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Alex Hirsch's words at the "Animation Game Changers" panel, CTN Expo 2016
  • <p> <b>Hirsch:</b> [...] I mean, it's so amazing to be at this panel right now, cause it's like: "Oh, let's interview the giants [Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust], and now let's interview the ants standing on their shoulders [himself and Rebecca Sugar]". Like, the reason I knew at school that making a show was something you could do was because when I was in high school I was watching shows like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim, whatever-- name it... and all of these were people who, you know, not that long ago had also been students, who then pitched something and who made it. So they had cut with a machette, you know, the path through the jungle, and it was there.<p/><b></b> And the weird thing to me when I was at college was that nobody-- most of the people I was friends with, they didn't care. I was like "guys, there's a path, through this dark jungle, to running your own show!" and they were like [funny voice] "yeah, but I wanna design a prop for Pixar."<p/><b></b> [laughter]<p/><b></b> And like, they didn't think of it as something cool, as if...<p/><b>Tony Bancroft:</b> 'cuz it was easier, is that why?<p/><b>Hirsch:</b> I mean, it still-- there's a bit of that persp-- I think people think that Feature[ film]s are prestigious and that TV is, I mean, you know. Just look at... Moana's got the main room and it's, like-- you guys could be there, listening to some guy say like: "Uhh yeah, here's an anecdote about the Rock. I met him. He's nice." WHO CARES?! [motions towards Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust] These people shaped Animation History!<p/></p>

Sequel to this imagine.

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“You must be J’s Uncle.”  you greeted, standing up from your desk to shake Craig’s hand as he walked in for your meeting.  He shook it, eyes quickly taking in your pencil skirt and blouse before you both sat down.

“Call me Craig.”  He smiled, smoothing back his hair.  You smiled softly, shuffling the papers around in front of you a little bit.

“Craig.  I’m sorry, I thought J’s grandmother was going to come in for this meeting.”  Craig gave you a dazzling smile before shrugging.

“She was a little busy so she sent me instead.  You complaining about me coming instead?”  He teased.  You felt your cheeks go red as you quickly shook your head.

“No- I mean that’s… I didn’t mean that.”  You stuttered, laughing awkwardly as Craig started to laugh.  “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.  But if you really feel sorry how about you take me out to dinner to make up for it?”  He grinned, causing you to get flustered all over again.

pParenTs advice sSucks!

Tweek: Ugh my paReNts don’t know how to give gooD adVIce at aLL!

Craig: what did they do this time

Tweek: you knNow how you fFigured out how I -ngh- s-sSaid something about mMackeys ass? So I came hHome and my parent’s werE like ‘wHy are you so red’?  and aLL, so I tTold them I saID somethIng y-years ago that I regret. So they were like
 “TweEk, you kKnow, your mmOther and I had a ssImilar issue. Back tHen, we too weRe young adUlts dIscovering ourselves. One dDay, we had sSex in the bathooM of WalMarT.”

Craig: …. yeah? And?


Craig: oh. (good)

Tweek: nNGh wWhat kind of stTUFF do your parents sSay?

Craig: “craig if you don’t stop being gay in the house im cutting off a testicle.”

Tweek: …. guess i cCant complain


Just found this gem on youtube…


Nick Artists Channeling Their Inner Nicktoons! 

At our studio, there’s fun, creativity and DOODLES everywhere you look!!
No seriously. In addition to people physically turning into doodles we have white boards all around the building filled with doodles and meeting notes all have a 3 doodle requirement. WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT DOODLES GUYS.

Artist cred for these doodleheads go to our incredibly talented former NICKtern, Amelia Giller!

From toilet training through adolescence, [toxic parents] tend to see rebellion or even individual differences as a personal attack. They defend themselves by reinforcing their child’s dependence and helplessness. Instead of promoting healthy development, they unconsciously undermine it, often with the belief that they are acting in their child’s best interest.
—  Susan Forward, with Craig Black, Toxic Parents

tweek: Craig’s just my best friend - I mean, after spending most of every day with each other for four whole years to keep up the “dating” thing, you learn more about each other, you know?
tweek: So he’s really good at keeping me calm and I’m pretty good at keeping him from… I don’t know. Getting into detention?
craig: Unless we both end up there.
craig: So we’re both straight. Okay? Okay.

