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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!

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well clyde, if you could go hang out with more than one person, who would they be and what would you want to do?

CLYDE: I wish it was as easy to hang out with everybody as it is to list this DREAM TEAM down but I guess it’ll have to do.

CLYDE: First off, there’s Token. He’s the cool part of the DREAMSQUAD™, and thus the foundation of it all. So I drew him first. 

CLYDE: He’s got sunglasses on cause he’s cool and stuff, as stated previously.

CLYDE: Then the HOT part of the group. Again, essential to the rest of the group, but not as important as being cool.

CLYDE: So Bebe. Cause she’s. Yknow.


CLYDE: n’stuff.

CLYDE: And UGH I GUESS I gotta add my BEST FRIEND or whatever.

CLYDE: Craig adds smell to the group, so I guess if we come across somebody blind they at least know we’re there?

CLYDE: He’s helpful in that aspect of the group and not in any other way useful whatsoever god I hope he doesn’t read this blog for real I’m gonna get my ass kicked.

CLYDE: Then there’s me. I’m the core, the heart. The emotion, if you will.

CLYDE: Also I’m the hotness too but the rules I made up for this group is that you can only be one thing and I guess I gotta be the super awesome core or whatever :///.

CLYDE: And, I mean. Jimmy. Come on.

CLYDE: You gotta have a good chuckle now and then. Who else better than Jimmy?

CLYDE: Also have you seen his smile? Heart warming. Absolutely stunning. He’s good for that too but mostly jokes.

CLYDE: Tweek’s there too I guess. If Craig’s there he’s probably there too.

CLYDE: He doesn’t really add much to the group other than being really stressed all the time.

CLYDE: I guess he makes some funny faces some times but JIMMY already has the funny factor down so what else is there for Tweek! NOTHING, I say!

CLYDE: It’s just literally everybody I hang out with anyways but with Bebe there too!

CLYDE: What the fuck now I just wanna hang out with them even more!

CLYDE: I just had a slumber party with them, I just can’t seem to get enough of them! In like, a not-gay way, of course!

CLYDE: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is Joseph the smallest dad? (Height wise)

Height headcanons, aaawwwaaayyy!!

Damien - 5′05 1/2″
He INSISTS he’s 5′06″, though. Carries himself very well, too, so even though he’s still noticeably shorter than everyone else his presence takes up a lot of space.

Craig - 5′08″
The way he carries himself and his shape makes him seem taller, however, so everyone’s always caught off guard when he tells them his actual height. 

Joseph - 5′10″
I like him having a very average height. I like Joseph being so simple/average. Makes him feel more ‘real.’

Robert - 5′11″
Often just says he’s six foot for simplicity’s sake, gets all flustered if you point it out and poke at him about it.

Mat - 6′00″
The taller he is, the cuter his anxiety - it also makes him easier to find in crowds. Never again.

Brian - 6′00″

Hugo - 6′02″
Idk, something really amuses me about Hugo being the tallest dad. I need it in my life. It also makes wrestling with him just 👌👌🍆💦

Huntress in the Castle: Part Two

I hope you guys are enjoying this story! I know it’s not my usual stuff but this is important to me. I really love this story so I hope you guys do too. Part One here.

My fingers wrap around the iron of the gate again. I am the only one that close. The others are behind making bets and laughing, bragging despite their fear to even come as close as me.

“I’ll go in first.” One says.

“You’ll chicken out as soon as we open the gates!” Another laughs.

“Fianna, you get off of there.” Craig barks at me.

I turn from the gate, one hand still attached. “Let me go in!” I call to the boys.

“No way.” Finn snaps. “This is as far as you go, young lady.”

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If Fallout New Vegas Was a Movie

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Arcade Gannon - Harris (HIMYM) already is known for his wacky and sarcastic humor which is right up Arcade’s alley. Besides, with glasses they look so similar and that’s important.

2. Sam Worthington as Craig Boone - First one I thought of when it came to Boone’s squishy eyes. Besides Worthington (Avatar) played soldier’s before so he’s got the discipline down.

