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MiniLadd X Reader || The Accident

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“It’s not that I just don’t think I can get away from college” You said looking up from the book you were studying from and saw Craig looking into your eyes. “I’m sorry.” You said with sympathetic eyes. “Nah don’t be. It’s fine. I don’t want to spend time with you really.” You looked down at the floor knowing he was just being defensive about the whole thing. “If I could get the time away I would you know that Craig.” He rolled his eyes. “Whatever I’ve got to go and meet Jay.” She looked at him. “You’ll still call me tonight?” He nodded and the skype call went black. “Bye, I love you.” You whispered before searching through the call list and finding Daithi. “MATH HELP MATH HELP!” You yelled as he answered. “Alright come on.”

You grabbed Craigs flannel shirt and slipped into it with some PJ shorts on underneath, you knew how much he loved to see you in his clothes. It was a plus that it smelt just like him. He sprayed it before he left for LA. He knew you would join him when you finished college and in the mean time he didn’t mind texting and skype calling you until you finished college. You sniffed in the smell before going downstairs and getting something to eat. You had about an hour before Craig would skype call. This was how it worked. It was great. You grabbed an apple before sitting in the living room and scrolling through facebook and instagram looking for something, anything to pass the time.

Once it was time you ran up the stairs to your computer, nothing. Usually there was a message asking if he could call. You shook your head and decided to ring him this time. No answer. You tried again a couple of times before it wouldn’t connect anymore. “Hmm.” You grabbed your phone dialling his number, this was going to cost the phone bill but you needed to know where he was. Straight to voicemail. Maybe he was mad at you. You paced around the bedroom making sweater paws with the flannel sleeves. Your computer started ringing and you didn’t even look at caller ID before answering “Craig?!” You looked up only to see James sat there looking at you with tears running down his face. “James?! What’s wrong?” You looked at him and then around him, he was in a airport. “It’s Craig.” Your heart dropped to the floor and you could have sworn you turned a pale white colour. “He’s been in an accident.” You stood up knocking the chair over and looking at him. “He was hit by a car and he’s in hospital, how quick can you get a plane..” You grabbed your purse looking at the money and then grabbing the emergency credit card. “I’ll be on the next plane to LA.” You said ending the call. You grabbed a overnight back throwing some underwear into it, your passport, and then you slipped out of the PJ shorts and pulled on leggings. You ran down the stairs slipping on a pair of vans and grabbing the car keys from the kitchen counter. You drove as fast as possible to the aiport. “I need a ticket to LA as soon as possible.” The woman began typing on the computer and you grabbed your passport handing it to her with the credit card. “Please hurry its an emergency.” She looked at you before looking at the screen. “The last plane is about to leave….there is one seat left.” She looked you up and down. “But it’s first class.” You looked at her. “Just take the card please, my boyfriend is in hospital.” She proceeded to take her time, she gave you the ticket. You snatched it before running for the terminal. “Miss you need to check your bag in.” You sighed throwing the bag down. “I don’t need it.” You handed the woman at the desk your ticket and went to find your seat.

You took out your phone when you were given the all clear and dialled James’ number. “I’m on my way…I know this is your voicemail just call me with any updates please.” You began crying and the woman next to you handed you a small tissue. “He has to be okay James…I never got to tell him I loved him.” You hung up and looked around the plane. “What’s wrong love?” The woman from before asked. “My boyfriend, he was hit by a car in America.” She sighed and looked at you with caring eyes. “I’m sure he’s okay. I’ll pray for him.” You teared up again and hugged the woman. “It’s going to be okay.” She kissed your head and you pulled away. “Miss can I get you anything?” You looked at the stewardess. “No thank you.” She walked away and you looked at your phone praying for some news anything.

“Hi I’m here to see Craig Thompson.” You said out of breath at the hospital desk. “One moment please.” The man behind the desk said searching through his computer. “Y/N!” You looked around and saw James. You ran over before hugging him. “Is he awake?” He shook his head and you walked into the room seeing him laid there broke you. “I’ll be back in a minute, I’ll let mum and dad know you’re here.” You nodded and he left the room. You took a deep breath walking over to the chair next to the bed. “Craig? I have no idea if you can even hear me.” You slowly sat on the chair and took his hand in yours. “You’re going to be okay, you’re going to pull through. You can’t leave me yet.” You said small tears slowly starting to roll down your face. “You haven’t heard me say I love you yet, and you haven’t heard how annoying I am yet.” You giggled to yourself while stroking his hand. “I love you Craig.” You laid your head on the bed and closed your eyes.

“Y/N?” You felt someone touch your head, you looked up and saw Craig looking at you. “Craig?” You asked sitting up and looking into his eyes. “You’re awake, I’ll get a nurse.” You stood up but he pulled you into the seat again. “Just give me a minute alone with you.” You smiled softly. “I love you too.” You frowned. “I heard everything.” You smiled again and kissed him. “Where’s Jay?” You looked at him and then at the door. “He’s a couple doors down, last time I checked he was going in for more surgery on his leg.” Craig nodded. “What happened?” I asked. “A car ran a red light.” You sighed and clenched your fist. “If I ever find the person.” He shook his head kissing your hand. “I love you.” He said to you instantly calming you down. “I love you too.” You kissed his head. “I’ll go get everyone.” He nodded and you walked out of the room.

You were all back at his apartment and Craig was walking with the help of a zimmer frame. “Put him into his bed.” His mum said to you and James. You walked him into the bedroom and laid him in the bed tucking him in. You drew the curtains closed and sat down on the bed next to him, you laid your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. “Love you.” You said before going to the en suite and using the toilet. You looked around the bathroom before flushing the toilet and washing your hands. You leaned on the door frame watching the two brothers. “Just promise next time you wanna see Y/N you’re not going to get hit by a car.” They both laughed and you looked at them. “Well he wont have to worry about that. I’m going to be here all the time.” You walked over to them and Craig looked at you. “You took time off college?” You shook your head. “I’m quitting.” He shook his head. “You can’t you love what you do.” You shook your head. “I love you more. I hate being away from you.” James left the room and you sat crossed legged on the bed. “I love you too.”

A/N: My thoughts and prayers are with Craig, jay and their families in this hard time.