craig is so important to me

I’m honestly so invested in Craig and I love Jay, too. Just knowing they are in pain makes me so upset. I really hope they both recover and mini doesn’t worry about his channel so much. His well being is more important than our entertainment. Hope he knows that.

I’m still in a funk because of WOY and the Annie Awards. WOY is something I can’t described. It’s a show that makes me smile when I have bad days. It’s a show that reminds of the old classic cartoons like Looney Tunes. It’s a show that made people forget about what’s going on in the world and enjoy a heartwarming cartoon. And it’s made by Craig McCracken, who is responsible for The PowerPuff Girls and Foster’s. He and many creators have made me fall in love with animation and cartoons. Wander Over Yonder is what the world needs. I mean it, REALLY need. This show has wonderful message, outstanding animation, and I love it. I love it so much. I’ve never been so passionate about a cartoon like Wander Over Yonder. Not saying my other shows are terrible, but WOY leaves you with a happy feeling at the end of the show. Awards aren’t important, it’s the fans and positive words that makes the WOY crew enjoy their hard work they put into this show. While I wish WOY was rewarded with an Annie, Disney can’t ignore the fans’ impact with the #SAVEWOY campaign. As I’m bitter about the loss, I remember what Wander said in The Flower.

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I haven’t, Wander. I may be a bit sad about the defeat at the Annies, but I know that WOY will be saved. I’ll continue to fight to save WOY. For Wander!

Dear Mr McCracken,

Thank you so much for creating Wander Over Yonder! WOY makes me smile everytime I watch it and inspires me a lot, for me as an artist it’s extremely important. This amazing cartoon is not only super positive and hilarious, it finds the right words when you need them and I do hope we’ll get third season someday. Mr McCracken, the characters you created for Wander Over Yonder became dear to my heart and I’m grateful for every single smile they give to me. I wish you great inspiration for your amazing projects and Happy early birthday!


If Fallout New Vegas Was a Movie

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Arcade Gannon - Harris (HIMYM) already is known for his wacky and sarcastic humor which is right up Arcade’s alley. Besides, with glasses they look so similar and that’s important.

2. Sam Worthington as Craig Boone - First one I thought of when it came to Boone’s squishy eyes. Besides Worthington (Avatar) played soldier’s before so he’s got the discipline down.

3. Emma Stone as Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Stone (Easy A/The Help/Spiderman) has that saucy crude humor that would be PERFECT for Cass’s blunt personality. The fact that they look similar as well makes me think of who they modeled Cass after.

4. Danny Trejo as Raul Tejada - Okay I was lazy on this one. But why not? If the voice actor of Raul is already a great actor, why change anything?

5. Anne Hathaway as Veronica Santangelo - Okay I think Bethesda is just seeing if we’d notice at this point. It can’t be a coincidence that she looks EXACTLY like Anne Hathaway. Hathaway can do anything, even punch the shit out of people probably.

~Dead Money~

6. Karen Gillan as Christine Royce - Gillan (Doctor Who) has that squishy round cutesy face that Christine has. Plus with her shaved head, they look super similar.

7. Jidenna or Eddie Murphy as Dean Domino - Based off the painting in the into sequence of DM, Domino looks of African American heritage. I tried to go for actor/singer combos, which is why Jidenna (classy af) was my top choice but Eddie Murphy could also be equally as classy and nail the unique voice.

~Honest Hearts~

8. Jesse Williams as Follows-Chalk - trust me when I saw it was hard to find a tan, light-eyed famous actor that had that same wide-eyed look as Follows-Chalk. BUT I think Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) looks very similar and could do a great job!

9. Charlize Theron as Waking Cloud - Theron (Mad Max) can nail the bald look and has that piercing gaze that Cloud has as well. She’s a bad ass and what better way to play a midwife accompanying the courier than by being Theron?

