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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!

i understand the whole “all of the dads seem bi where are the gay ones this is shady” but…  correct me if im wrong im pretty sure the only ones who are confirmed to have been dating women are mc, craig, and joseph (and the exact specifics of that situation is unknown) AND you can be gay and have dated people of different genders in the past like. you know. theres both bi rep AND gay rep in the game i can guarantee it, both are important so ah. chill

If Fallout New Vegas Was a Movie

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Arcade Gannon - Harris (HIMYM) already is known for his wacky and sarcastic humor which is right up Arcade’s alley. Besides, with glasses they look so similar and that’s important.

2. Sam Worthington as Craig Boone - First one I thought of when it came to Boone’s squishy eyes. Besides Worthington (Avatar) played soldier’s before so he’s got the discipline down.

3. Emma Stone as Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Stone (Easy A/The Help/Spiderman) has that saucy crude humor that would be PERFECT for Cass’s blunt personality. The fact that they look similar as well makes me think of who they modeled Cass after.

4. Danny Trejo as Raul Tejada - Okay I was lazy on this one. But why not? If the voice actor of Raul is already a great actor, why change anything?

5. Anne Hathaway as Veronica Santangelo - Okay I think Bethesda is just seeing if we’d notice at this point. It can’t be a coincidence that she looks EXACTLY like Anne Hathaway. Hathaway can do anything, even punch the shit out of people probably.

~Dead Money~

6. Karen Gillan as Christine Royce - Gillan (Doctor Who) has that squishy round cutesy face that Christine has. Plus with her shaved head, they look super similar.

7. Jidenna or Eddie Murphy as Dean Domino - Based off the painting in the into sequence of DM, Domino looks of African American heritage. I tried to go for actor/singer combos, which is why Jidenna (classy af) was my top choice but Eddie Murphy could also be equally as classy and nail the unique voice.

~Honest Hearts~

8. Jesse Williams as Follows-Chalk - trust me when I saw it was hard to find a tan, light-eyed famous actor that had that same wide-eyed look as Follows-Chalk. BUT I think Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) looks very similar and could do a great job!

9. Charlize Theron as Waking Cloud - Theron (Mad Max) can nail the bald look and has that piercing gaze that Cloud has as well. She’s a bad ass and what better way to play a midwife accompanying the courier than by being Theron?

10. Gerard Butler as Joshua Graham - Butler (300/Phantom of the Opera/How to Train your Dragon) has a phenomenal track record for being a unique bad ass or leader. Plus, his voice is one of the most powerful and unique one’s I’ve ever heard so what better way to distinguish The Burned Man legend than with Butler?

~Lonesome Road~

11. Lenny Kravitz as Ulysses - As yes, so it was hard to find good pictures of middle-aged men rocking the dreads but even though Kravitz doesn’t wear them currently, his track record from the 90s . I think the likeness is really close actually.

Basically… Fallout New Vegas is going to be just one giant comedy movie.

[Fallout 4]

I’m honestly so invested in Craig and I love Jay, too. Just knowing they are in pain makes me so upset. I really hope they both recover and mini doesn’t worry about his channel so much. His well being is more important than our entertainment. Hope he knows that.

Arnold Shortman: Not What He Seems...

It was just a few days ago (at the time of making this theory) that NickSplat posted a video on YouTube featuring Craig Bartlett talking about green eyed people and The Jungle Movie in general while showing us a speed drawing.


36 seconds in (0:36) he mentions, and I quote:

“Arnold has green eyes too. That’s important.”

Mind. Blown.

So now that we know that he’s tied to the green eyed people in some form (hence the species name and the color of Arnold’s eyes with Craig saying it/conforming it), how is he connected? Well, let me point to you this image he posted on Instagram for Mother’s Day: 

With a comment from NickSplat:

NickSplat: 💚💚💚

Heart resembles love, and that’s what Mother’s Day is about: to show love and appreciation towards your mother or motherly figure. So… does Arnold’s mother, Stella, have a connection with the green eyed people? Now, if only she had…

Welp,somebody call Staples because that was easy!

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, she’s biologically tied with the green eyed people (or basically she’s one of the green eyed people.) But… now what? 

How could Arnold exist? Does he have anything unique or have any “powers”? How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Let’s tackle the first question: How could Arnold exist?

Well, assuming the word “people” is associated with the human race or human looking people only (duh), we can conclude that the green eyed people look like humans and therefore are extremely likely to have similar bodily functions, fluids, parts, etc. So it isn’t far fetched to say that Stella, a green eyed person, has all of the parts and abilities to carry a baby in her belly for nine months. Also, on a side note, Miles was the one who met Stella, which puts down a stable relief of how the two met. If it was Stella who had met Miles, or more likely than not wouldn’t have worked out with this theory.

Question number two: Does he (Arnold) have anything unique or have any “powers”?

The reason why I use air quotes around “powers” is that he doesn’t have super vision, or flying abilities, or anything that’s a power, really. Rather, he semi-controls natural disasters, or, at the very least, volcanoes.

In the episode: The Journal, it explains how Miles and Stella met and how Arnold came to be through a journal that his father (Miles) wrote. He explains that they were in a midst of another adventure when a volcano erupted and at that moment, Stella went into labor. As soon as Arnold was born and was crying his eyes out, the volcano stopped. This heavily implies that he has something to do with nature.

Well, I hear you hardcore, watched every single episode and know every line by heart fans say, why didn’t he just make it less hot during the Summer episode? One assumption could be that he doesn’t know he has that ability, but… I bet he didn’t know as a baby as well.

So my final answer would be that his ability only works in San Lorenzo. The best way I can explain this is through a metaphor: currency. In America we use US dollars and the US cents. You just can’t go to Europe and pay for things in dollar bills. You have to pay with euros. Arnold can use his abilities in San Lorenzo but not in Hillwood.

