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My landlord was a Slum-Lord.

(warning: long story)

This story starts off with me, Sir Pahnkayx of the Breakfast-Table, moving out of an ‘emergency’ apartment and into Slum-Lord’s offered domicile. I found the apartment on Craigslist; the rent was pricey but the accomodations looked really nice. The building was old: She was built in a late 19th century Beaux Arts style architecture typical of former banking towns in Massachusetts. She was also “conveniently located” next to the only regional hospital thus ensuring I’d have ambulances going past several times an hour; sirens and lights like it was the end of days. I now know never to rent 'conveniently’ near a hospital.

I was very satisfied with the initial walk-through. The apartment had high ceilings, wood floors, and framed doorways. It was all very nice, superficially. I was hooked. I also was in dire straits with my then-roommate who was going through some sort of weird relationship induced psychosis.

All in all, having this fall in my lap as it did seemed awesome. I had a place, a 2- 1. Top floor (of a walk up but who cares?), I could afford it, etc.

Then the trouble starts.

The building’s electrical is from 1920. None of the outlets are grounded (that means two prong holes instead of the normal three like we use in the 21st century). There is also a premium on these outlets as there is only one outlet in each of the 6 rooms (including the bathroom and kitchen). This is a huge deal because I work from home and the computer (and towers) draws a lot of electricity for my work. More than the bullshit geriatric illegal wiring could handle. Their cost-cutting measures were cutting into my earnings. On top of it all, the fusebox was actually a tubes-and-screws number. F*ck tubes-and-screws.

The rent was 1,100 dollars for an apartment fitted for Wilson era War-Policies.

I start submitting complaints.

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Hey y'all. My boyfriend and I are moving to LA by September 1 and we haven’t found an apartment and we’ve been searching since July. The roommates we met and set up to get an apartment with flaked out on us last minute when we already filled out an application.

So if anyone has a spare room they’re willing to rent out to a couple, please message me since we’d like to move in as soon as possible.

We’re open to any place at this point. Downtown LA, koreatown, westlake, west hollywood, east LA, south LA, long beach, etc.

Please share or message me if you or someone you know has a room for rent and can meet up soon or discuss details. We’re in a time crunch and it’s really stressful since we don’t have a strong support system or family to stay with.

Thanks again.

So this is slightly out of the realm of thrift store oddities but I felt the need to share. These are theater seats my boyfriend got for free on Craigslist and
they are now sitting in my apartment. They are super grungy and I cannot wait to clean and redo them. But how many people can say the have a row of theater seats in their tiny ass studio apartment?