3. Emma Stone as Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Stone (Easy A/The Help/Spiderman) has that saucy crude humor that would be PERFECT for Cass’s blunt personality. The fact that they look similar as well makes me think of who they modeled Cass after.

4. Danny Trejo as Raul Tejada - Okay I was lazy on this one. But why not? If the voice actor of Raul is already a great actor, why change anything?

5. Anne Hathaway as Veronica Santangelo - Okay I think Bethesda is just seeing if we’d notice at this point. It can’t be a coincidence that she looks EXACTLY like Anne Hathaway. Hathaway can do anything, even punch the shit out of people probably.

~Dead Money~

6. Karen Gillan as Christine Royce - Gillan (Doctor Who) has that squishy round cutesy face that Christine has. Plus with her shaved head, they look super similar.

7. Jidenna or Eddie Murphy as Dean Domino - Based off the painting in the into sequence of DM, Domino looks of African American heritage. I tried to go for actor/singer combos, which is why Jidenna (classy af) was my top choice but Eddie Murphy could also be equally as classy and nail the unique voice.

~Honest Hearts~

8. Jesse Williams as Follows-Chalk - trust me when I saw it was hard to find a tan, light-eyed famous actor that had that same wide-eyed look as Follows-Chalk. BUT I think Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) looks very similar and could do a great job!

9. Charlize Theron as Waking Cloud - Theron (Mad Max) can nail the bald look and has that piercing gaze that Cloud has as well. She’s a bad ass and what better way to play a midwife accompanying the courier than by being Theron?

10. Gerard Butler as Joshua Graham - Butler (300/Phantom of the Opera/How to Train your Dragon) has a phenomenal track record for being a unique bad ass or leader. Plus, his voice is one of the most powerful and unique one’s I’ve ever heard so what better way to distinguish The Burned Man legend than with Butler?

~Lonesome Road~

11. Lenny Kravitz as Ulysses - As yes, so it was hard to find good pictures of middle-aged men rocking the dreads but even though Kravitz doesn’t wear them currently, his track record from the 90s . I think the likeness is really close actually.

Basically… Fallout New Vegas is going to be just one giant comedy movie.

[Fallout 4]


Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5757 - Jesus Christ

Warnings: Fluff, Smut

A/N: @spnwoman requested: I was wondering if you could please write something about Sam x Reader? That they both are in different relationships with other people, but reader and Sam are best of friends, and find that because of their other relationships they don’t get to spend time together like they used too, basically miss each other, long story short it ends with them realizing they love each other and add in smutt please :)

I’m so so so so so sorry this has taken so long but hopefully it was worth the wait!

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry-“ Jumping back from the chest you had just collided with, you felt the hand holding yours tighten. Craig had been talking about work and your mind wandered as he went on and on about guys you didn’t know. Stepping back from the man in front of you, your eyes widened, a face looking down at you that you hadn’t seen for too long.

“Sam?!” You squealed, freeing your hand from Craig’s and leaping up to throw your arms around Sam’s broad shoulders. You felt Sam chuckle against you as his arm held your waist in a hug.

“It’s been too long,” Sam smiled as he set you back down, locks of long brown hair dropping into his face as he spoke. The scarf he wore to protect from the cool air moved in the breeze and you recognised it as the one you had bought him years ago for his birthday. You warmed at the thought he had kept it so long. 

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“So, how’d it go, loverboy?” Clyde whispered cheekily to Craig as they walked through the school halls to their locker. Craig merely flipped him off, eyes focused to his front.

Clyde watched with giddy anticipation as they turned a corner together and Craig’s gaze landed on a very familiar blond. Tweek was clearly struggling with the lock on his locker, a twitch causing him to restart the combination all over again. Clyde pressed his hands to his mouth, holding back a squeal as Craig casually strolled over to Tweek and offered - without words - to help.

“Get me a man like that.” Someone sighed wistfully behind him. Clyde would have completely ignored the voice - there were important things happening right before his eyes! - if he didn’t recognize it.

