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“You want to what?”  Craig threw his head back and gave you the goofiest smile that he could muster.  Trying to earn a laugh from you, which he was rewarded with.

“Meet your folks.  Come on, Y/N.  You’ve met Smurf.  When were you planning on having me meet your family?”  You gaped like a fish out of water.

“I didn’t know that you’d want to!”

Craig: Well, I’m not really completely gay. More like… Bi. 
Craig: My parents always knew, since I was little. They knew about Tweek, too. They were always really accepting, especially my dad. 
Craig: He tried so hard to be supportive of me, no matter what I was doing. 
Craig: I miss him. I wish I could go home.

tweek: Craig’s just my best friend - I mean, after spending most of every day with each other for four whole years to keep up the “dating” thing, you learn more about each other, you know?
tweek: So he’s really good at keeping me calm and I’m pretty good at keeping him from… I don’t know. Getting into detention?
craig: Unless we both end up there.
craig: So we’re both straight. Okay? Okay.

tweek: S-so straight and such good friends that we can ignore weird family requests from–each other’s–parents–!
craig: Are you still on that? It’s not a big deal, it just collects dust in my notifications.
tweek: Well, ignore it and tell my dad to cut it out, we’re not ready to get pretend married!

craig: Dude. Do not! Touch! My phone!
tweek: I’m just–gonna hit ignore and that’s it!
craig: If it’s that serious, I’ll just do it!
tweek: I can’t be sure that you will unless I do it myself!

clyde: I’M SINGLE. Single and ready to mingle.
clyde: Girls, send me your numbers.
clyde: Guys. Send me your girlfriends.
tweek: (Give it!)
craig: (Get the fuck off, asshole!)

token: Clyde, you’re just going to be dating Bebe again in like, three and a half weeks.



Just found this gem on youtube…


This was my entry into our school’s Nickelodeon sketchbook competition. I call it “PicNick” (puns are always worth it). It ended up being a fun learning experience and I found out about a lot of areas in which I could improve!

Edit: I’ve uploaded an alternate version that I created for my NIckelodeon intern gallery. Thanks for all the new likes!

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Craig, did you ever get to do the laundry for Thomas (the kid with Tourette’s Syndrome)?

CRAIG: Oh yeah, totally.

CRAIG: He was so weirded out for some reason, too.

CRAIG: Like he didn’t want me to, or something.

THOMAS: You don’t… you don’t have to do this. Shit! Half of that’s not even mine!

CRAIG: Nah it’s cool, man.

CRAIG: My parents banned me from doing laundry at home, anyways, so it’s fun.



CRAIG: Doesn’t matter.

THOMAS: Aw, fuck! You know, we have a TV. Video games!

THOMAS: Aren’t you– aren’t you bored?

CRAIG: Dude, trust me.

CRAIG: I’m having the time of my life right now.


Nick Artists Channeling Their Inner Nicktoons! 

At our studio, there’s fun, creativity and DOODLES everywhere you look!!
No seriously. In addition to people physically turning into doodles we have white boards all around the building filled with doodles and meeting notes all have a 3 doodle requirement. WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT DOODLES GUYS.

Artist cred for these doodleheads go to our incredibly talented former NICKtern, Amelia Giller!