Now, for the final question: How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Well, nothing much can be said about ties to the theory and the show and first movie. The second movie, The Jungle Movie, is what comes into play.

We know that Craig Bartlett had an old plot of The Jungle Movie that he scrapped, saying that the majority of it was rewritten. Well, I highly doubt that he would take out a core part of the plot: Arnold getting kidnapped. Assuming that he’s keeping this big key part of the plot in the new, rewritten story-line, one question was always in the back of our minds: Why? Why was Arnold being kidnapped? Well, if you take into consideration that Arnold is (potentially) half green eyed (as in the species) and has the ability to control (or at the very least semi-control) nature or natural disasters, it makes sense and gives the villain great motive.

But I want to hear from you. Does this theory sound plausible? What evidence do you have for or against this theory? I’d love to hear from you! Do not repost, but feel free to talk about it. If you do wish to make a video on it, please credit me. Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you have a good rest of your day!

I’m still in a funk because of WOY and the Annie Awards. WOY is something I can’t described. It’s a show that makes me smile when I have bad days. It’s a show that reminds of the old classic cartoons like Looney Tunes. It’s a show that made people forget about what’s going on in the world and enjoy a heartwarming cartoon. And it’s made by Craig McCracken, who is responsible for The PowerPuff Girls and Foster’s. He and many creators have made me fall in love with animation and cartoons. Wander Over Yonder is what the world needs. I mean it, REALLY need. This show has wonderful message, outstanding animation, and I love it. I love it so much. I’ve never been so passionate about a cartoon like Wander Over Yonder. Not saying my other shows are terrible, but WOY leaves you with a happy feeling at the end of the show. Awards aren’t important, it’s the fans and positive words that makes the WOY crew enjoy their hard work they put into this show. While I wish WOY was rewarded with an Annie, Disney can’t ignore the fans’ impact with the #SAVEWOY campaign. As I’m bitter about the loss, I remember what Wander said in The Flower.

Originally posted by gollageek

I haven’t, Wander. I may be a bit sad about the defeat at the Annies, but I know that WOY will be saved. I’ll continue to fight to save WOY. For Wander!

What’s Yours Is Not Mine

Chapter 2: Gathering Information

Warning: Blood, kidnapping
Notes: This… took a long while. Sorry for any mistakes, but it’s currently 5:22 AM, I have work in four hours, and instead of sleeping, I’m… writing. Because my priorities are totally straight. Sorry. - <3 Crest (ps there’s some notes at the end <3)
Pairings: Minicat (main), Brohm, ZeRoyalChaos, slight h2ovanoss, but not enough to tag

Not caught up? Click this and read the whole thing over at AO3 and tell me what you think!

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So I have brought more about astronomy professor Craig and barista Tweek Au. Excuse me if this post is huge, don’t hate me…much?

I added Craig’s gang, all of them have been friends since they were children. Jimmy is a humor columnist in an important local newspaper, Clyde job…is none, he’s unemployed watch him struggle and Token, our boy is a lawyer of course he’s rich (he helps Clyde a lot)

Then the other workers at Tweek’s Café. We have beautiful Bebe, she’s the cashier, she has the most social skills for it. Kenny is more like a waiter, he’s great at keeping costumers “happy” and then we have Kevin Stoley who works mostly in the back but he occasionally goes to the front to help, he’s a weeb and shy which is why he has little to none interaction with people just the ones he’s close to. They’re all close and have been working together for a while now. And I added a little of their dynamic together, which I imagine like that. 

The Crown weighs heavy (Ch.2)

Negan x Reader Rated: M Chapters: 2/?

A/N: Hey, guys! Thanks for the likes and comment last time :) I really appreciate it. Quick notes: This is a Reader placeholder story. If you would prefer an already named character head over to :) as the rules don’t allow Y/N stories lol so I had to wing it over there. Same exactly story, just a more fleshed out character. Also, I had fun writing this chapter. I gained a lot of inspiritafion from the comics, but it alludes to the show as well also I apologize if the format looks weird…I’m really trying to get this whole Tumblr thing :(.


Your head was spinning, and you were doing your best to stay awake. The pain was overwhelming you, and the blood loss wasn’t helping either. All you wanted was to crawl back in your bed, and sleep forever. But, considering the latest turn of events that wasn’t likely to happen. You jolted up a bit when you heard the door of the RV slam hard against its side, signaling that whoever was inside was now on his way towards you. Parker was still holding you tightly, making sure you weren’t able to move out of your kneeling position. If you weren’t so out of it, you would’ve fought to be out of this degrading position. The sound of boots crossing over the dirt made you look up, until you could barely register the shape of a rather tall man standing in front of you. Your vision was slowly glazing over, but you attempted to tilt your head back when you saw a bat moving towards your face. You winced when you felt a slight pain in your chin, realizing that it was the bat, only this time you clearly saw the barbed wire wrapped around it.

He lifts your chin up with his bat, smiling down at you as he speaks. “Hi. I’m Negan.” His voice was eerily calm, and your E/C eyes glanced up at him, breathing coming out in shallow spurts. You didn’t even really register his name, too busy trying to keep yourself from giving in to your feeling of faint. You couldn’t speak, breathing hurt enough as it is, but even then the fear that was in you was enough to keep your mouth shut. When you didn’t respond to his introduction, he only scoffed before looking you over. Eyes trailing down your face before he rubbed his beard in thought. “Well, my my my!” He put emphasis on the last word, laughing to himself as he removed his bat from your chin only to pace around in front of you. “Looks like we hit the jackpot fellas!” He gestured to you with a gloved hand, looking around at his men as he laughed. “When’s the last time you saw a woman this god-DAMN beautiful?” You could hear laughing coming from all around you, but you didn’t dare look up. At this point you were hoping for a quick death delivered by his hands. Anything to stop the pain of your wound, and the constant ridicule coming from the people around. Your thoughts were broken when you saw steel toed boots come up in front of you, the man crouched down to your level. The grin he had earlier was still plastered on his face, pearly white teeth showing as he stared at you.

