What You Do To Me- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: What You Do To Me
Request: 10,16,19 with pan plzzzz
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: Mentions, actions of smut…you’ve been warned hehe…. ;)

“Crap!” Y/N exclaimed as a cup of water spilled on her.
“Of course this happens to me.” she laughed.
Y/N got up, and walked to her tent which she shared with her boyfriend Peter Pan.
She crambled through her clothes, and found some decently clean ones.
She undressed down to her underwear, just as Peter walked in.
“Why are you so freaking hot?” he asked, walking behind her.
He put his amrs around her waist, and kissed her neck gently.
Y/N turned around, “Nice timing.”
“I guess I’m just lucky.” he responded.
“Well if you want to get even more lucky, you’ll have to wait until tonight. I was just about to cook for the lost boys.” Y/N said, sliding her shirt on.
“I can wait, I like antisipation. I’ll be thinking about you ‘till then.” Peter said as Y/N buttoned her pants up.
“So will I.” Y/N responded, starring into his eyes seductivly.
She giggled, and left the tent.
“God, the things you do to me.” Peter said to himself.

Peter watched Y/N the rest of the night as she tended to the lost boys.
She was beautiful, every little movement she made had Peter going crazy.
“Alright, time for bed boys.” Y/N said, earning a sigh of relief from Peter.
All the lost boys went to bed, and Y/N and Peter went into their tent.
It didn’t take long for things to get, well, heated.
“I need you, I’ve been watching you all night.” Peter said inches from Y/N’s face.
“Good.” Y/N smirked, “Kiss me now, and kiss me hard.”
Peter did just that, he practiclly knocked Y/N to the ground when he kissed her.
They quickly pulled each other’s clothes off, falling onto the bed.

“You don’t know what you do to me, physiclly and mentally. I’m entranced by you.” Peter said, running his fingers through her hair.
“I love it when you talk like that.” Y/N smiled.
“I love you.” Peter responded.
Y/N’s smiled widened, “I love you too, now let’s stop talking and get to this.”
Peter crashed his lips onto Y/N’s once again, forcing his tongue into her mouth to assert his dominance.
He kissed her neck, chest, stomach, going all the way down to where Y/N needed him most.
His lips attached to Y/N’s core, a small sigh leaving her mouth.
“You like that?” Peter asked.
“Just shut up, keep going.” she responded.
He continued to steadily keep his mouth on her, her moans growing louder and most frequent.
“Peter I’m-” she moaned.
“Let it go, beautiful.” Peter said.
Y/N let go off all the tension in her body, a wave of pleasure washing over her.
“Holy shit.” she whispered.
“And we’re just getting started.” Peter smirked, “Ready?”
Y/N nodded, and Peter slid himself into her.
They both took a second to get adjusted, pleasure running through their veins.
“Peter-” Y/N said.
“I know it feels amazing love.” Peter responded.
He began to move in her, slowly picking up his pace.
Peter began to thrust into her off pace, sensing his and Y/N’s on coming highs.
“We get off together ok?” Peter said.
“Ok.” Y/N said through a slur of moans.
“Three, two, one.” Peter said.
Curse words and each other’s names filled the air as Y/N and Peter came down from their highs.
“God Peter that was amazing.” Y/N said as Peter moved beside her.
He pulled her onto his chest, “You’re amazing, I love you.”
“I love you too.” Y/N responded, “So much, I love everything you do to me.”




My friend Terence assumed the moniker “Lord Crambles” a couple weekends ago at the Small Press Expo (SPX) after providing our crew with a variety of crambles. You may be asking “wtf is a CRAMBLE?”

WELL, it’s a long and hilarious story that must be told in person by Terence. The short version is that it’s a type of cookie. I had the idea to design a logo for his hopefully-not-fictitious-for-long cramble company, and this is what I came up with.


Potential taglines include:

-Shut Up & CRAMBLE.
-Put ‘em in your belly!
-Everyday I’m cramblin’, cramblin’.
-It’s a cookie, y'all.
-It’s a mouthful.
-The Scone Throne
-Royally Tasty
-Bow Before Dessert
-Snack Like a King