Howdy, I’ve been playing Fractured But Whole (lol that name) nonstop and my fuckin’ otp is canon as fuck. Never thought I’d live to see the day a crack pairing from over a decade ago would become canon cause Matt & Trey found the fanart hilarious. Thank fuck we all prospered for years to finally come to this. 

Anywho, I love this game, it’s my new favorite, I’m just so happy it exists. It’ll last me till Forces comes out, I HOPE LOL (I might play fINISH IT BEFORE THEN????) Please buy this game, YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT WHENEVER, JUST PURCHASE THIS GAME OK. 

I really do think Craig and tweek are so sweet together. In TFBW, even though they have a big argument they see that they are being a little too much with each other, and work through the “issues” They had. To add in “put it down”, Craig opens up (As well as tweek) helping the relationship take a step forward, as well as Tweek trusting  in Craig. Its just ALL very sweet.

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