There are some memories one remembers, even though they may never have happened…

A poster for one of my James Bond fanfic’s that I am currently working on.

This was fun to make I have to admit. :D

The full sized version can be found on my Deviantart page by this link: Recollection or by clicking on the photo.

Also, If anyone would like to read the fic, the first few chapters have been posted and can be read here: Recollection.

more bond/m please

there is not enough bond/m fanfic in this world.  it’s all bond/q - and after spectre it’s going to be all bond/fiennes!m - and i know that makes a lot of people happy but for me it’s all about bond/m - the real m - dench!m!!!  i’m crap at writing or i’d do it myself.  so if the gods (and you know who you are) are listening/reading, please please please please please write bond/m - i’m desperate. 

thank you.