hoseok POV chapter. If you haven’t read Chapters 1-4 already, I highly recommend doing so by using the links below.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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My darling @blacktofade‘s birthday was, uh, two months ago, so here I am, ten years late with her birthday present. ILU BB!! If this lil au seems like it should be a full-length fic, that’s because it desperately tried to be, and I had to keep chopping at it to keep it under control, like some kind of rouge hedge on meth. (Now on AO3!)

In the hours after the fight, Stiles drives and drives and drives. At first it’s late, and then it’s so late that it’s early, but he keeps on driving, fueled by anger, mostly in silence, though somewhere around the middle of Pennsylvania he thaws enough to put on some music. He stops at a rest stop just past the Ohio border to get a breakfast sandwich, and as he sits at a dirty table and eats, he thinks: shit.

Doubt begins creeping into his thoughts; maybe he’d been too hasty. Maybe he should have given Jay a chance to explain - but no, no, fuck that. He’d always made it really fucking clear that if their relationship ever got to the point where cheating seemed like a good option, he’d rather just be broken up with and yet look what fucking happened. Stiles scoffs scornfully, chucking the wrapper to his sandwich in a nearby trash can. Two and a half years down the drain.

Refreshed by a new wave of anger, Stiles heads back to his car and gets back on the highway. He manages to wrangle his phone from his pocket and, ignoring the multiple text and missed call notifications, he calls his dad, who picks up with a sigh.

“You know what time it is?” his dad asks, and Stiles looks at his dash guiltily. He’s been so worked up that he forgot about the time difference - or the fact that even on the east coast, it’s early, the sun barely above the horizon.

“Sorry,” Stiles says with a wince. “I’ll call back later.”

“It’s fine,” Dad says with another sigh. “I just got home from an overnight shift. Everything all right? You’re not usually up before ten.”

Stiles opens his mouth and then closes his mouth, startled by the raw ache in his eyes.

“Stiles?” his dad presses, somehow gentle and sharp at the same time; Stiles is worrying him.

“I’m - ” Stiles clears his throat, tapping his fingers against the wheel. “Um. How would you feel about me moving home for a while?”

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When You See Their Mansion For The First Time (Requested/Mafia AU)

~Kim Namjoon~

Your jaw dropped. You and Namjoon had been seeing each other for a little over 3 months and this is the first time you had ever visited his home. It was massive, more than anything you’d ever seen. Being raised in a poor family, you were used to a one-story, cramped apartment.

Namjoon tapped your chin up and smirked.

“You’ll catch flies kitten.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin opened the door of the Hummer and watched your eyes light up. You scanned the open terrace and large doors. You grew up with a small front porch and a flower bed. Jin hooked his arm with yours and led you to the front gate that opened automatically.

“Wait until you see the kitchen.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi had money and he knew how to flash it. From picking you up in his exotic sports car to arrive at his mansion on the outskirts of the city. The sleek black fence and paved driveway was the first sign of his wealthy house. When the doors finally open you were frozen in shock. Yoongi stood outside with a smirk.

“It’s even better on the inside.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi wasn’t very fond of showing off his wealth. That is until he met you. You were a small town girl who didn’t have a lot of money to spare growing up. So he constantly bought you things to show you how much he loved you. When you rolled up to his mansion, you really saw how wealthy he was.

“I hope it’s not too much Y/n.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin smirked at the size of your eyes. You were gasping in shock at just the gate of his mansion. You never saw anything quite advanced before in your life. You clutched the end of your shirt with a deep gulp. You felt nervous. What if you walked inside and broke a priceless artifact? Or left dirt on the floor?

“Calm down Y/n,” Jimin laid a hand on your thigh. “My home is yours now.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae leaned back in his seat as he entered the gate. His hand gave your knee a reassuring squeeze. Your eyes followed the tall and wide structure of the mansion. You couldn’t say you expected any less. But it was HUGE! You loved out of a one bedroom, one bath house your entire life.

