Watch South Park Season 20 Episode 10 : The End of Serialization as We Know It TV SERIES TOP
Stan and Kyle run away with Ike, Cartmans' trip to mars lands him on death row, Mr. Garrison and Randy help the trolls destroy a country.
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Marjie: I don’t talk to Kenny anymore. He wanted to date me for a long time, we were good friends, but it just never really happened. 
Marjie: Then he ended up dating Pumpkin, and let’s just say that wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. Now that that mess is over, I keep him out of my life, mostly for Pumpkin’s sake. 
Marjie: I have been talking to somebody, though. 
Craig: What? Who? 
Marjie: It’s a secret. 
Craig: Please tell me it’s not Eric. You’re my precious cinnamon roll he can not corrupt you.  
Marjie: Gosh, of course not. I care about Eric, but not like that. He’s, erm… too much for me. 
Craig: He’s too much for anyone.