“What’s your name, sweetheart? I’m absolutely dying to know.”

When you didn’t immediately answer him, he grabbed your face roughly making you look directly at him. “Come on now, gorgeous. You killed two of my men, the least you could do is tell me your name?”

You swallowed, and tried to form a coherent sentence, but only gibberish was coming out. He made a clicking noise with his mouth, clearly becoming a bit frustrated by your lack of cooperation with him. His hand moved from your chin to your shoulder, gripping it tightly and willing your body to move a bit more up. “Now I’m being nice here, sweetheart. So-“ He cut his sentence short as his eyes trailed down your body, finally taking notice of the blood soaking your tank top.

“Shit!” He laughed, “Now that don’t look good, must be hurting like a mother fucking bitch.” If you were hoping for any sympathy from him, he wasn’t giving it. That grin never left his face. That was until his eyes landed on your chest, taking note of your ripped shirt. You saw his jaw tighten, and that twinkle of amusement in his eyes quickly faded away. He lifted himself up, standing tall once again in his commanding stance. His hand flew up to his face, stroking his beard as he let out a small laugh and gesturing at all his men.

“What the fuck are we doing here? What are we trying to achieve?!”


“For fuck’s sake, don’t just goddamn stand there! Someone answer me!”

A man to his right spoke, “I’m not sure what you mean, sir?”

Negan shook his head and twirled his bat around, clearly not satisfied with anyone at the moment. “Never mind, Simon. Don’t answer that. There’s no fucking way any of you pricks understand the bigger picture here. We’re trying to build a fucking community! We all got to work together to accomplish that. But!” He pointed up, trying to convey the importance of what he was about to say. He shook his hand as he let his gaze fall upon Parker, and Craig.

“But, we cannot begin to accomplish this if we have sunk to such…in-fucking-human levels!”

He suddenly moved forward, hand grasping Parker’s shirt in an unforgiving grip. “Repeat after me. We. Don’t. Rape.” His espresso eyes were cold, anger raging behind them as he stared directly at the man who so gleefully assaulted you. Parker was panicking in Negan’s grasp, fumbling for words as he tried to express his innocence. “I didn’t rape her, sir! We just fooled around with her for a bit! All in good fun!” Craig was looking at the scene playing out before him, nodding his head reluctantly as Parker spoke. Negan threw him to the ground, that devilish smile appearing on his lips once more. “All in good fun? Did you hear that, sweetheart?”

You looked up at him, sweat dripping down your forehead making your h/c hair stick to your skin. He twirled his bat in front of you, stopping it just directly next to your face. “This is Lucille, sweetheart. And, she is awesome.” You gave him an odd look, eyes darting from Lucille to him over and over again. A deep chuckle left him as he winked at you. “Don’t worry, babygirl. She isn’t thirsty for you.” At that, you heard Parker start backing off, his thick boots kicking into the ground as he tried getting away. Apologies, and pleas rolling off his tongue as Negan began to move towards him. He began repeating Negan’s words earlier, trying anything to get him to stop advancing on him.

“We don’t rape! We don’t rape!”

Negan barked with laughter, lifting Lucille over his head. “Come on now, you stupid fuck. Have some dignity.” And with that Lucille came crashing down onto your assailants head, making you gasp and cringe as his blood splattered onto your face. You kneeled there in shock, mouth agape as fear set into your body. Any doubts that you had of that actually happening were silenced as Craig fell to the ground in his own fear, trying in vain to move away from Negan and his Lucille. Time seemed to slow down around you, and you were trembling as the only sounds that were making it through to you were those of Lucille coming down on Parker repeatedly. Your heart quickened, and you felt on the verge of hyperventilating as the darkness began to overcome you in your state of shock and pain. The last thing you remember was the feeling of your body hitting the ground, and Negan’s voice carrying across the wind.

“Simon, doesn’t Craig look a little cold? How about we fucking warm things up a bit?”



Your eyes drifted open, the fog of consciousness rushing over you as you darted your eyes around your current settings. You didn’t move, trying to focus on the voice calling to you.


“Logan…?” You tried lifting yourself with your hand, only managing to get one shoulder up before falling back onto the soft surface of something. You groaned, trying to focus on the sound of your brother’s voice calling to you. You leaned over trying to grab at anything you could get your hands on but only succeeded in falling, slamming rather hard into the floor. If anything could wake you up from your dream, that was it. You groaned in discomfort, sitting up and realizing slowly that you were in a bedroom. You scanned the room in confusion. This can’t be real, you thought. It was a rather large room, and it seemed completely untouched by the world outside. A large painting hung over the fireplace, and the windows were decorated with fine curtains. Everything in this room was immaculate, and you found yourself shifting out of the sheets that fell with you on the floor needing to explore this a bit more because you weren’t quite sure you believed it was real. As you hoisted yourself up, you winced and held your side. You looked down and found in place of your large gash, a bandage. Odd. You decided to ignore that for now in place of finding your clothes. You were currently only in lounge shorts and a rather thin tank top. Comfy for sure, but not ideal for the harsh world you lived in. You held onto the side of the bed as you got up, walking around the room in awe. You let your fingers glide delicately across the mahogany furnishings throughout the room. It all felt so odd, this wasn’t the way things were supposed to be now. Even in your home the wood was rotting. You startled when you heard footsteps approaching the doors, panic setting in you managed to find a scalpel in a bin next to the bed. You reached for it and hid on the side of the door, waiting for whoever was coming. The door slid open, and as soon as you saw someone you tried to rush them. But they were much quicker than you, and overpowered you with no issue. They grabbed your wrist and twisted you to their front, and the force made you fall to the ground. You let out a yelp when you hit, pain radiating towards your now stitched wound. You held onto that side, and scrambled to get up.