“I’ll make sure to show you EVERY room.” Taehyung chuckled.

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook held your hand as you approached the door to his mansion. You were physically shaking. You didn’t even feel worthy to step on his property. Nevertheless enter Jungkook’s home. The tall doors were pushed open and you felt weak-kneed at the sight. Jungkook smiled and held a hand to your back.

“I can’t wait to show you the bedrooms…”

Transference (M) – Chapter 07

cr. [X] 

Summary: You and Hoseok struggle separately to process what has transpired between you.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 7,733

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, mentions of alcohol, profanity.

A/N:  This chapter contains both the Reader and Hoseok’s POV and will be labeled whenever it switches. It’s a sad one, but necessary for the rest of the series. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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baby, my baby | 02

Originally posted by kookmin

“Raise my child, just for twelve months”

◇ pairing: jungkook | reader
◇ genre: angst, fluff. parents au
◇ word count:  3.2 k
◇ author’s note: i will be updating this series every friday evening, 11~12pm korean time! i really hope you enjoy!

previous part ↠ part two next part 

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The Only Exception (Part 9)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,249

Warnings: language, confrontation, threats, therapy session, talks of trauma, dangerous situation, talk of messed up people. Author note under cut.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

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The first time Yuuri cuts Victor’s hair it’s more convenience than anything else. The summer was really starting off, and Victor’s hair was reaching near mullet stage when he decided it was time for a cut. He asked Yuuri where to make an appointment when, seemingly without thinking, Yuuri offered to do it for him. 

“Phichit and I used to save cash by cutting each other’s hair. It’s just a shave in the back right?” 

So Victor finds himself sitting in a chair in an open door way of the onsen with an old towel around his neck as his crush trims the back of his head. Lets the soft buzz of the shaver mix with the mindless humming Yuuri does while working. Pushing, just slightly, against the finger tips tilting his head every other way. 

Far too soon Yuuri is pulling the towel away and taking it outside to dump out the hair. 

After that it’s just habit. Sitting in an old creaky chair with an even older towel or blanket around his neck while Yuuri cuts his hair. The first time Yuuri asks him to cut his Victor jumps at the chance. While Yuuri is meticulous, Victor is greedy. He uses it as a chance to run his fingers and (after a certain kiss) nuzzle his face into Yuuri’s kitten soft hair. Breath in the smell of all natural shampoo that Hiroko and Toshiya make in the backyard. A smell that now means home more than any cramped Saint Petersburg apartment ever could. 

tattyboo03  asked:

For the autumn Drabble requests: maybe a shance one where Lance is all like "I love autumn!" and goes outside and ends up falling asleep in a pile of leaves? Then Shiro finds him and he's really feverish and shivering. Shiro has to take him to his apartment to warm him up <3

You are literally so freaking good at coming up with prompts. I love this! 

It’s a quick glimpse of red and gold that pulls Lance’s focus away from his thesis writing and toward the small window facing his desk. His eyes follow the leaves whipping past his window, leaving his heart swelling with a heated joy for autumn. 

He spares a glance back to his laptop screen, eyes scanning over his unfinished sentence before he pushes away from his desk and races around Shiro’s apartment. He slips on his boots and jams his arms into a light jacket before he’s darting out the door and down the steps to the ground level. 

It takes him only a minute until he’s shoving the main apartment complex doors open and sucking in a sharp breath that has his chest pushing forward with crisp, fall air. It’s equal parts refreshing and painful, with biting winter air shooting across the cool breeze, but after being cramped in Shiro’s apartment staring at a computer screen for hours, Lance will take it. 

He makes a beeline to the small cluster of trees to the left of the parking lot, and it’s as if stepping into a different world. Leaves crunch under his boots with each step, and they rain around him until he throws his arms out and twirls around them with his head tilted back toward the faint pink sky. 