“Yo, Bebe,” he greeted, smoothing slipping his hands into his pockets as if he hadn’t been gushing over his two best friends being in obvious love. He grinned, going for charming but, from Bebe’s amused expression, he probably ended up looking more like a dork.

“So, deets,” Bebe said simply, flicking her finger with palm upwards at him with her other hand placed on her hip. She cocked an eyebrow and Clyde melted both inside and out.

“Tweek visited Craig’s house yesterday and the day before that and he brought a bag with him,” he began reciting, holding no shame about spying on his friends. “Tweek stayed for hours, he didn’t go home until, like, six pm the first day. The second day, they ended up going out somewhere together but I couldn’t follow them, my dad made me finish my homework first.” Clyde mentally shook a fist at his father before sending the man a silent apology.

The click-clack of Jimmy’s crutches signalled his presence as he hobbled over to the two.

“W-we talking about our lovely-lovely pair there?” He tilted his head to where Craig had successfully opened Tweek’s locker, without needing to be told the combination. The chullo-wearing boy was leaning against the lockers in the classic pose of interest one would have when listening to their significant other in high school. Jimmy grinned. “B-boy, do I got n-news for you.”

“You saw them?!” Clyde gasped loudly, drawing the attention of passerbys. Bebe slapped the boy none too gently upside the head.

Luckily, Tweek had only let out a startled shriek before Craig managed to calm him with a dismissive wave in Clyde’s general direction. When Tweek turned to start pulling books from his locker, Craig’s hand immediately flipped around so the middle finger was glaringly clear. The boy himself never turned his head to even look at the brunet.

“S-saw them at the South-South Park Mall yesterday,” Jimmy continued a little more quietly. His eyes flicked to both sides and then he leaned forward. “They were-they were holding hands.”

Clyde clutched his chest at the sudden overwhelming wave of emotions while Bebe barely contained her squee. She took deep, calming breaths. Clyde was a lost cause, he looked like he was having a heart attack, but the massive grin on his face indicated he would have accepted his fate.

“You’re lying,” Bebe glared without heat, her eyes sparkling. Clearly, she believed him. A side of her, however, wanted proof.

Jimmy’s expression turned smug. “If you don’t believe-believe me, you can ask-you can ask Token.” The other two turned, noticing said boy walking towards them. “He saw them-he saw them too.”

“Hey guys-uh.” Token blinked and suddenly, both Bebe and Clyde were in his face. His eyes narrowed as, behind the pair, Jimmy gave him a thumbs-up. “This is about yesterday.”

“Token, buddy, best bud, great pal.” Clyde swung his arm over his best friend’s shoulders. He leaned down, bringing Token’s face with him. “You wouldn’t lie to me right?”

“Jimmy said he saw Craig and Tweek holding hands at the mall yesterday,” Bebe explained as Token shrugged off Clyde’s arm. Token then shoved a hand in the whining boy’s face, forcing him out of Token’s personal space.

“Yeah, it’s true, they were looking at yarn or something,” he finally confirmed after pushing Clyde completely off. “I think Tweek’s taken up knitting? We asked them about it when we saw them but Tweek ended up getting really nervous so Craig flipped us off and pulled Tweek off somewhere.”

“I had to-had to split from T-Token after that,” Jimmy slid back in the conversation. “That’s when I saw-saw the two eating at Red-Red Robin.”

Bebe and Clyde looked at each other, both coming to the same conclusion.


Fortunately, their epiphany was screamed out at the same time as the warning bell and the sentence was indistinguishable, the sounds were so high-pitched.

“Are theyokay?” Tweek peeked worriedly past Craig where Clyde was sobbing uncontrollably against Token. Token was patting the boy consolingly on the back, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. Bebe had her face covered with her hands, her wailing muffled, while Jimmy laughed at them all.

