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Dean and Cas were both born right before the Great Depression but on opposite sides of the country.

They met during the war. Neither of them wanted to be there.

Cas went to school after, Dean worked on cars. They lived in a cramped, two-bedroom apartment together that turned into a cramped, one-bedroom apartment by the time Cas graduated.

They went to the same diner every Thursday, and although they were both too terrified to do anything in public, they’re pretty sure the waitress who always served them just knew.

During the ‘60s people asked a lot of questions about why they weren’t married. Single women practically threw themselves at them for the chance of marrying somebody older, somebody who already had a career and a life figured out. They worked on opposite sides of town, and nobody but their closest neighbors knew they lived together.

The year 1977 was when they walked down the street holding hands and sharing shy smiles for the first time. The second time they did it, a man spit on them. They stopped after that.

They buried almost every one of the few friends they had made in the ‘80s. And some who weren’t even friends. They held tightly to one another in the darkness of their bedroom and cried until they fell asleep every night. They heeded the warnings and didn’t have sex for a long time.

Sam’s kids grew up and promised Dean and Cas that times were changing, that people were becoming more tolerant, that they didn’t have to hide so much anymore, that just a few more years was all it would take for things to be right…

But Dean and Cas were old. They were tired. And they were content to sit on their front porch and wave at kids passing by and never worry too much about what people thought.

In the year 2015, at the ages of 87 and 88, Dean and Cas went to the courthouse and got married. 

Then they went home and sat on their front porch and waved their wedding rings to the kids passing by.

They were never afraid again.

madamfoxx  asked:

So you're a DaiSuga shipper as well, huh~? Do you have any headcanons about the ship? Any, "What Ifs?" (Also, hope all is well with your life!)

I do!  I’ve answered an ask about this before but here are some more!  

  • Daichi actually does more of the cooking than Suga does.  Suga is more of an eater than a cooker, but he’s happy to do the dishes once dinner is done.  
  • Suga is the clingy one but Daichi is super into cuddling and just physical contact in general.  He’s not afraid to be touching Suga all the time
  • Daichi is hopeless in social situations, he’s awkward around new people so Suga is usually the one that does the talking, unless it’s with the team
  • They delegate work very efficiently.  They both do their share in the laundry and the cleaning.  
  • They’re not one to do PDA’s or anything of the sort, the most they’ll do out in public is hold hands and maybe hug.  The kissing is left for at home.  
  • It’s canon that Suga isn’t a morning person, well, Daichi is.  He usually wakes up a good two hours before Suga and makes tea for them both and keeps it hot.  
  • I imagine them having a quaint little house in Miyagi somewhere.  They’re not one to be in a cramped apartment, but a cramped house with a small yard is perfect.  Suga loves gardening and Daichi loves planting vegetables.  
  • They have quiet time before bed.  They read together or maybe watch a movie in complete silence.  Not an awkward one, just a total comfortable silence.  

I think that’s all I have for now!  Thanks for the ask!  

A/N : Ghost/creatures-hunters AU. I got the idea for this fic while I was working on this one, so it’s been fermenting in my head for a freaking year. It’s in 3 parts, all of them are already written so updates are gonna come quick.

Although there’s a bit of everything, the majority of the creatures and magic in this story are taken from French legends and folklore.
Also Jack’s alchemy is the more ‘magic’ kind. No lead has been turned into gold in the making of this story.

Everyone’s younger here. Except Ray, Ryan and Lindsay, for huh, obvious reasons.

Title : The Ones You Lost [1/3]

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Summary : For as long as he could remember, Michael could see shadows and creatures that should not exist. He thought he was alone. Cursed, or possibly crazy. Maybe both. Well, he was wrong… 

Word count : ~10.000

Pairing : AH OT6

Warnings : If you know legends about fairies and elves, you know those fuckers can be brutal and vicious. There’s blood, there’s fights, and other bad things. 


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