It’s just what he needs- a break from his thesis. For the next two hours, he snaps pictures to Shiro, who’s on his last few hours at work, and plays within the falling leaves. It’s childish, sure, but he’s always been a bit of a kid at heart. He makes pile after pile of leaves and flops into them, and it’s his seventh pile of leaves that he drops onto where he struggles to get back up. 

For the last thirty minutes or so, exhaustion’s been creeping along Lance’s bones as the remaining daylight gives way to a dark sky and bright moon. Lance lies in the pile, arms stretched out on either side, and stares at the silver moon through the gaps in the trees. With each blink, his lids grow heavier and heavier, and before he knows it, he’s drifting off. 


Shiro pulls into a parking spot with a low sigh. Work was hell to say the least, but Lance’s pictures helped, until they stopped rather abruptly. Still, Shiro isn’t concerned as he gets out of his car and starts toward the small cluster of trees to see what damage Lance made before going inside. 

He rubs at his arms as he approaches the area, hissing slightly at the sharp breeze that seems to seep right through his thick coat. While it’s still autumn, the nights are getting colder, and Shiro huffs, breath clouding in front of him, as he maneuvers past trees, only to come to a dead stop, heart practically leaping up his throat, as he reaches the clearing. 

Lance is there, much to Shiro’s dismay. The brunet is curled into an impossibly tight ball atop a pile of leaves, and he’s shivering with closed eyes and a pained face. 

“Lance?” Shiro’s voice is quick, panicked, and he drops to his knees beside his boyfriend. “Lance,” he repeats, concern bleeding through his tone as he rips a glove off to pat Lance’s cheek. The second his cool palm meets Lance’s burning cheek, Shiro freezes for an endless moment before sliding a rapid hand over Lance’s forehead. His heart quickens at the prominent fever heat; he can’t tell how bad because of the bitter breeze, but it’s certainly not good by any means. 

He doesn’t wait any longer, opting instead to scoop Lance up into his arms and carry the brunet in a tight cradle back up to his apartment. Beads of sweat prickle at his forehead as he takes the two flights of steps up to their apartment, but his focus is solely on the heat of Lance’s fever seeping past his coat. 

It takes five minutes and impressive maneuvering, but Shiro finally gets Lance inside the apartment and onto the couch, and it’s only then that Lance stirs with a gravelly groan. 


Shiro’s mind is racing toward the bedroom then to the kitchen for hot tea, but his legs have him crouching in front of the couch and brushing damp bangs from Lance’s forehead. “Yeah, Lance. It’s me. How’re you feeling?” 


“I bet,” Shiro says, voice gentle, sympathetic. “Found you sleeping outside; you’re running quite a fever.” 

“D-don’t know how that h-happened,” Lance mutters against a particularly strong shiver that has Shiro getting to his feet with a frown. 

“You’ve been working hard with classes,” Shiro says as he starts toward the bedroom. “I’ll be right back.” He adds over his shoulder before staying in the bedroom just long enough to gather some blankets. When he makes his way back to the living room, he finds Lance coughing weakly into a trembling fist. 

“These will help,” Shiro says as he unfolds a couple of blankets and drapes them over Lance’s shivering form. “I’ll go make tea,” he says, but when he turns toward the kitchen, icy fingers latch onto his wrist. 


“Tea will help,” Shiro tries, but Lance’s grip tightens. 

“P-please stay. I’m r-really cold.” Lance mutters, and as if to punctuate his point, a strong shivers rips up his spine. He pulls his arm back under the heat of the blanket but keeps pleading eyes locked onto Shiro’s worried ones. 

Shiro breaks the gaze after an endless moment, never able to compete with Lance’s persuasive eyes, and studies the couch for a solid minute before motioning Lance forward closer toward the edge of the couch. 

It takes five minutes of skilled maneuvering until Shiro’s on the couch with his back pressed against the back of the couch and Lance facing him and curled against his chest. Shiro’s strong arms snake around Lance’s back, keeping the brunet as close to him as possible, and Lance moans lightly out of relief. 

