Men experience labor pain on Mother’s Day

This may very well be the most excruciating way to celebrate Mother’s Day. For men who can never imagine the hardship of giving birth, they can now at least experience the same degree of pain.

A special televised event in the Chinese city of Nanchang organized for men to endure simulated labor contractions on Mother’s Day, to the delight of female attendees.

The 20 male competitors, including hardened professionals such as firefighters and boxers, were tasked with bearing the cramps for as long possible.

Each competitor had their abdomens attached to a machine that discharged electric shocks – to simulate the pain.

The winner of the competition turned out to be a firefighter, who was able to hold on for 80 seconds.

It’s commendable, but considering a normal labor usually lasts hours, or even days, it may not have impressed the mothers watching. According to the organizer, the competition was to remind people of a mother’s sacrifice.