another sneak peek

i know that it was a tumblr user who first used the phrase “sorry that my friendship is a shitty consolation prize” in reference to nice guy syndrome and friendzoning but i can’t remember who it was …. idk like it fit perfectly for the comic but at the same time it’s such a well-conceived phrase that i don’t wanna …. take credit for it? bahhhhh idk

paint tool sai basic tutorial

okay someone asked how i work digitally so i made a screenshot tutorial! i feel like an instructional video would be way more helpful so i hope to do one soon but this is just sort of a quick runthrough!

this is just the basics so if you are already proficient in paint tool sai this probably won’t do much for you

warning, this is really really long


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hey guys! i’m opening some emergency commissions again bc i’m in a financial pinch. ;u; i have barely any money and i need to be able to buy art supplies and stuff for class. unfortunately i can’t hold a job during the school year because i really, really need to focus on my classes! so my only source of income are commissions. my anxiety is making it really hard for me to do day-to-day things and i just don’t really know what else to do.

right now i’m opening four different kinds of commissions, though we can discuss other styles if you want! please check the images for the prices, but here’s some more explanation about what i’m offering:

sketches: exactly what they sound like! sketches will be drawn traditionally and color, if you choose to get it, will be done digitally.

sketch pages: these are really fun! basically, you give me anything you want - a movie, a game, refs of your oc - and i’ll do either a half or full sheet of little fun sketches!

comics: these are my favorite thing to do. you can dictate exactly what you want each panel to look like and say, or you can just give me a vague theme, or anything in between!

full pieces: by this i just mean anything that’s nice and polished with full color and stuff! the price on a piece like this will vary a lot, so please let me know what you want and we’ll work out the price.

you can see more of my work on my art blog or the art tag of my main.

if you’d like a commission, please contact me at rather than via ask. i’m worried about tumblr eating messages! i only accept payment via paypal.

i’m a bit embarrassed to do this, but i’m also setting up a donate button on my blog. all donations are really, really appreciated and i will draw a small doodle for anyone who donates!

if you can’t get a commission or donate, signal boosts are appreciated! thank you in advance for helping me get through this rough patch.


Kuchisake-Onna was a beautiful young woman who was very happily married. However, her husband was very jealous and paranoid, and he eventually became convinced that she was having an affair. Reasoning that no one would want to sleep with her if she were no longer beautiful, he slit her mouth from ear to ear with a pair of scissors.

Now, the story goes, her ghost wanders the streets, targeting mainly school children and university students. She’ll approach you, wearing a surgical mask - which isn’t uncommon in Japan, as they are very conscious about communicable diseases - and ask you if she’s beautiful. Then she’ll remove the mask, revealing her gruesome wounds, and ask, “Even like this?”

If you say no, she’ll kill you. If you say yes, she’ll slit your mouth from ear to ear - just like hers.

My final project for color and design this past year was a series of 5 collages based on ghost stories and urban legends. To be honest, this one - which is based on the story of kuchisake-onna (slit-mouthed woman) is the only one I really liked. Highlighter and Sharpie on foamcore.