“You’re s-so warm,” Lance mutters, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Shiro’s neck. 

“Okay, Lance,” Shiro breathes along a small laugh. “Get some rest.”  

Finding Closure (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,366

Warnings: angst, language, introspection, fluff. I’m a chump.

A/N: Happy 4th, America and Happy Birthday Steven G. Rogers! I hope everyone likes this ending. I’m a chump. The gif only sorta fits. He’s so cute.  This is the final part for my submission for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s AU Challenge. My prompt was innocent enough: 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Southern Motherf*cking Democratic Republicans (Jefferson x Madison x Burr x Reader) 2 (Final)

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Consistent mentions of sex, flufff

A/N: i’ve been procrastinating on writing a second part to this because i suck, sorry. enjoy! also just realized that the first got more than 100+ notes? thank you loves!

Part 1

After that day, it was extremely difficult to walk out of your apartment without reporters flashing lights in your face or taking pictures of you. It was the same questions, like how does it feel to have three soulmates? And did you ever think this would happen to you? Three eligible bachelors fanning for your affection? But it was not what you imagined. It’s not what anyone imagined meeting their soulmate (correction: *soulmates) would be like.

This was just the beginning of your odd relationship with them. Burr would drop you off at work in the morning, Madison would take you to a local coffee shop on break, and Jefferson would take you home. Once he asked if you would go to his house instead, with a wink.

You didn’t.

It was hard. It was extremely hard to deal with. Your heart was torn in literally three pieces, fighting to share your love with all three of them. You were stressed, and you cursed to the universe every night. There were being even more unfair, they were making you exhausted every day.

Eliza said that you were complaining too much, and that you should appreciate what the world has given you. You retorted back, asking if she could handle having three soulmates. She blushed, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

You decided to not bring it up to her again.

After a few weeks of this, you decided to have a meeting with all three of them at your home. There were few reporters still there, and Thomas made the last few go away, with threatening to call his “resources” to make them get fired. They quickly dispersed after that, never showing their faces to you again. You shook your head at Thomas’s threat, but he insisted that it was for your privacy, and that he would do everything in his power to keep the media out of your lives.

You ordered takeout that night, the boys wanting to buy it for you instead. You scowled them for the hundredth time that day, telling them that you had enough money to spare. You appreciated their kindness, but sometimes, you wanted to treat them instead.

You heard a knock on the door, and opened it, your three soulmates standing there in front of you. You couldn’t ignore the throbbing in your chest when you saw them, the universe reminding you that you loved them more than anything. Jefferson wore a dark purple shirt tonight, his hair neatly combed (if you could do that to the curls on his head). He walked in, kissing your forehead softly. Madison strolled by next, wearing a dark blue shirt. The smile on his face made you grin back at him, he kissed your cheek. Burr was the last, wearing a black shirt. He pulled you into a hug instead, holding you as tight as possible.

They all gathered in the kitchen, sitting at the small table. You lived alone, so a small table with four chairs seemed enough for you, at the time. Now that these massive men were in your home, you made a mental note to buy a bigger table. The three of them were cramped in the apartment, constantly bumping into each other. Maybe a bigger apartment instead.

“How are you, my love?” Jefferson asked, gathering the plates.

“I’m fine, Thomas.” You replied, pulling out the rice containers. James placed his hand on the small of your back, telling you to sit down.

“We’ve got this, Y/N. You bought the food, so we’ll serve you.” Burr grabbed sodas out of the fridge, and James helped, putting ice in the cups.

You were extremely thankful for them. As you four sat down, Madison next to you and Burr and Jefferson across from you. You wanted to enjoy your moment with the boys, but you couldn’t help but bring up the point that you needed to make. They were chatting with each other, ignoring your pleas and gestures. After a minute of this, you rose you voice, causing them all to look at you.

“Listen, guys, listen. I, don’t you think our situation is weird? We’re all soulmates, isn’t that strange to you at all?” Madison was the first one to shake his head.

