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Why doesn’t anyone ever put Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé on these lists? It’s like, the perfect misandry anthem.

holy shit i like….always knew OF the song but had never properly listened to it

and i just pulled it up on spotify

and the heavens just opened up and beyonce’s beautiful face burst through the clouds in a burst of light and pink glitter

and she smiled at me and touched my hair and handed me a sequined ball-peen hammer

and like the whisper of a thousand angels her voice reached me:

“buckle on some gold strappy stilettos and go bash in the skulls of every asshole who has ever wronged you”

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Ok.. so about your "Friendzoning" comic. Did you ever consider how hard it is to be friends with someone you'd like to go out with? How that feels? It's not shallow bullshit, it hurts like hell to be rejected from an intimate relationship with an "oh, but you're my friend" tagged on. We're not fucking robot with emotional switches that can be like, "Ah, she wants to be friends I suddenly don't want an intimate relationship with her. Girl isn't a bitch for friendzoing, but it's hard as fuck.



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you know what i always wondered? why does everyone on tumblr hate social justice blogs? dont people who fight for social justice fight aginst racism and sexism? whats wrong with justice? why do people get annoyed by being related to them? :-\

there’s nothing wrong with what we refer to as social justice but i hate the term itself

i feel like the way it’s used now, esp on this website, it trivializes the issues and separates them from reality

when people who are members of marginalized groups talk about the shit that they struggle with every single day, they aren’t “social justice blogging,” they’re talking about their lives

and i don’t like the idea that it’s treated like a “genre” of blogging. in my opinion the term makes it sound like a hobby, something that stops once i get off the computer, a “special interest,” and it disconnects our conception from the fact that what we talk about are real experiences

i’m not “social justice blogging”

my blog is not a “social justice blog”

it’s a blog where i talk about the shit that happens to me and the people around me and why it needs to stop

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i agree with a lot of what you're saying, but not every country prides white supremacy. i'm a white girl and i lived in china for a few years, by myself, earnt $3 per hour, tried to fit in, and you know what? i just couldn't. my boobs wouldn't fit into the clothes on sale, let alone the rest of me, if i tried to catch a taxi and the driver caught sight of me he wouldn't stop, when on holiday with chinese friends i would have gates, doors shut on me... as well as being called 'white devil' etc.

are you sitting here and telling me that chinese society isn’t affected by white supremacy

i mean

are you -

i mean

you’re coming here telling the part-chinese girl who listened to her amah tell her from age 3 that she’d be prettier if she was “just a bit lighter” and that whatever prettiness i have is “because you’re mixed" 

that chinese society has NO traces of white supremacy

because your damn boobs couldn’t fit into the god damn clothes

i think everyone needs to repeat after me

"white people can experience discrimination, but they CANNOT experience RACISM bc the world structures of power are controlled by white supremacy and that is not overruled by the fact that some POC were mean to you”

so done with whiny crackers telling me why their lives as white people have been so so hard

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So I may be way off base and I did look around a bit first, but I have acquired the impression that you are two non-Japanese girls running this blog. The use of the word kawaii, in this context, seems to me to be cultural appropriation, and is basically the same as wearing a bindi or a Native American headdress as a non-Indian or non-NA. You should be aware of this already, as an anti-oppression blog, but it needed to be said. I apologize if my assumption as to your identities was wrong.

oh my god

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I used to only hear about 'friendzone' situations on the internet and I always thought it would never happen to me because my male friends aren't like that. But then I got into an argument with a boy who I had considered a close friend. He was calling me all types of derogatory names because I refused to go out with him. For a second I allowed myself to feel bad and thought maybe I had unknowingly led him on but I then I remembered your comic and stopped feeling bad immediately. So thank you.

hey, glad to hear it! it really sucks that you were treated that way but i’m glad you didn’t let his bullshit get you down.

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i know that you say racism towards white people isn't a thing and i agree for the most part...but i would argue that it depends on the population you're in. i'm white, i'm a minority in my area, and i've definitely been discriminated against by my peers because of my race. i think that whenever there's a racial minority there will be racism, even if its racism in forms we don't expect.

but you still turn on the tv and 99% of the people on it look like you

just about every piece of media you consume is catered towards you and towards racism that benefits you

in your community you may face DISCRIMINATION but you will not face RACISM bc racism is systemic and no matter where you are you live in a society in which the structural power systems are controlled by white people

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your comic about friend-zoning is completely biased and frankly was pretty dumb. It baffles me how you managed to make a nice guy into a villain, but I guess that's feminism for you.

if you thought the guy in the comic was actually nice then you have some serious issues that you need to work through on your own

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do you have any advice for me u///u i love feminism but i was super sheltered as a kid and never had to experience anything bad so people dont take me seriously and also i'm super shy and afraid to speak my mind so that doesnt help (´・Д・)」

you don’t have to be loud and aggressive to be a good feminist! 