“Well, well, well, seems you are getting better, sweetheart.”

You heard a deep laugh coming from behind you and the sound of boots thumping against the floor as they advanced on you. When you glanced up you gasped and felt all blood drain from your face. He must’ve noticed because his lips stretched into a very knowing smirk.

“Now now…none of that here, darling. There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m not a fucking monster.” He said that last part with that same smirk on his face which didn’t exactly ease your worries.

“I don’t make a habit of preying on the weak, especially beautiful women.” You scoffed at that. And he leaned down, extending his hand out to you. It was at this moment you really had time to take in his appearance, considering last night you were basically unconscious. He was a tall man, clad in a leather jacket and a red scarf. For this day and age he actually carried himself rather well. His salt and peppered beard was well kept, clothes crisp and cleaned. Being honest with yourself, he was rather handsome looking. But, it was a fleeting thought for you, he was after all a murderer. You gripped the scalpel in your hand tighter, not forgetting this is the same man who bashed one of his own into the ground with a bat named ‘Lucille’. Granted, that man was a lowlife son of a bitch who deserved it. But, still. This man was clearly capable of killing in the most brutal of ways. You launched forward and clumsily swung the scalpel around, just trying to aim for him. And he only laughed as he begin backing away and dodging your feeble attempts at an attack. Your next step was weak, and you found your body giving out as you stumbled forward, but he caught you in his arms and held you tight before you fell to the ground again. Your back was pressed against his leather clad chest, his strong arms holding you a little too tight for comfort. His gloved hand pulled the weapon from you tossing it aside and his breath ghosted over your ear.

“Now darling, if you want things to end with you in one piece I suggest you cut this shit, and listen.” You stiffened, clearly uncomfortable with the proximity, you could practically feel the hairs of his beard tickling your skin.

But when he noticed no sign of struggle from you he pushed you towards the bed, your body falling onto it. He paced the room, hands casually in his pockets, while he smiled to himself. He turned to you and spoke so suddenly and confidently. His smile widened and he placed his hand on his chest.

“I’m going to assume you were too fucked up last night to remember, so I’ll forgive you this once, doll. But, let me introduce myself again. I’m Negan.”

You gave him a skeptical look, and he walked forwards and leaned down a bit to be at your level.

“See, doll. This is where you tell me your name. I’m assuming your parents taught you better than this.” You stayed quiet, not wanting to give any information that you didn’t deem necessary.

He clicked his tongue at you in a mock way of disappointment. “I just saved your precious ass, brought you to our damn good doctor, had you stitched up and even gave you a nice bath to clean you up.” He laughed when he saw the disturbed look on your face at that last part.

“Don’t worry, doll. I’m a perfect gentleman, the doctor’s assistants helped with that.” You sighed in relief at that. You didn’t want to imagine being unconscious while some stranger put his hands all over you, and by the way he looked at you, you knew he’d probably enjoy that. And it seemed he picked up on your thoughts because he grinned at you in such a charmingly annoying manner.

“But, if you ever need a helping hand with that in the future. I’m your man. I’ll even be gentle.” You felt your face flush at his words, and he only seemed to be spurred on by that. A deep look of satisfaction coming over his dark eyes. He kneeled in front of you, placing his hands on either side of your body. “Now, don’t you think I deserve a little cooperation here, darling? I kept my hands to myself and even managed to save your life. So, cut the fucking silent treatment and tell me who the fuck you are.”

You stared at him, and even though that smile was still on his face you felt your spine shiver in slight fear. His tone was a total different story, and you wondered how he managed to still smile amongst threatening someone. No matter how vague those threats were. You nodded softly.


He tilted his head back in consideration. Repeating your name a few times, letting it settle on his tongue. He stood up, and looked down at you. “That actually sounds right.”

Then he pointed at himself again, “Now who am I again, darling?” You gave him an odd look, but answered anyway. Sensing that this man probably had very little patience. “Negan.” You said.

He smirked. “That’s right, darlin’ and boy do I love the way it rolls off that pretty fucking mouth of yours.” You let out a quiet sigh of annoyance, not really wanting him to hear it for fear he’d harm you.

“Now don’t forget that, sweetheart.” And his face turned serious. “Because, that’s the name of the man you goddamn belong to now. All your shit in that house you were holed up in, that belongs to me. The knife you killed my men with? That belongs to fucking me. Which by the way was so not cool. Decent fighters are hard to come by now days, so I’d very much appreciate it if you kept your pretty little self from killing any of them again.”

He paused and looked down at you, waiting for a response. You only stared at him in disbelief. Who the hell did he think he was to waltz in here and decide you were his property. Like some random piece of garbage you find at garage sale.

You glared up at him, and in a defiant tone said “I don’t belong to anyone.” Which in hindsight was a mistake. He suddenly gripped your chin rather hard, making you wince as he pulled your face closer to his own. You could feel his hot breath brush against your cheek. You grabbed at his hand trying to pry it off you but he held you still.

“Listen, doll face. And listen very fucking well because I hate repeating myself. I own you. And for your own good, you better fucking start accepting that right now. Because I’d hate to leave a mark on that pretty face of yours.”

Your breathing quickened in fear. It could all be empty threats from him. After all, why save your life just to take it. Not to mention he said he doesn’t make a habit of hurting beautiful women, then again that could be simple flirting on his behalf. But, you weren’t going to test him. You meekly nodded. Hands trembling a bit as he looked you over. He gave you another one of his charming smiles, running his tongue across his bottom lip.

