craigs girlfriend

CLYDE: Man, yeah, you look kinda shitty.
CRAIG: Thanks.
CRAIG: Because that’s what I needed today.
CRAIG: You come into my house and brag about your stupid gold-digger girlfriend.
CRAIG: Then have the fucking nerve to say I look like shit.
CLYDE: Well. You do. I think they’d agree with me.
CLYDE: I’m gonna go get your mom, okay?
CRAIG: Fuck you. You leave my mom out of this.

LAURA: Craig, honey, you look awful!
CRAIG: I’m fine. Whatever.
LAURA: No, I told you to stay in bed, didn’t I?
LAURA: You know how you get when you’re sick!
CRAIG: Mom, Jesus.
CRAIG: Stop. It’s fine.
LAURA: I’m your mother, it’s my job!
LAURA: Clyde, you can head home. I can take it from here.
CLYDE: Cool, I guess. Feel better, dude!
CRAIG: Don’t you tell me what to do.

Last thing I texted the signs
  • (inspired by Dark Zodiac)
  • Aries: Ya just late for my date with the tv
  • Taurus: Craig has a girlfriend! Named brittany!
  • Gemini: Also get me a face sponge
  • Cancer: There was a mega cutie sitting across from me on the bus
  • Leo: Yo receiving ur texts
  • Virgo: Okk let me know!
  • Libra: Ya it would've been so fun
  • Scorpio: Yaa ok ill wear heels :))
  • Sagittarius: I have no food in my system so I cant really throw anything up
  • Capricorn: okk hope it doesn't get worse! I think as long as you don't share cups or cough on anyone you should be fine
  • Aquarius: Ya I don't think i'm coming to school :( sorry
  • Pisces: K out of battery ill charge up and ttyl
Ok, ok, “mature” South Park Fans

Ok, Yeah. We understand your point. Maybe we are right and they are in love, or maybe you are right and they are boyfriends only because they have so much pressure to do it. But… What whit that? We understand. We are not fools. We are fans too. If they brake up, it they say that the had never love each other in the end of the season, well, we’ll be sad, but, the show is like this. The show is an entire satire. 

If you like it, that’s ok. If you don’t like, well, that’s ok too. It’s only a show.

We have shipped them since ‘99, but, if they are canon ‘cause bad things, Have we have to be sad or angry? Can’t we be happy? I don’t understand. The shippers will never change. They can be boyfriends, if they break up, people will write fanfiction about they getting together again, they will draw fanart about they being happy years after. 

So, what’s the point of being angry with us? You know. They are making fun of us, the shippers in a really realistic and soft form. I really like how they manage it. 

We shipped them before, we ship them now, and no matter what happens in the next episodes, we will still ship them.

Take it easy, Trey and Matt are great and love us no matter how weird are we.

With love, a South Park fan like you.