craig x manny

bold what you prefer: dtng edition

Main Characters:

Paige Michalchuk or Holly J Sinclair
JT Yorke or Jimmy Brooks
Spinner Mason or Craig Manning
Hazel Aden or Terri MacGregor
Leia Chang or Chantay Black
Alex Nunez or Ashley Kerwin
Manny Santos or Emma Nelson
Johnny DiMarco or Bruce The Moose
Darcy Edwards or Clare Edwards
Sav Bhandari or Alli Bhandari
Ellie Nash or Marco Del Rossi

Adult Characters:

Archie “Snake” Simpson or Christine “Spike” Nelson
Joey Jeremiah or Caitlin Ryan
Ms. Sauve or Coach Armstrong
Ms. Hatzilakos or Mr. Oleander
Mr. Perino or Ms. Kwan


Clare x Alli or Jenna x Alli
Paige x Hazel or Paige x Ellie
Spinner x Jimmy or Spinner x Jay
Emma x Manny or Darcy x Manny
Marco x Paige x Ellie or Craig x Spinner x Jimmy
Hell Hath No Fury or Paige Michalchuk & The Sex Kittens (PMS)
Janie and the Studz or Downtown Sasquatch


Spinner x Paige or Spinner x Jane
Emma x Sean or Emma x Peter
Manny x Craig or Manny x Spinner
Ashley x Craig or Ashley x Jimmy
Peter x Mia or Peter x Darcy
Paige x Alex or Paige x Spinner
JT x Liberty or JT x Manny
KC x Jenna or KC x Clare


Degrassi Community School or The Dot
Smithdale University or Banting University
Bardell High School or Lakehurst High School
Above The Dot or The Ravine
The Cameron Apartment or The Nelson House
The Edwards House or The Brooks House


Season 1 or Season 2
Season 3 or Season 4
Season 5 or Season 6
Season 7 or Season 8
Season 9 or Season 1