Just saw Craiglist Joe .

Such an inspiring documentary . It’s wonderful to know that there is generous nice people in the world who are willing to help others.

I enjoyed this film very much .

Soo much feels it gave me lol.

The sad part about what this world is coming to today: I don’t get respected as a human being. I get respected just as a passport.
—  An Iraqi family on Craiglist Joe who stated that regardless of the prejudice they’ve faced despite their American citizenship, they would be the first to defend the US in war.
Inspirational Documentaries.

wow. just watched a super inspiring documentary called Craigslist Joe. You should really watch it! Bout a dude who pretty much goes on a journey thru the US solely relying on Craigslist for finding transportation, living quarters, showers, food etc! Really some deep stuff; super inspirational like I said. So yeah. Go watch it sometime! Did I mention the executive producer was Zach Galifinakas?! Crazy!!


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Have you guys seen the trailer for ‘Craiglist Joe’? It features Katie’s song 'Lost & Found’!