it sounds like you’re saying that you have quite a bit of privilege, and that doesn’t automatically stop you from being a good feminist either. what you have to make sure you do is always acknowledge your privilege and be conscious of it and make sure you’re not letting it blind you to the issues of intersectionality that a good feminist always has to pay attention to! 

the best way you can become better about this stuff is to listen to those who are less privileged than you. follow the blogs of queer women, trans* women, women of color, women with disabilities, fat women, financially disadvantaged women. listen to what they have to say. don’t let yourself get defensive and upset when they speak angrily of privileged groups you might belong to - just listen. quietly.  swallow your pride and your feelings of being personally attacked and remember that these people have experienced these struggles first hand and that society has taught you to ignore and marginalize them all your life - they know what they’re talking about and quite frankly there’s a 99% chance that you don’t.

people will take you seriously, privilege and all, when they see you consistently showing that you care about their oppression and that you are willing to listen to them and try your best to be understanding and supportive of them. but you’re also going to have to understand that no matter how carefully you listen and how hard you try to be a good ally to those who have less privilege than you, there are always going to be conversations and situations that you just have to sit out. and that’s fine.

the other thing about feminism is that if you’re a woman you’re going to start realized you think you’ve “never had to experience anything bad” but as you learn more and more about how insidious patriarchy is and how thoroughly it permeates every part of your life, you’ll find that a lot of things you just accepted as normal and okay are actually sexist as all hell.

as for the shyness….sorry, i’m not really sure how to help you there! i’ve always been pretty open and brash, even with anxiety shit lingering in the bathroom, so i’m not really sure how you could get past that. i’d say make drafts of the things you wanna say/post and have like-minded friends look them over for you so you can feel like you’re phrasing things in the strongest way possible!

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Saying you're a "nice-guy" is the dating equivalent of starting a sentence with "I'm not a racist, but..."

hahahaha basically

there are like, buzzwords

any time a dude says “i know how to treat a woman with respect” or anything like that i am like immediately on red alert

bc it’s like being racist

if you really weren’t a racist, you wouldn’t have to fucking say so

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listen i just bought a new pack of sticker paper!! (i massively underestimated how much you guys would buy hahaha)

it should get in on the 30th and then i’ll restock! mwah mwah mwah dry your tears from your precious pretty face

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why, though? like I keep seeing people try to claim that she’s evil but I have yet to see anything that would convince me of that, especially because 99% of the “she’s evil!” theories by extension absolve Caliborn of the way he treated her.

i am really, really unnerved by how much she has lied to the kids about stuff

and even if you say that it was all motived by her own insecurity, it strikes me as pretty manipulative and scary, especially with the way one of the more recent panels was set up (where she changed quickly as soon as roxy turned around)

and yes, she’s being honest about it NOW at least, but i bet if she hadn’t been put into a situation where she had to tell the truth about her race she would still be playing out that lie

i am equally, if not more, alarmed by our knowledge that cherubs express affection and admiration through hostility and what that must mean when applied to calliope’s behavior

i mean i suppose we could say she is a behaviorally abnormal cherub but …. man idk

it also strikes me as the kind of twist hussie would pull, having calliope ACTUALLY being lord english

she has blank eye sockets now that could hold the billiard balls, and with her whole “master cosplayer” thing i would not put it past her to inflict upon herself (or prompt one of her alternate selves to inflict) the same injuries her brother has in this timeline to frame him, esp considering how obsessed she is with the way the kids view herself and particularly herself relative to her brother

furthermore we have seen at least one iteration of LE use her wand 

idk maybe i am just drawing connections where there aren’t any but i have had a generally uneasy feeling about her for a while now

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If you honestly think I'm so stupid you could at least bother to answer the question and educate me on why I'm so wrong.

okay the main reason i’m so fucking tickled by your ask is not actually your total ignorance (though that’s part of it), it’s more how PERFECTLY you are fitting into the stereotype of a “Nice Guy ™”

it’s as if you are an exaggerated caricature of what a “Nice Guy” is and that’s why it was so fucking funny to me

but the reason you are 100% fucking wrong is because you’ve got this idea in your head that it is somehow wrong or unfair that when a woman makes choices about what she wants to do with her body and her relationships, she doesn’t choose you

and that you think you’re NICE when you revile women for making these choices

you are not nice

you are just as much of a douchebag as the dudebros you envy so bitterly

relationships are not transactions 

you do not DESERVE one just because you think you’re nice, you have not EARNED one just because you have levered what you consider to be the proper amount of human decency towards the nearest woman

and the entire concept of the friendzone implies that it is a PUNISHMENT to interact with a woman if you are not going to eventually be rewarded with a romantic/sexual relationship

you are not nice

you are not nice

you are not nice

put your fedora back on and walk away