10. Gerard Butler as Joshua Graham - Butler (300/Phantom of the Opera/How to Train your Dragon) has a phenomenal track record for being a unique bad ass or leader. Plus, his voice is one of the most powerful and unique one’s I’ve ever heard so what better way to distinguish The Burned Man legend than with Butler?

~Lonesome Road~

11. Lenny Kravitz as Ulysses - As yes, so it was hard to find good pictures of middle-aged men rocking the dreads but even though Kravitz doesn’t wear them currently, his track record from the 90s . I think the likeness is really close actually.

Basically… Fallout New Vegas is going to be just one giant comedy movie.

[Fallout 4]


So I have brought more about astronomy professor Craig and barista Tweek Au. Excuse me if this post is huge, don’t hate me…much?

I added Craig’s gang, all of them have been friends since they were children. Jimmy is a humor columnist in an important local newspaper, Clyde job…is none, he’s unemployed watch him struggle and Token, our boy is a lawyer of course he’s rich (he helps Clyde a lot)

Then the other workers at Tweek’s Café. We have beautiful Bebe, she’s the cashier, she has the most social skills for it. Kenny is more like a waiter, he’s great at keeping costumers “happy” and then we have Kevin Stoley who works mostly in the back but he occasionally goes to the front to help, he’s a weeb and shy which is why he has little to none interaction with people just the ones he’s close to. They’re all close and have been working together for a while now. And I added a little of their dynamic together, which I imagine like that. 

Trending 27th has become a proper Thing to me, for me, by which I mean it feels like it’s ingrained already; There is no question of me not doing something for Trending 27th, this small doable something for Wander Over Yonder. Because it’s WOY. It’s important to me.

So. uh, hi @crackmccraigen.
I hope all the best for and onto you.
Thanks for bringing your baby to the table and sharing it with all of us.
WOY popped into my life with the exact-right messages at the exact-right time. It’s been a great help (EY) to me, and it’s set an example. It’s made me think.
It’s made me laugh too. And grin. It’s made me produce work, even through rough patches. I’ve shared this show with people who are dear to me. I’ve made friends, man, so many people on here are just sparking. I’ve taken a lot away from it. This show has impacted me, and you have too.

I hope, if you see this, Craig, you see all these Trending 27th post notifications and see them as a thunderous shout out for Wander Over Yonder, your beautiful creation, and as an outpouring of well-wishing to you in the future on everything else you do.

Thank you for creating, we’re rooting for you, and we’ll keep pushing @disneyxd on this. It’s the 27th; It’s Wander Day. We want our show back, please.  We want to check up on our animated buddies, we want to know how their stories wrap up (and began!). We want to know the furthest reaches of the galaxy that Craig intended us to see.
   Or you. Intended us to see: if you are Craig. Yes.

This has been a note; a long one. And I tagged Craig in it. And I should have made it shorter and more succinct. What a rotter.
(Y'all made Something The So and So and now look at this mess oozing on your doorstep)

public service announcement!!

STAN: Important news, this is super important!
STAN: I have to say this, I have to apologize.
KYLE: Stan, you don’t have to.
KYLE: It doesn’t matter, just come back to bed.
STAN: No, Kyle, I have to do this!

STAN: Last night in the livechat, I said Even Flow was by Aerosmith.
STAN: And nobody corrected me, and I was so wrong.
STAN: Even Flow is by Pearl Jam!
STAN: And I am so, so sorry! I’m not an idiot, I swear!
CRAIG: Oh my God shut up.
CRAIG: It’s too early for this, you ass.
KYLE: Stan, they don’t mind! It’s okay!
STAN: It’s not okay, it will never be okay!