Craig shrugged. “Come on, I’ll walk you to class, babe.”

anyway you know what. what’s truly and 100% important to me is that craig, mat, damien and hugo are safe and sound 24/7 that’s all i care about because i’m tired and they are Good

Huntress in the Castle: The End

Part One-Part Two-Part Three-Part Four-Part Five

When I woke up my third morning home, I woke to see Fin hobbling around the kitchen table. His skin looked pink again and he was smiling and laughing as Craig egged him on.

           Peadar had made him crutches so that he could finally move around and he was taking full advantage of it.

“Fianna!” He cheered, embracing me as I ran up to him. “It was seeing your blessed face that brought me back from the edge!”

           I hugged him tightly. “Oh, I am glad to see you better!”

           “The hole has almost healed up,” D’Arcy explained. “And it isn’t oozing anymore either.”

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CLYDE: Actually, hang on a second.

CLYDE: Craig?

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: I have something very serious to ask you. It is important and I want you to take this as calmly as possible.

CRAIG: What is it.

CLYDE: Well, um,

CLYDE: Remember, a while back, how you let me use your phone?

CRAIG: Yeah, you broke it and I had to wait two months to get a new one.

CLYDE: I was just thinking…

CLYDE: Because, like, my phone is almost dead and I wanna keep updating the blog but you see, I am not capable of doing such a thing with a dead phone.

CRAIG: And you somehow think updating in the middle of the mountains will work?

CLYDE: I mean it’s been working so far.

CRAIG: Uh huh.

CLYDE: But yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen you take out your phone this entire time and I know you always have it, so it must have a lot of battery left…

CLYDE: So I wanted to ask…

CLYDE: Would you let me use your phone?

CLYDE: I promise I won’t break it this time, I’ll be super careful!



CLYDE: Please?






CRAIG: Okay.


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I have legit broken mutuals wkth ppl bc they hc craig as bi

dude honestly… it took him a lot to accept himself, and he does now, and he’s proud of himself and proud to be gay… and seeing people strip that away from him… really pisses me off 

but I’m 99% sure people want to headcanon him as bi because he’s fairly masculine and people can’t seem to correlate masculinity to being gay. tweek would neevveeerrr be h/c’d as bi because people think that he’s the “girl” in the relationship so like…. wtf is all of this

I understand the importance of having bi characters in media but if you have to be homophobic to achieve that… then I don’t want any part of it 


So I have brought more about astronomy professor Craig and barista Tweek Au. Excuse me if this post is huge, don’t hate me…much?

I added Craig’s gang, all of them have been friends since they were children. Jimmy is a humor columnist in an important local newspaper, Clyde job…is none, he’s unemployed watch him struggle and Token, our boy is a lawyer of course he’s rich (he helps Clyde a lot)

Then the other workers at Tweek’s Café. We have beautiful Bebe, she’s the cashier, she has the most social skills for it. Kenny is more like a waiter, he’s great at keeping costumers “happy” and then we have Kevin Stoley who works mostly in the back but he occasionally goes to the front to help, he’s a weeb and shy which is why he has little to none interaction with people just the ones he’s close to. They’re all close and have been working together for a while now. And I added a little of their dynamic together, which I imagine like that. 

the cryle ramble (the holy shit this is really long unedited version)

Craig and Kyle are two of the most popular South Park characters. Aside from having good character design, the personalities of these two boys are also really intriguing. They’ve certainly caught my attention, with Kyle being my favorite character and Craig not too far behind. What many people don’t talk about though is the surprisingly interesting relationship the two have. It’s interesting enough for me to sit down and write this long ass text post about these two fictional boys.
Is this post inherently shippy though? No, it’s not. Although I do ship Cryle, it’s more an analysis of how the two view each other through canon interactions. I can offer evidence for these interactions, but since it’s 2am and I’m kind of tired and ready to just get these thoughts down and out on the mobile app I’m not gonna bother (ask me if you want my sources though). So without further ado, the Cryle Ramble.