“Not at all. Before we met you, Thomas and I grew up knowing that there was someone out there who had the same tattoo as us. Once ours didn’t glow or hurt when we saw it, we knew there was a missing link.” Madison glanced over at Burr. “Two missing links.”

“James is right, this seems okay to me. Why, do you not like us?” Burr asked, pausing in his eating. You sighed, putting your head in your hands. You were constantly bombarded with mixed emotions from the three of them all the time. There was research done that suggests soulmates felt the pain and other emotions of their loved one, and vice versa. Since you had three, you felt all of what they felt.

Right now, you felt nervousness emulating from all of them. It was cumbersome to deal with all their emotions at the same time. Your head was throbbing, and you tried to deal with it. “No, Aaron, that’s not what I’m trying to say. I just, I don’t know if I can do this.” You whispered.

You felt a burning sensation on your arm, and looked at it quickly. The dragon tattoo on your arm was burning bright red, fading the tail of the dragon. You widened your eyes at your arm, looking at your soulmates. They were all looking at theirs as well, watching it fade.

“You’re rejecting us, Y/N?” Thomas whispered, a small bit of sorrow in his eyes.

“No, I’m not, I-“

“We’ve researched this for our whole lives, Y/N, don’t you remember? We know what happens to soulmates when one of them rejects the other. Your tattoo begins to fade. As you grow away from them, it continues to dissipate, until there is nothing left. We know what we’re talking about.” Thomas hissed, growing angry. You shook your head, looking at the dragon.

“I don’t know how I feel about all of you, about this.” You whispered. “I care about all of you, but it’s like I’m not myself anymore. It’s like, everything you guys think, everything you do, consumes me. I can’t think around you all.”

Burr grabbed your fingers, his eyes pleading with you. “We can figure this out, we are scientists. We can make it easier for you to handle. Just, just don’t give up on us, please.” Burr said desperately. You hated hearing his voice shake, but you needed some space, and space. To deal with this.

You nodded, hearing Burr sigh in relief. He was the most sensitive out of the four of you. Since you two have met, he needed constant reassurance that you were not going to leave him. You always wondered why, but never found the time to ask him about it.

“I won’t give up on you three, I need some time. I need some time to stop these headaches that I’m getting. It’s hard enough to deal with my own emotions, let alone three other people.” They nodded. You sensed relief from the rest of them, and it calmed your headache. Dealing with positive emotions were much easier than negative ones.

“Can we eat in piece, now?” Thomas mumbled, grabbing an egg roll from the pile. You smiled at him, picking the sweet and sour chicken out of the middle. “Y/N, I told you to get soy sauce.” He grumbled, staring at the sauces on the table.

“I asked the lady for it, did she not put any in the bag?” Thomas pouted, and you told him to check in the closet for sauce. Fortunately, you saved packages from previous takeout. He grinned happily, sitting back down next to Burr. “Guys, I have a question.” They all looked up at you. “Do you, do you feel the same way about each other like I feel about you. You know, romantic feelings?” Burr laughed, glancing at the two men next to him.

“Why do you ask?” Madison asked.

“Because, it seems weird that we’re soulmates and I only love you, but you don’t love each other.”

“Good question.” Thomas replied, lending you no more information. You rolled your eyes at his lack of a response.

“Come on.” You grumbled.

“We do, love each other.” Madison answered for them, twirling noodles in his fork. “Before we met you, it was more like a brotherly love. We knew we were soulmates, too, so that was kind of a given.”

Thomas interrupted Madison. “We didn’t know how many people were going to be soulmates with us, especially after we found Burr. Honestly, I thought it was going to be more than ten people, which sounds ridiculous.” He mumbled, playing with his mac and cheese. You made it for him yourself, since he was always unhappy when dinner didn’t include the “delicacy” (he called mac and cheese that constantly).

“I’m happy that it’s only four, Y/N. Three’s a crowd, four’s a party.” Burr winked, causing you to blush.

