its inktober binch!!! these first seven are just random thoughts/fluff to catch up… (yes the panels count as four days doNT @ ME) 

inktober 8


Holy Cow!!! I seriously didn’t think I was going to finish this. @thatsthat24 Inktober Day 3: Disney Princess as a classic Halloween monster. Well I couldn’t pick just one princess, so here we have Vampire Mulan, Werewolf Belle, and Witch Cinderella. Honestly one of my favorite sketches ever.


Happy National Pole Dance day! 

“Daughter” by Youth | Danced by Marion Crampe

having been on several submarines, i cant imagine why anybody would want to live on one. even if it was yellow.
☕️"Ew, cramps" tea ☕️

Period cramps are awful. This might help.

• 1tsp lavender
• 1 pinch powdered ginger (or some sliced fresh ginger if you have it)
• 1 pinch powdered cinnamon (or a stick of cinnamon, for the a e s t h e t i c™)
• 1 tbsp chamomile
• [optional] ½ tsp rose water (or some rose petals)


Just whack all your ingredients in a nice big mug. Yell at them a bit to charge with your intent. Boil your kettle, then pour the boiling water into the mug. Wait for it to cool before you drink it.

If you’re some kind of non-kettle-owning heathen (or an American,) just put all your ingredients in a pan with some water, and boil it up. The water needs to be boiling for the herbs to infuse properly, so this is very important. Please don’t use a microwave. Please.

~Drink your tea and try to relax. Maybe grab a hot water bottle. Some chocolate. idk.~