“Now that’s my good girl. So, tell me. Who owns you?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat, and reluctantly spoke. Ignoring the raging anger building up inside you.


“Me, what?”

“You…” You opened your mouth, the words not wanting to come out. You exhaled and shakily said, “You own me.”

“That’s right, sweetheart. That’s right.” He smiled triumphantly down at you. Bringing his leather gloved hand to stroke your cheek. You stiffened at his touch, feeling very much like a play thing to a cat. He walked away from you and to the large windows across the room. You heard him bang on them, signaling to someone outside before coming back over to you.

“Docs gonna look after you for a bit. Until you can manage to get yourself up again, without falling the fuck over.”

You knew you probably shouldn’t have asked, but everything was coming at you so fast right now. And you weren’t completely comfortable with the direction.

“Why are you doing this?”

Negan turned to look at you, having stopped on his way towards the door. “We make it a habit of knowing every group, every person that walks around these parts. I don’t know how long you were at that piece of shit house, but you managed to evade my men long enough to hide some pretty serious stock there. Now, I could simply take it all as payment for having killed two of my men, and let you be on your merry fucking way, or I could take it all anyway and keep you as well and use you as I see fit. The way I fucking see it, you’re more useful right next to me.”

You only looked down, thinking over his words as he reached for the door handle. While his offer, or more like demand, didn’t seem too terrible you didn’t much care for him. He was an arrogant prick, who acted like the world revolved around him. And being honest, he frightened you just a bit. He was charming for certain, but he meant business. And you were sure getting on his bad side wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Especially after what you witnessed last night. And yet, if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be here right now. You could’ve easily died from an infected wound, which in this day wasn’t hard to do. So you looked back at him and nodded. Having come to that agreement that you would help him gather whatever it is he seemed to need. Before he could leave you spoke, “thank you…” he hummed in response, looking over at you, sensing you had more to say.

“Thank you, for not just, ya know…leaving me there to die.”

He smirked, “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Don’t make me regret it.” He winked at you, and exited the room leaving you to your thoughts. You wanted to pretend all of this was ok, that despite his attitude and vague threats you’d be fine. But, you couldn’t help but listen to that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you otherwise, and to be careful.

Just then the door opened and you swung your head towards it, hearing a man call your name.

“Hi, y/n. I’m Dr. Carson. Or you can just call me Harlan.”

He smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back. It was quite possibly the first genuine smile you’ve been given since the beginning of all this.

“Thank you…Harlan. I’m assuming all this was you?” You gestured towards your sutures. Giving him a grateful smile. He nodded and walked over to you, grabbing a pair of gloves and removing some of the bandaging. “It looks like it’s healing up well, not quite yet to be removed but you’re a strong one.” He replaced the bandages and cleaned around the area a bit. Before removing his gloves and speaking.

“I know you’re probably eager to get out of here, must be quite a shock for you. Running into the saviors then finding yourself here.” He gave you an apologetic look, sighing before taking a seat in a chair nearby.

“And where exactly am I?…and who are the saviors.”

He brushed a hand through his hair and cleared his throat.

“Well, this would be Hilltop. It’s our colony, a couple of us built it a while back. It’s not much, but now days it counts for something. As far as the saviors go, well….all I can tell you is that they mean business. They’re Negan’s group. Who you pretty much just met. When all this first started there was a small group of men whose duty it was to kill the roamers. They protected us. Eventually, that group turned into the much larger group and called themselves the saviors. And they answer only to Negan.”

You lifted your eyebrows and titled your head a bit in affirmation. How could you forget that man? So he was their leader then? Fitting. He let off an aura of power, commanded attention just at the very mention of his name.

“So, you work for them?” He didn’t need to spell it out for you, judging by the look on his face after even mentioning the Saviors you knew the agreement they must have had wasn’t a fair one. Or a safe one. Not shocking.

The doctor nodded his head, leaning forward in the chair and clasping his hands together. “We do what we can here. Do as you’re told, you survive. I’m not saying it’s fair or right, but it’s just how it works now. Just…just be careful.” He got up, and poured a glass of water for you from a nearby pitcher. He brought it over to you with some pills.

“I’d hate to see you die after having just patched you up.” You let out a small laugh, grabbing the water and swallowing the pill. Assuming it was an antibiotic to stave off infection.


He nodded gesturing to the bathroom.

“Feel free to use the facilities at any time, I’d advise you against walking out of the room for now. You need rest, I’ll have Jesus bring in some food for you later. I wish I could say you’ll be here for a while, but I have a feeling Negan will be back for you.” His lips lifted in a small smile, but you could tell it wasn’t genuine. And you knew it had to be because of Negan. He felt sorry for you, as to why, well…your imagination could conjure up a few reasons. You heard the door close and you just lied back in the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Fuck me.” Was all you could manage to muster.

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hiiii could you pls write some jealous craig ??? obvs for tweek, i love jealous craig plsss thank you !!

(yes, yes, yes! this one was so fun! thank youuuuu PS. requests are still being accepted~ haaa)

God damnit, Tweek is being really fucking slow. It always takes Twee three minutes to meet me in front of our lockers and it’s been five minutes and he’s not here. I’m not trying to be a controlling asshole of a boyfriend or anything but I hate school and I count down the seconds until I can leave this hell hole.

Tweek is usually the same way. We rush to meet up at our lockers and head straight back to my house to watch our daily dose of red racer. This is just how we always do things. And now he’s not here. And I’m ready to go home. And Red Racer starts in fifteen minutes.

God damnit.

I can’t help but worry that something happened to Tweek. The blonde just managed to attract trouble. Once before school he wasn’t texting me back and I was outside his house waiting for him for a solid fifteen minutes before I finally went inside in search for him. It turns out he got his hair stuck in the door hinges of his bathroom door. I found him in his towel with tears in his eyes. We had to cut his hair out and we were half an hour late to school.

