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Who would you ship Zoey with? Do you think Holly and Blaise will get back together, or do you think that she and Craig will? What do you think will happen to Jordan if Sophie and Hunter get together? Why don't you like Sodan (Jordan and Sophie)? I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions. I just figured I'd entertain you for a bit, if I'm even entertaining you.

  1. I’ll think about it and get back to you, love.
  2. I don’t think Haise will get back together, and I don’t know whether or not she’ll get with Craig.
  3. Aren’t Jordan and Sophie friends again or…
  4. Because Sunter. And Sodan is a stupid name.

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any ships you really want to happen (that haven't happened yet, or need to)

I’m going to ignore the fact that there is Sunter and Crolly because I talk about them way too much and it’s super obnoxious (but I really don’t care). Davis and Emmett, puh-lease. I might as well give a lil’ love to both Garland sisters and acknowledge that Nicky is finally in the building, making adorable-ness with little Maisie. Sure, Hunter and Maisie have chemistry, but I do too, with a sandwich. 

Anyway, moving on. Wait, just kidding. Can I take a moment to say that Allie and Noah are underappreciated? Because they’re fucking adorable. That is all.

Next. Alaska and Elle, please. That would be so perfect and they’re both really attractive so there’s that. 

AJ and Blaise should talk more if we’re going by the “dating each other is justifiable because you’re both fucking beautiful people” rule. 

Who do you all want to see together? Who do you ship with whom?

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Choose your top two OTPs and then tell us what you want to see/expect to happen between them within the next few months. Break up, make up, fight, fuck, whatever. four sentence minimum.

Well, someone’s a bit demanding. 

  • Jebastian.

I think they’re perfect and I can’t handle it. If it makes any sense, it seems as though things are getting a little too perfect for everyone’s taste. Sebastian does have a flair for drama, after all. I think something’s going to happen, though I’m not sure what. Whatever it is, I certainly hope I won’t be needing my Adele CD and a carton of ice cream. 

  • Crolly

I’m starting to lose faith that they’ll get their shit together and realize that they’re perfect for each other. I have a feeling there will be a confrontation of some sort, with Palin being the facsimile of Netherlands and shit. I don’t know if this little tiff will be between Craig and Holly or the two girls… maybe all of them? In my dream world, the two crazy kids would come to their senses and get together, but I realize that life isn’t fair and my dreams are often crushed, so there’s that.