tweek: S-so straight and such good friends that we can ignore weird family requests from–each other’s–parents–!
craig: Are you still on that? It’s not a big deal, it just collects dust in my notifications.
tweek: Well, ignore it and tell my dad to cut it out, we’re not ready to get pretend married!

craig: Dude. Do not! Touch! My phone!
tweek: I’m just–gonna hit ignore and that’s it!
craig: If it’s that serious, I’ll just do it!
tweek: I can’t be sure that you will unless I do it myself!

clyde: I’M SINGLE. Single and ready to mingle.
clyde: Girls, send me your numbers.
clyde: Guys. Send me your girlfriends.
tweek: (Give it!)
craig: (Get the fuck off, asshole!)

token: Clyde, you’re just going to be dating Bebe again in like, three and a half weeks.



It was no surprise that Tweek was one of the biggest lightweights out of his group of friends- or hell even out of the group of the kids he grew up with. Being at his short stature, it was only a matter of a few drinks before he got completely wasted. That’s why whenever anyone held any sort of outing that involved alcohol, he was always invited because he it meant less money spent on drinks if he would be there. And of course being the sweetheart he was he never declined any offers to outings or even to parties.

It wasn’t even that late into the night and he was already beyond his four drink threshold, he had lost count of how many jello shots he had taken at this damn party- granted it was probably only six or seven. They just tasted so damn good and before he knew it he was a mess. Cheeks were red and he was having a hard time walking, but he was also quite the giggly mess. 

The stumbling around didn’t exactly help his case when he tried to deny to another party goer that he wasn’t wasted, he was just tipsy. Sure- thats what he always said. Rolling his eyes, his face lit up into a smile when he saw Kenny. “H-Hey! Kennyyyy!” He called out from across the room, waving a hand in the air. It didn’t take him long to decide to make his way over, stumbling as he did so. Leaning forward and slinging an arm around the taller blonde he let out a giggle, moving a hand to cover his mouth. “You’re so pretty kenny, you know that? Lo-Look at your blonde hair and pretty eyes!~ I wanna look ju-just like you, I wanna be pretty like youuuu.” He was shamelessly flirting, sure it was bad but he didn’t really care.

He was swaying as he talked, giving a wink to the other blonde. “A-and you just have the cutest smile ever oh m-my god you’re just so pretty kennyyyy~” It wasn’t long after saying that that his swaying from intoxication pressed him forward, a sloppy kiss being planted on Kenny’s lips as Tweek let out a drunken giggle, his eyes closing as he enjoyed the sensation of actually kissing someone.

     Going to the party had been more Stan’s idea than his, given that he just about took every opportunity for the extra hours at either of his workplaces, and his Friday night had been left open for the once in a blue moon. As soon as his friend had figured it out, though, he’d been slapped on the back and handed an invitation for the usual high school football team’s after-party, with a strong insistence than no one would give a crap that he wasn’t there for the game itself, let alone the school anymore. Sure enough, he’d spent most of the party bouncing between walls and girls he mostly recognized from other homerooms, and not once did a complaint reach his ears. It likely had something to do with having his face buried in tongue and lipstick every ten minutes from a separate pair of drunk lips, but, well.

     Feeling hardly tipsy himself into his fourth red silo cup - McCormicks were champion drinkers, so he’d been told once - it was only as soon as his most recent giggling prize had stumbled off onto the nearby patio to find another guy to repeat the same with that Kenny realized Tweek’d had held on and began stumbling through some sort of… flirt? That was probably an attempt.

     Mouth was opened to make a comment along the lines of ‘thanks man, I totally know I’m fucking pretty but its nice to hear it’, or even ‘wow, aren’t you feeling brave for usually looking like we’re all out to kill you’, but as soon as lips parted, they were smacked together with Tweek’s own. 

     Certainly not a bad kiss, for how much Tweek seemed to be swaying from side to side, and it wasn’t rejected; part of that had to do with him pretty much scooping his arms under the guy’s armpits to keep the two of them from toppling into a group of drunk jockies.

     [✞] “ Woah there cowboy, jesus–” Quick breath taken to push the both of them back up into a reasonable position before Kenny himself chuckled. “ B-buddy, how many fuckin’ shots did they let you have? “ 


This was my entry into our school’s Nickelodeon sketchbook competition. I call it “PicNick” (puns are always worth it). It ended up being a fun learning experience and I found out about a lot of areas in which I could improve!

Edit: I’ve uploaded an alternate version that I created for my NIckelodeon intern gallery. Thanks for all the new likes!