I feel like it’s justified for me to constantly worry about him after that incident.

I’m pulling out my phone when I finally catch sight of Tweek. I’m happy and pretty relieved to see him but I’m also not enthusiastic to see who’s walking by his side.

Kenny McCromick.

Kenny’s alright. I mean when you need weed or alcohol he can always hook you up but besides that he’s a nosy, touchy fucker. I like neither nosy nor touchy people so he’s just one of those people I tolerate. Also Tweek is actually friends with him. Don’t ask me why. So I really have to tolerate him.

Kenny is carrying Tweek’s textbooks and they’re walking awfully close together. Tweek is waving his hands around as he talks, which is something he always does when he’s super excited. It’s one of my favorite things about Tweek, and it’s also something he usually does only around me.

Tweek is so invested into whatever him and Kenny are talking about that he doesn’t even seem to notice me. He’s walking a few steps in front of Kenny so he has to turn and look over his shoulder as he talks.

Tweek should really watch where-

And he’s tripping.

I start to dart forward to try and catch him but Kenny has already beat me to it. He manages to shuffle all of Tweek’s books into one arm and then use his free hand to reach out and snatch Tweek.

Show off.


Tweek just gives off his little nervous laugh of his where he smiles sheepishly and his shoulders shake as he brings one hand to cover half his face all shyly. Tweek laughs like that around me all the time.

Okay, but seriously, has Tweek even noticed me yet? His boyfriend? Seriously.

“Oh, m-man! Jesus. Thanks K-Ken.” Okay, really, Ken? Tweek is calling Kenny Ken now? Who the hell needs a nickname for their nickname? Only pretentious dirtbags have a nickname for their nickname.

What the actual fuck.

“No problem Tweekers.”

Again, what the actual fuck? I call Tweek Tweekers, other people do not call Tweek Tweekers.

Kenny’s stupid blue eyes move to meet mine. He’s smiling with that stupid easy going smile of his. “So, Tweekers, we still going over to your house, right?”

“Y-Yeah, of course! I’m so excited. You’re going to l-love this episode. I can’t believe y-you’ve never seen it! P-Pinkie Pie used to kind of freak me out b-but now I really like her.”

Wait- Pinkie Pie? Are they seriously talking about My Little Pony? I know Tweek loves that show. Something about how everyone is so nice and positive and they always work together to make things better. I don’t know. Tweek just likes perfect world kind of shows.

I’ve tried watching it with him before but it really weirds me out. Like isn’t this a show six year old girls watch or whatever? I always managed to fall asleep when we watch it so eventually Tweek gave up and he watches it on his own now.

Well he’s supposed to watch it alone. Watching it with Kenny, though? Like hell does Kenny like My Little Pony. What is that bastard up to?

“Really? Aweosme! I’m excited.” Kenny glances at me and his smirk just widens. He very casually slings his arm over Tweek’s shoulder. “Maybe we should just marathon it. It is Friday after all. We can just stay up all night!”

Tweek gets super fucking excited at this idea. He grins like none other. “Y-Yeah! That’s a great idea! I can g-get my mom to make some cookies too. Cookies and c-coffee.” What, nooo, his mom makes me and Tweek cookies and coffee. That’s our thing.

“It’s a date.”Kenny winks at Tweek but I think it’s more directed at me.

“Yeah, it’s a d-date!” Tweek giggles and finally he looks over at me. His smile lessens a little. “Oh hey Craig.” He sounded so neutral. What the fuck. He sounded so animated and excited when talking to Kenny.

“Hi,” I manage to spit out through clenched teeth. Because, I mean really. Really?

“Ken and I a-are gonna go to my house and w-watch My Little Pony.” Tweek starts opening his locker but it takes him a while. He doesn’t trust school locks so he put two of his own combo locker locks on it. With his constant shaking thought it always takes him a while.

“I heard.”

“I’ll see you t-tomorrow then?” Tweek asks, glancing at me briefly. Kenny’s leaning against the locker next to Tweek. They’re standing awfully fucking close. Goddamnit.

“We were going to watch Red Racer.”

“Yeah but we w-watch Red Racer every day. We’ll watch some t-tomorrow.” Tweek gives me a little smile. I do not want Tweek hanging out with one Kenny McCormick all fucking night. God fucking damnit.

“I want to watch My Little Pony too.” I finally spit out out of impulse. I don’t want to watch that stupid show but even more I don’t want to watch those two blondes walk off together.

God fucking damnit.

“Huh? Really? Craig you d-don’t like MLP.”

“Yeah, well maybe I do now.” Kenny looks like he’s about to laugh. Tweek shoves his stuff into his locker then launches himself at me.

He quickly hugs me and then pulls back. He’s smiling even bigger than he did with Kenny and it fills me with smug pride.

“R-Really? So you’ll marathon with us all night?” God fucking damnit.

“Yeah Tweek, all night.”

“Oh!” Kenny suddenly gasps. He’s wearing a shit eating grin but when Tweek looks at him he frowns. “You know what Tweek, I just remembered there’s something super important going on tonight. I don’t think I can come over.”


“Oh n-no, really?” Kenny nods solemnly. Tweek sighs then shrugs. “Oh well, maybe another t-time. It’s alright, Craig w-will watch it all night with me!”


“Wow, Tweek, you’re right!” Kenny gasps and grins at me. “Alright, I gotta get going, see ya Tweekers!” Kenny waves, turns and leaves.


Tweek locks his locker shut and turns to me with that same huge grin. He reaches out and grabs my hand.


“Are you excited C-Craig? I am.” Tweek keeps talking as he leads me towards his house but my mind is still trying to catch up with what just happened.