“But yes, we do love each other. Once our tattoos glowed, there was a click, at least for me, when I looked at the other two. It was like I was seeing them for the first time.” James replied, smiling at the other two. “I’m happy for us, I really am.”

“And we’ll have great sex.” Thomas murmured, making your face reddened even more than before. You were reminded of Eliza’s look when she mentioned the four of you.

“You’re embarrassing Y/N.” Burr chuckled. Thomas looked up from his food, smirking at you. He wiggled his eyebrows, nudging Burr. Burr grinned, putting his hand on Thomas’s thigh.

“Can we stop talking about the deed? I just want to watch a movie later.” You mumbled. Who knows what emotions you would feel when that happened.

“And after…?” Madison questioned, giving you an evil grin. You gasped, surprised at how blunt Madison was. He was usually the one to mediate and calm everyone down, but it seems like tonight, he was encouraging the other two. You snickered.

“Let’s just focus on the movie right now.”

“We’re definitely gonna f*ck tonight.” Thomas mumbled, and you threw a piece of bread at him. He raised his eyebrows, holding a piece of pork in his hand. You warned him with your eyes, and he grinned, tossing the piece of food at you. The sauce on it hit your face, leaving a trail of grease. You glared at him, picking up the rice container in front of you.

Thomas held his hands up in defense, looking at you. “Come on, Y/N, you started it! Just, not the rice, please. It would take me forever to get it out of my hair.” He complained, and you tossed it anyway, the pellets going on all three of you boyfriends. James sighed, picking the rice off his food. Aaron laughed, grabbing the noodle container. He looked at James, then placed it quickly on his hair, giggling evilly.

James frowned, the noodles cascading down his face. “That’s it, I’m going to stop this right now.” James grabbed the soda bottle from the middle of the table, and poured it on Aaron, and you heard a gasp come out of his mouth.

You three began this insane food fight, tossing anything that was close by. After a few minutes, all the food was on the floor, stains were everywhere; from the ceiling fan to inside your closet. When you were looking at the aftermath, they boys stared at you sheepishly. You broke out into a grin, and laughed.

“You guys are so going to help me fix this up.” James grabbed your waist and ran, carrying you in his arms. You laughed, hitting him on his back softly. “James, we need to clean this up! I don’t want it to stain!”

“We’ll clean it later, but now…” Thomas said, grinning. Aaron was hanging on Thomas’s back, all of them leading you to the bedroom. The happiness radiating from all of them made your heart swell with glee.

And that’s when you knew. You knew that you could handle being with the three of them. At this moment, you could not imagine your life without them in it.

Imagine if Clark hadn’t meant to leave her with the Danvers at first

Imagine if at first, she had been in his tiny, cramped Metropolis apartment, trying to make herself as small as possible in the middle of the room because everything was louder the closer she got to the walls

Imagine him taking her to Jeremiah and Eliza to get her checked up, to make sure she was okay

And Kara sits with Alex on the cliff’s edge at the border of the yard, staring over the ocean and they don’t talk but Kara, for the first time since she landed on Earth, wasn’t shaking

And it was really an impulse to ask the Danvers to take care of her and it was only supposed to be until they could figure out how to better mute her senses

And a month later, Clark had Kara stay over in his apartment for the weekend

But the shaking and the hyperventilating and the hiding in the middle of the room was back all over again

And he realized that it wasn’t the noise, but how small and close together everything was

For the entire duration of Clark’s life, Kara had been trapped in a tiny, tiny pod, floating in nothingness

So Clark brings Kara back to Midvale

Back to open windows that look out into the endless sea, to a house where the rooms are bigger than his entire apartment

Because it’s better for Kara

ride or die (like the bonnie to your clyde)

Inspired by this post by @superwolflin

“We better get stiles going back to his apartment after the FBI class, opening the door and shouting for fucks sake Derek I’m not harbouring your fugitive ass again as Derek walks around the corner eating a bowl of cereal like what?”

“I can explain!”