The easiest thing to do in order to understand a relationship is to understand how the two characters operate separately. Craig is a lot easier to analyze in personality than Kyle is. Craig’s the dick. He flips off peers and teachers alike, gets in fights, and is almost always in and out of the counselors office. He’s standoffish, uncaring, and generally disinterested. Before TweekXCraig, he really only cared about his Guinea Pig; Stripe. That last bit is important later. Kyle, however, is a very aggressively opinionated and prideful, albeit with a good moral compass. He’s intelligent and not afraid to get his knuckles bloodied and bruised for the sake of his beliefs. Kyle is generally described as the sweet one, which he’s shown to dislike. He wants to be a respected and dependable person, someone people will look to in times of trouble for guidance. (I.e. becoming defensive enough to punch Clyde when his company start up is suggested to be a failure). Unlike Stan, who when in positions of leadership is viewed eventually as shallow and is really only in it for the attention and recognition he receives(jacking it in San Diego), Kyle desires positions of leadership because he longs to share his morals with the largest group of people possible. He wants to be a person people look up to, someone who’s willing to protect and fight for their beliefs. With that out of the way, the way Kyle interacts with Craig speaks a lot about how he sees him without being really that noticeable. In Season 12; ep. 10, Pandemic, Craig announces that he’s done with the crazy adventure the boys are on, “[he is] choosing not to be a part of this [adventure] anymore.” What Kyle does is so small and casual that people don’t even notice it. He asks Craig “How do you do that?”. Not important? Maybe, but it shows that Kyle is willing to ask Craig to explain things that he himself doesn’t understand. He hasn’t even considered that option before, and unlike the other three Kyle’s the one who wants to know and learn more from Craig. It’s a small gesture, but knowing that Kyle trusts Craig’s judgement enough to specifically ask him for help explaining things he can’t figure out. He’s nicer than the other boys in Stan’s gang are to Craig as well. In one scene, Craig and the main four switch places in the counselor’s office. Kyle is the only one to greet him on his way out, Cartman yelling at Craig not even a second after because he flipped the fatso off. Kyle does shit like this a lot. He actively takes interest in Craig and you know what? It works. In Season 9; episode 13, “Free Willzyx”, Kyle gathers all of the boys together to convince them to help him get the Whale back home. In the clip (which is actually on my blog), Craig anxiously looks around the room of kids before looking at Kyle, stating that the whale had talked to him too. Kyle, in a nonjudgmental and even slightly concerned tone, asks why Craig didn’t tell anyone. Craig, obviously less nervous, admits that it’s because he was afraid everyone would think that he was crazy. It’s when Kyle assures him whole heartedly that he isn’t crazy that Craig does something interesting. He whispers into his hand, “so it’s true,” in a way that makes him sound like a sudden realization has come over him. This is so interesting to me, because it shows that Craig is someone who trusts what Kyle says. He doesn’t think he’s a liar like Cartman or in it for attention like Stanley is. He genuinely believes him, and the fact that Kyle is so certain that a talking whale spoke to him has Craig’s brain fucking turning. This next bit is where Craig’s uncaring and indifferent personality says something about his relationship with Kyle. In one scene(screen shot also on my blog), all of the boys are over at Cartman’s house to watch Terrance and Phillip. Cartman kicks Craig off of his couch, and you know where Craig sits? Next to Kyle. Criss cross applesauce style. He doesn’t go to sit next to Clyde, and he doesn’t ask Kyle to move so he can sit next to Token, a boy who’s actually in his gang. He sits himself right next to the kid. The best part? Everyone starts laughing, and while all eyes are on the television, Craig looks at Kyle as he laughs. He even leans towards him a bit. That is pretty big for this kid, especially since I’m fairly certain the episode this scene was from came before Tweek x Craig. At this point, this is one of the few times Craig’s stand offish and dismissive personality sheds its skin to show that he does have interests in people. He enjoys Kyle’s company. This isn’t the only time Craig chose to be close to Kyle. He sits next to him in assemblies, and in The Fractured But Whole the two are on the same side. Craig is making an effort. A small one, but an effort nonetheless. It’s a big thing for the kid who literally flips off his whole family and is generally left to his own devices. Conclusion? Craig and Kyle have a genuine respect and interest in each other. Their interactions are cute and fun to watch, and the two even have long flap hats. These two boys make efforts to talk to each other, be near each other, and if Craig’s glance at and lean towards Kyle while the red head was busy laughing wasn’t enough proof that there is a genuine interest that the two have with one another, I don’t know what is. All in all, they’re just two boys who I love very much and I think they need to be written and drawn together more often because of their subtle and endlessly adorable relationship with one another. It’s 3:35 am now. good NIGHT

