ghostey asked:

BEELZ (I'm sorry you're still beelz to me /craiz) when can you come to another one of my streams ??!!!! I MISS YA BUDDY

My laptop is being sent in two days so I should have and soon and I’ll come whenever I see one and I have my laptop. I tried to come on mobile but I couldn’t chat ;~;

this segment of our site is to allow the families/people who have been accused of anything on sites like ours, to speak up and give us their side. This is Austen’s side to all the allegations against the Craize family, check it out!

“People seem to think that the Craize family is out to become popular. We’re not. Were out to have fun and to joke around about things and to not be serious at all. We have never sent in a secret about us as a whole, sure we have sent in secrets about certain members of our family but it was only on rpconfessionz and it was only like two of them, and they were nothing that even implied anything about being popular, it was just another way to show someone in our family that we care about them. A lot of the secrets that are sent about us are just so hateful and rude and we haven’t done anything to deserve anyone to hate on us. If you guys are really getting annoyed with our family being on secret sites, or just our name in general, then simply don’t post a secret about us because you are just putting our name out there more. If you have a problem with us, don’t hide behind the anon button. We are so nice and would bend over backwards for anyone but people got their heads so far up their own ass to even attempt to get to know us before judging us. Anyways, you’re loss, you care about our names being on secret sites more than we do. From my family and myself, we appreciate all the positive and negative attention you are giving us, because in the end the negative attention is just another thing for us to laugh about.” -Austen Craize