And then it hits me.

“Kenny, you bastard!”

Soooo that’s how I ended up being tricked into watching My Little Pony for thirteen hours straight on a sacred Friday night. FML.

public service announcement!!

STAN: Important news, this is super important!
STAN: I have to say this, I have to apologize.
KYLE: Stan, you don’t have to.
KYLE: It doesn’t matter, just come back to bed.
STAN: No, Kyle, I have to do this!

STAN: Last night in the livechat, I said Even Flow was by Aerosmith.
STAN: And nobody corrected me, and I was so wrong.
STAN: Even Flow is by Pearl Jam!
STAN: And I am so, so sorry! I’m not an idiot, I swear!
CRAIG: Oh my God shut up.
CRAIG: It’s too early for this, you ass.
KYLE: Stan, they don’t mind! It’s okay!
STAN: It’s not okay, it will never be okay!

CLYDE: Alright, guys.

CLYDE: I’m super pissed off right now.

CLYDE: As you may remember, from earlier today, I was stuck lost in the mountains with everybody from class.

CLYDE: Well Stan’s cool (kinda smelly but whatever) uncle came and rescued us. Swooped us right from under our feet and whisked us away on horseback. Hair flowing in the wind, and all.

CLYDE: …does he have hair? Well, his hat was flowing. Whatever.

CLYDE: That’s not the point.

CLYDE: All of that was pretty cool.

CLYDE: But the rest of the day– OH the rest of the day.

CLYDE: I am going to explain to you guys just how awful today was, feat. some detailed drawings.

CLYDE: So when we all got back, it was totally cool and awesome and nobody died and it was great.

CLYDE: Scott got to eat, everybody was happy, and it was only about 12:30 by the time we were back in town.

CLYDE: So Craig was all like, “Let’s go play and have a good time and chill and stuff,” or something like that.

CLYDE: And Jimmy said “Yeah that’d be fun!”

CLYDE: So I was like “Hell motherfucking yeah my besties who love me and are cool but also think I am super duper cool also!”

CLYDE: But just as we were about to, we realised we were all dropped right off in front of the school.

CLYDE: And the teachers and principal came out and told us we still had to go to class for the rest of the day, even though it was more than half way over already.

CLYDE: They didn’t seem all too worried that we were lost in the mountains, but I’m pretty sure Stan and his friends got in trouble.

CLYDE: But anyways. As you can see, I am crying my man tears because I was sad that we had to go to school. It’s a Friday! It would have been so cool to have the whole day off. It’d be like a three day weekend.

CLYDE: I was bummed out but then I also remembered Token was at school so

CLYDE: We rejoiced. Craig, Jimmy, and Tweek were also there, but Token and I were what was important at that moment so I only drew us. 

CLYDE: (and also Timmy was there but he was off to the side and just sort of watching us. I dunno what was up with that.)

CLYDE: That was the only cool part of being at school today.

CLYDE: And then, like God himself decided that school wasn’t enough punishment for me, everybody at school was making fun of me for no reason at all!

CLYDE: Cartman wasn’t actually there but I accidentally drew the body too big so I just drew him anyways.

CLYDE: But they all kept calling me a stinky buttface!

CLYDE: At one point I thought maybe they were calling Craig the stinky buttface, because of the awesome note I put on his back earlier today.

CLYDE: But the note wasn’t there anymore. I think it fell off, or something!

CLYDE: And even when I wasn’t hanging out with Craig, they were still calling me a stinky buttface!

CLYDE: I don’t have a buttface! It’s not stinky!

CLYDE: Do you see how well I drew my face? That’s not butt-like at all! Not even a little!!!

CLYDE: And to top it off, even though they were cool enough to give us a late lunch because of how long we were gone, they were serving the worst food of all!

CLYDE: Meatloaf!

CLYDE: It wouldn’t be that bad if we didn’t find out that today was actually Fiesta Friday! BURRITOS AND SHIT, DUDE.

CLYDE: But because they already served lunch, they had to make something quick for us instead! I would have eaten a two-hour-old burrito no problem!

CLYDE: They clearly underestimate me.

CLYDE: After I ate my food and junk, and after school got let out, I went home.

CLYDE: My dad heard about how we all went missing and he felt bad for me, so he said I wasn’t grounded anymore.

CLYDE: That was pretty cool.

CLYDE: But then he said I was only ungrounded on one condition.

CLYDE: It’s always on one condition.

CLYDE: He said I had to take my dog, Rex, out for a walk.

CLYDE: Now normally, that’d be totally fine!

CLYDE: I love Rex.

CLYDE: But half way through the walk, he decided to take the biggest, smelliest shit my nose has ever had the tragedy of taking a whiff of.

CLYDE: And I hate picking up the dog poo.

CLYDE: I know you have the little baggies that make sure you don’t get any on your hands, but you still feel it!

CLYDE: You still feel the dog shit and you can still smell it, and you might as well be giving the dog crap a gentle, full-body massage with how much it feels like you’re actually touching it.

CLYDE: In short– the second half of today was awful!



CLYDE: Anyways that’s what happened today.

CLYDE: But, on the upside, because I’m ungrounded and it’s the weekend now, Craig, Jimmy, Timmy, Token, Tweek, and I are all going to have a slumber party later!

CLYDE: We’re gonna play games and it’ll be rad and I’ll be sure to blog all about it so you guys can see how hype it is.

CLYDE: Until then, though, I’m just gonna be angry for a while.

CLYDE: Talk to you guys soon!

Fragile little brother of the fallen saint,
How are you doing today?
Have you found peace and are you finally able to be happy?
Do you have a good life
And from your pain have you become free?

