I know a lot of people look for work online, it’s a great way for potential employers and employees to find each other. I, like many others, prefer to work in the caretaking field and often these sorts of jobs are handled privately and paid in cash weekly.

Naturally, with experience in private caretaking I wasn’t suspicious when a family was offering a full time nanny job that paid weekly in cash.I wasn’t suspicious when they needed a few errands ran before moving into their newly renovated house.When the check came to me with my first week’s pay and funds for said errands I assumed it must have been legit.

I was wrong.

And that error in judgement put me nearly $2, 000 in the negative.I know people fall for these scams every day. Just.

Never take a job from someone you’ve never met in person. 
Never deal with or accept money from someone you’ve never seen face to face.
Someone trusting you with their own money before meeting you is extremely suspicious. 
If your gut is telling you to be suspicious, its probably right.
And never ever send money, whether it’s personally your money or otherwise, if you’re not 100% absolutely sure who its going to.

For what it’s worth, this is the photo my “employer” sent me supposedly of he and his family. Be wary of anyone looking for a nanny, offering $400/week mon-fri for any english Spanish or Russian speaking nannys.