i understand the whole “all of the dads seem bi where are the gay ones this is shady” but…  correct me if im wrong im pretty sure the only ones who are confirmed to have been dating women are mc, craig, and joseph (and the exact specifics of that situation is unknown) AND you can be gay and have dated people of different genders in the past like. you know. theres both bi rep AND gay rep in the game i can guarantee it, both are important so ah. chill

BBS GTA Gang AU (H2OVanoss) Part 9

So… I’m really excited about this chapter and what you think of it because… well you’ll know what I mean ;)

Chapter 8

The first thing Delirious noticed when he woke up was that there was a spot of dirt on the ceiling of the infirmary. The second thing he noticed was that he was only wearing shorts. The third thing was that he was not alone. He looked around to find Craig in the bed opposite his own, still fast asleep. Tyler was next to him on a chair, resting his head on Craig’s thigh. The hitman smiled internally when he saw that they were holding hands, proving his assumptions correct.
“Look, who is awake.” A well-known voice said and Delirious turned his head to see that Ohmwrecker was standing beside his bed, a clipboard in his hands, giving him a small smile that he totally didn’t expect.
“How long have I been out?”
“Almost a week. How do you feel?”
“Better. My leg doesn’t hurt but I suppose I owe that to some kick-ass pain killers, right?”
Ryan nodded lightly.
“I’m going to have to check your injury. You’re lucky. The bullet went right through but it hit some bigger blood vessels so you lost a lot of blood. It’s a miracle you survived that.”
Delirious just shrugged, smirking.
“I guess it is just like you said. I am a reckless idiot.”
Ryan shook his head disapprovingly but nevertheless continued with his check-up. He carefully removed the bandages around his thigh and checked for any signs of inflammation. He then proceeded to tenderly apply some pressure to the skin around the wound.
“Does that hurt?”
“No, but if you move that hand upwards a little more I might have to insist you take me out to dinner first.” Delirious grinned widely and wiggled his eyebrows.
“I’m afraid that won’t be possible. You would have to kill me first.”
Cartoonz entered the room and walked over to them. Delirious’ grin got even bigger when his friend threw a possessive arm over the medic’s shoulders.
“Wow, I really missed a lot while I was gone, didn’t I?” Looking between the two men in front of him and then over to Mini and Tyler who were still sleeping.
“You are one to talk. At least we didn’t get carried to the infirmary in the strong arms of a certain leader.” Luke winked, actually succeeding in making the hitman flush a little.
“Please tell me, that didn’t happen.” He whispered horrified but much to his dismay Ryan confirmed it.
“Bridal style. It was pretty cute actually.” The medic said and Delirious almost had a cardiac arrest.
“Well, there goes my reputation.” He joked and laughed before coughing and then wincing in pain. All of the sudden he felt sore all over. In an instant Ohm’s playful attitude was gone and he was back to his usual, professional self, giving him another shot of pain killers before he and Cartoonz left him to rest.