Stiles took a deep calming breath as he calmly marched into his apartment and calmly slammed the door shut behind him, causing the door jamb to rattle.

“Stiles—” Derek tried again, attempting to catch hold of Stiles’ forearm as he stormed past him with a determined expression on his face.

All of the windows in Stiles’ tiny, cramped studio apartment were open, allowing much needed light and air to filter through the room. However, that all died when Stiles hastily snapped them shut and drew the curtains closed with a loud whoosh. Stiles swung past Derek again to secure every lock on his front door, taking every precaution possible to make sure they couldn’t be overheard, even though the FBI could easily breach the door if they wanted to.

He crossed his arms over his chest and turned to glare at a shirtless, guilty-looking Derek. If he wasn’t so furious, Stiles might’ve stopped to appreciate Derek’s shirtless-ness and how adorable he looked standing in his pajama bottoms, sleep-rumpled and bleary, eating a bowl of cereal. But he’d already seen enough shirtless Derek for one day from that video the FBI had caught of him running in the woods.

“What the fuck, dude!” Stiles hissed, trying to keep his voice low. “When you showed up here last night, you couldn’t have given me a heads up that you were on the run? Instead, I had to find out on the first day of my internship with the fucking FBI!

Derek had the audacity to roll his eyes. “None of this makes sense to me either, Stiles. I know I should’ve told you, but I don’t even know what to say or where to begin. What was I gonna do? Knock on your door and say, ‘Long time no see. I’m wanted for mass murder’?”

It was pissing Stiles off just how nonchalant Derek was being about this. Last night, he’d been so excited to have Derek Hale walk back into his life. Now, he was embittered for having been misled. Especially after they’d spent the whole night talking and catching up which resulted in Stiles struggling to get himself out of bed on time for his internship the next morning.

Seeing that Derek was about to take another bite of his cereal, Stiles decided to swoop in vindictively before he could.

“Hey! I was eating that!”

“Fugitives on the run don’t get to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch!”

Stiles was in the foulest mood while pouring the cereal down the drain in the kitchen sink. Because not only had Derek omitted the truth about the reason for his unannounced visit, but he was also making Stiles waste a whole bowl of cereal on a college budget!

“I’m sorry, Stiles,” Derek huffed and held his arms up in surrender. “Really, I am. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was get you involved. I know you’re putting your ass on the line for me, especially with your current career choice as a FED.”

Stiles didn’t miss the way Derek’s nose wrinkled at the word FED, and he lifted an eyebrow in  question.

“What?” Derek shrugged. “I’ve had a bad relationship with the police for most of my life! Of course, I’m not going to like cops of any kind!”

It was a good reason. Stiles wasn’t about to argue with that. Not after he’d gotten Derek arrested and accused him of killing his own sister.  

“Please don’t be mad, Stiles,” Derek pleaded with puppy-dog eyes. “If you’d just give me a chance to explain the situation as best as I can, I will. This all started when I—”

“Don’t!” Stiles exclaimed and rushed to cover Derek’s mouth with his hands.  He couldn’t help but blush at the feeling of Derek’s soft lips under his palm and the burn of his scratchy, course stubble. He whispered, “It’s better for you if you don’t tell me anything right now. I don’t want to hear anything I can’t unhear, okay?”

The room remained silent when Stiles dropped his hand again. However, it was an awkward silence. Stiles chose to ignore it and walked towards his dresser, stumbling in the dim light. He tugged his constricting tie loose, unfastened his cuffs, and slid off his crisp, white dress shirt. The first day of his internship had been exciting but he was ready to slip into more comfortable clothes. He was feeling more at ease in his softest t-shirt and sweats and turned back to Derek, only to see him gazing at him with hard, assessing eyes. Yeah, the last thing he was feeling now was comfy.

He shifted nervously, chewing at his bottom lip and waiting restlessly for Derek to speak. Although, Stiles definitely didn’t expect what Derek said next.

“You don’t believe me.”