I think like an American. In a way that a lot of you guys who were born here probably don’t notice, for me, it’s explained through baseball.  You teach the kids in this country baseball. Baseball is very important. In baseball, hit three out of ten and you’re a star, you’re a Hall of Famer.  So the idea to swing and miss, there’s no disgrace connected to swing and miss.  None.  I watch my own son in Little League.  The ball is sitting there on a T in T-Ball.  You swing and you miss?  Nevermind! Try again!  And that gets into your head. I appreciate that type of thought.  And also, if you fuck up, go again!  Go again until it’s your turn to sit down.
—  Craig Ferguson, who became a naturalized “American On Purpose” in 2008 (x)

CLYDE: Alright, we’re here.
CRAIG: I changed my mind.
CRAIG: I don’t want to do this.
CLYDE: What?? No!
CLYDE: You can’t back out now! We talked about this!
CRAIG: It’s just not. I don’t.
CRAIG: This isn’t necessary.
CLYDE: It’s so necessary!
CLYDE: What did you tell me when you got back, huh?
CRAIG: ‘clyde leave me the hell alone’?
CLYDE: After that.
CRAIG: 'seriously, get out of my house’?
CLYDE: No, like, a day after that.

CLYDE: Look, alright. You told me you thought this was important.
CLYDE: You wanted to start a healing process, didn’t you?
CLYDE: You’re free to actually do things now, man. You can do this.
CLYDE: We went over it, we rehearsed this.
CRAIG: But. What if-
CLYDE: No! No what-ifs!
CLYDE: We could spend all day out here coming up with what-ifs.
CLYDE: But we need to focus on the what-is.
CLYDE: And that is, you getting your skinny white butt in there and apologizing!
CRAIG: I hate you so much.
CRAIG: Just let me go home.
CLYDE: No way. It’s do or die! Now or never!

CLYDE: I’ll be right outside if you need me.
CRAIG: That makes me feel worse.
CLYDE: You can do this, buddy! I believe in you!
CRAIG: Oh my God, shut up.
CRAIG: I’m going.



THOMAS: So, uh, C-Craig, SHIT! I wanted to talk with you.
CRAIG: Okay.
THOMAS: I can’t do this anymore.

THOMAS: I mean you, FUCK, you look horrible.
CRAIG: You don’t want to be with me cause I’m ugly? Thanks.
THOMAS: DICK!! No! I mean you’re really pale and you barely get out of the house and you just suffer all the time and i-it fucking hurts seeing you like this okay?!
THOMAS: I know it’s hard for you. You love Tweek.
THOMAS: He’s still important to you and you to him! Cutting him off doesn’t solve anything!

CRAIG: But I can’t be with him when I love you!
THOMAS: I know, but this hurts me too!
CRAIG: What?
THOMAS: Seeing you like this… I know you’re so hurt because of me.
CRAIG: That’s not it-
THOMAS: If it wouldn’t be for me, you two would be together now, right?



CRAIG: Oh my god, what.

CLYDE: CRAIG! You’ve been gone so long I barely recognized your voice! I thought I called the wrong person for a second there.

CRAIG: I’ve been gone for half a day.

CLYDE: That’s pretty long, dude!

CRAIG: Why are you calling me at 4 in the morning.

CLYDE: I think you know why!

CLYDE: You know every Saturday we go to Taco Bell at precisely 4 AM in the morning!

CLYDE: We made an oath to take advantage of the 24/7 Taco Bell a long time ago, Craig! We can’t miss even one day!

CRAIG: So go alone?

CLYDE: Okay, first of all Craig, what kind of loser goes to Taco Bell alone at 4 AM in the morning?

CLYDE: Second of all, I can’t drive.

CRAIG: You just woke me up.

CLYDE: What? Really? You’re gone for like, not even a day, and you’re already turning into a grandpa. You never go to sleep this early.

CRAIG: I’ve been asleep since 9.


CLYDE: Oh my god!

CLYDE: That’s perfect, you can have a morning Taco Bell Grande! It’ll be perfect! Get over here, quick! I’m sure the guy at the cash register is already weeping in our absence.

CRAIG: You mean the cashier that changes every other weekend?




[to be continued]

why are people boycotting the new PPG series just because the original VA’s aren’t in it, lmao y’all so childish