When Delirious woke up the second time he almost screamed because he got jump scared by Lui whose face was right in front of him, almost making the assassin shit himself.
It turned out that Lui hadn’t come alone. A larger part of the gang including Marcel, Scotty and Brock was gathered around his bed. Wildcat was there as well, supporting a still weak looking Mini Ladd. The crew eventually left, leaving the assassin alone with the both of them.
The tall second- in-command cleared his throat.
“Listen, man I don’t know how to say it but I want to thank you for bringing Craig back.” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “I would also really like to apologize. I was just so upset that day and I just snapped.” He paused. “No, actually I was upset the whole time and I took it all out on you. You did nothing to deserve that and I really hope you can forgive me.”
“There’s nothing to forgive. It’s already forgotten. I’m not one to hold grudges and I understand now even better why finding him has been so important to you.” Delirious said and gave them a meaningful look, making Mini flush a little and sending Tyler into a fit of laughter. After he had calmed down he got serious again.
“I see. But still. I have been a giant ass the whole time so please let me at least apologize.”
Delirious nodded.
“I think I can do that.”
“Aw, look at you, Tyler. Being all adult and shit.” Craig said making the three of them laugh a little at the absurdity of everything. They were interrupted though by the sound of the door to the infirmary opening.
The assassin’s heart dropped when he turned around and saw Vanoss.
“Could you please give us a moment?” The young leader asked and Tyler nodded before quickly saying: “I’m supposed to take a walk with Craig anyways to help him strengthen his muscles again.”
“My muscles are fine, thank you very much.” Craig complained and pouted a bit but followed Tyler anyway and closed the door behind them. Now Evan and Delirious were alone.

“Are you mad at me?” Delirious asked and sounded more like a child than a trained assassin that could face the wrath of his boss any second now.
“What? No. Why would I be mad at you?” Vanoss replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “You just went against my direct orders not to rush anything, left without a word, not answering your phone and made everyone freak out. Then you broke into a hideout all by yourself without preparation or back up only to get shot in the process.” The leader’s voice had gotten louder and he was almost yelling now.
“Well, I’m sure glad, you’re not mad at me.” Delirious said and smiled at him sheepishly. It worked. He could see how the tension in Evan’s shoulders disappeared.  The leader sighed and sat down on the chair next to his bed, exhaustedly rubbing his face. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days.
“I’m not mad at you because you went against my orders or anything. I’m mad because you just left. We thought…” He stopped.
“You thought I had changed my mind and ran to The Don.” Delirious assumed.
“No.” Vanoss shook his head vehemently. “We thought you were gone forever. And then you came back with Mini Ladd, covered in blood with a bullet wound… and when you just passed out we… I thought you would die.”
“I understand.” The hitman nodded but Evan shook his head again.
“No. No, you don’t.
What Vanoss then decided to do was probably the most stupid thing he’d ever done and it was highly inappropriate but it was an instinct and he couldn’t help it.
Evan reached for Delirious’ arm and wrapped his fingers around the older man’s wrist. Anxiously he waited for him to react.
Delirious stared at Evan’s fingers on his forearm, totally lost for words and looked up to see his leader’s nervous face. He didn’t know what to say until Evan moved to remove his hand again. He quickly caught it and held it in place. Evan’s eyes grew big in surprise.
“Delirious, I…”
“Excuse me?”
“My name is Jonathan.”
Evan was surprised.
“Jonathan.” He repeated and the hitman trembled a bit internally, loving the way the young leader spoke his name. Evan smiled. “I like that.”

I really hope you enjoyed :)


Other chapters:

Can I just say something?

South Park is actually hitting on some heavily important topics with their new season. I’m serious, I’ve been a fan of South Park for so long because they aren’t afraid to go there.

What I loved about this recent episode was they Craig and Tweek are open about their sexualities and relationship, to the point where it’s so natural. A lot of shows don’t do this right, but South Park manages to make a relationship that started off as a joke and completely forced to all around natural and settling.

Craig is the best person Tweek has in his life and I shouldn’t be emotional over a cartoon character but this episode made me tear up. The fact that Craig went out of his way to understand his boyfriends emotions and to just let him express how he felt rather than trying to distract him. I don’t know why but they are so damn genuine to one another. Also Craig doesn’t slight Tweek’s emotions or behavior, which is so important. The two as a pair are quite literally perfect.

Also the patience Heidi has with Eric’s over the top frantic behavior is insanely charming. Not only does she accept Cartman, she doesn’t leave his side because she genuinely cares about him and his well being.

(look at my analyzing South Park lol, let me hush)

Anyway, I can’t get over how happy this episode makes me.

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