“What?!” Stiles’ eyes widened, not understanding how Derek was making these connections.  

“You don’t believe me! You really think I could…that I would…” His face contorted as he fought to get the words out, glaring at Stiles with so much scorn. Like he actually believed Stiles would betray him like that. “I really thought you of all people would…Never mind. This was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come here.”

“Wait! Wait a second!” Stiles dashed over to Derek quickly, refusing to let Derek go anywhere thinking such ridiculous things. Derek was stubborn of course, turning his head and not wanting to look at Stiles, so Stiles gripped his chin and forced him to make eye contact. “I know you, Derek. Of course, I think you’re innocent.”

Even though he wanted Derek to know that he was being earnest, it still irritated him that Derek had to listen to his heartbeat before his feathers could unruffle and his buttcheeks could unclench.

“I’m not mad at you” Stiles reiterated. “I’m mad for you!”

Stiles knew there was no way to explain why he was angry without revealing his super embarrassing unreciprocated crush on Derek. A crush he thought had ended long ago but still lingered despite having not seen Derek in years. Finding Derek outside his door last night had rekindled all sorts of emotions that Stiles had locked away. All that pinning and hope sprung forth, as did his fanciful thoughts of him and Derek actually having a romantic future. But he couldn’t think about any of that now. Not when they had this looming over them.

“I’m mad that this is happening to you again. I’m mad because you don’t deserve this. I’m so tired of this sick joke the universe keeps playing on you where you’re not allowed to be happy!”

By this point, Stiles was doing a good job of working himself, so much so that he started pacing a hole in the floor without realizing it.

“You leaving was supposed to be the end of this for you! You were supposed to be happy! That’s the whole reason I never called you when you were gone even though I missed you so much— like way more than I thought would’ve. I didn’t want to see you dragged into this bullshit again. I wanted better for you!”

Stiles was heaving after his rant. He was mortified. Absolutely mortified. He knew he’d said too much and could barely lift his eyes from the ground, not able to withstand seeing any hints of rejection from Derek’s expression. Anyone could see that Stiles’ concern for Derek was much more than a display of friendship, but one of love. Still, Stiles would do his best to downplay it by masking it with humor.  

“Besides, I wouldn’t be standing here if you were actually a mass murderer,” Stiles joked, swallowing as much of his humiliation down as possible. “If you did have a hit list, my name would probably be at the top.”


Stiles looked up at Derek and smirked. “Because I drive you crazy.”

“That is very true,” Derek snorted then eyed Stiles with a look that was hard to decipher. “Although, there is another thing keeping you safe.”


“The fact that I’m in love with you.”

Hearing those words come from Derek felt like a punch in the gut. Stiles could almost imagine himself stumbling back, the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and the ringing in his ears. In their world, there’d been nothing but pain and suffering, that for Stiles, this didn’t feel any different. It was violent; the onslaught of emotion he held for Derek. Very reminiscent of all they’d been through together. And Stiles had no doubt that what Derek was telling him now was the truth.

“Can I eat my fucking breakfast now?” Derek returned to the kitchen cupboards and got out the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. “I was really enjoying that cereal before you barged in here and confiscated it,” he muttered under his breath, “Typical FED.”

Thankfully, Derek stopped talking shit once Stiles’ arms wrapped around his torso and hugged him from behind. Stiles wasn’t quite sure how they’d work out with Derek hating his job so much. He thunked his head against Derek’s shoulder playfully then rested it there, releasing a weighed down sigh.  

“I love you too,” he sighed again, “And I promise you, I’ll do everything in my power to clear your name.”

“I know,” Derek chuckled, lifting a hand to ruffle Stiles’ hair. “That’s exactly the reason I came.”

Stiles only squeezed him tighter, not wanting to ever let go. He knew that what they were doing was breaking the law, but he also knew that he could never let anything bad happen to Derek. So, he guessed the only thing left to do now was figure out who was Bonnie and who was Clyde.