There are times where I see you
In interviews and documentaries
Trauma-ridden, broken and breaking down crying
Craig, my dear, I can’t even begin to explain
How sorry I am for your loss.
And what your young eyes had saw.
I’m so sorry for what you were exposed to
That horrible and awful day
When your friends and sister were taken away.

But know that without your bravery
Some people wouldn’t even be alive today.
You’ve changed so many lives, including mine
Because while your sister taught me the importance of compassion and grace
You taught me to chose forgiveness over hate.
And I understand there’s some wounds that will never truly heal
And some days pain feels overwhelmingly real,
Just know that where ever you are and whatever you do,
Your loved ones here and Above will always be proud of you.


“Craig Scott”

s.g.b. 7.9.17

teeeali  asked:


Kyle: I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, really. It’s not your business, but with me being so far away a lot of the time, I’ve got no choice.
Craig: About Tweek?
Kyle: Yeah. He’s got a lot of… problems. It hasn’t been easy since he’s moved out here on his own. Those problems get to him really bad. It makes it hard for him to function, especially at night. You know what I’m talking about.
… It looks like he’s been doing so much better, though. 
Kyle: On the surface, he is. He’s made a lot of big steps. It’s like he’s relapsing, though, and. Ugh. Despite how much I just… don’t like you. And trust me, I really don’t like you. You’re going to be the one here when those things happen. 
Craig: So you’re asking the big bad ex-boyfriend to keep an eye on your fiance while you’re away? That doesn’t sound like something anybody would do ever-

Kyle: Listen, this is fucking important to me, okay? He’s important to me, and whether or not I want you to be here, you are. If I didn’t talk to you about it now, it’s something you and Tweek would have to talk about later while he’s vulnerable. And I still don’t trust you. 
Craig: Love you, too, man. 

Kyle: Here, just take my number. I won’t throw a fit about you being here if you at least do me this one favor, and let me know if he has an episode. Please. 
Craig: You really must be worried if you’re going through all this trouble. 
Kyle: I love him. And, for some reason, he still trusts you. If you really want us to get along like you said on your blog, put whatever feelings you have aside and don’t make Tweek into a fool.
Craig: Alright, no pressure or anything. 

[Deleted by Craig]

‘I love you, but I won’t watch you kill yourself. I have to leave you.’

I totally understood. I would have left me if I could.

After she had gone, I went for a walk on the lonely Walberswick marshes outside the village. Out there I did something I hadn’t done since I was a farty wee schoolboy in the miserable damp town church. I prayed. I asked the God I still don’t really understand and have trouble believing in to help me- to either kill me or change me.

I had become something I despised, and I couldn’t break of whatever spell had been cast. I was an inmate in a prison of my own construction. I told Him I was willing to go to any length to get out.

—  Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for books about women in music or whatever? I'm going through books on your women in visual art masterpost and enjoying them I thought you might know of some. Thank you.

yea ! and thanks. i don’t find there are as many published texts focused solely on the narrative of women in music as there are women visual art mediums but being me i read any i can get a hold of lol :

Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers – i’m putting this first bc it’s my favorite and was SO IMPORTANT to me when i was first getting into women of the BBC workshop/ women in the avant garde & electronic music.. i think i found it through looking for writings about annea lockwood and if you know me you know women in electronic/ avant garde music are everything 2 me and this book does such a good job contextualizing the female perspective in sound. it’s so good.  

Divas in the Convent: Nuns, Music, and Defiance in Seventeenth-Century Italy by Craig A. Monson -- oh my god ever since i heard rosa mistica i have been completely obsessed with the work of female nuns whose astounding compositions were repressed and discouraged by the church hierarchy in the 1600′s. it’s a fascinating history to me idk if anyone shares this fixation but this book is amazing. 

Celestial Sirens: Nuns and Their Music in Early Modern Milan by Robert L. Kendrick – one to read with ‘divas in the convent’ - less accessible bc it’s an academic text with a heavy musicologist tone but if you can get a hold of it it’s stunningly thorough and relavatory, i learned so much about performance rituals surrounding polyphonic music from this. if you like sacred music it’s a must imo. 

Songbirds: Pioneering Women in Jamaican Music by Heather Augustyn – this author has written a lot about ska and obviously has a large reference point for jamaican music and sounds of the culture so i enjoyed this read a lot. i had little prior knowledge to how hard women in this sphere had it which makes endurance of women covered so admirable, very whole in its biographical coverage. 

Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, a Chicana Punk Story by Alice Bag – this is one of my favorite books about women in punk. alice is of course of the seminal band the bags and her standing within the scene makes the perspective really personal and insightful. highly recommend. 

Dissonant Divas in Chicana Music: The Limits of La Onda by Deborah R. Vargas – a friend gave this to me and it is wonderful. vargas is a great writer, if you know nothing about la onda in mexico or america this will ignite an interest and if you do this provides so much insight and contextualization as to the history and cultural performance. 

From Convent to Concert Hall: A Guide to Women Composers by Martha F. Schleifer – another important one to me early on. when i started taking music theory courses i was discouraged the composers discussed were never women so i took up independently diving into these histories, this is an academic text which does a great job of relating the canon of female composers to a lineage of male counterpoints and exploring reasons why their endurance is faulted by musicology- wonderful and comprehensive. 

to go along with that:  The Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers  – obviously an essential reference material if it’s of interest to you, compiled out of love and passion for furthering these women’s work (the tagline is: “Throughout history women have been composing music, but their achievements have usually gone unrecognized” i mean !! yesss) was of great help to me in discovering composers who i had glossed over.

The Lost Women of Rock Music: Female Musicians of the Punk Era by Helen Reddington – great and thorough w/ good insight re: social and commercial reasons women of this scene never “broke through” or lived on in mythos the way their male counterparts did, says “rock” broadly in the title but covers a lot of post-punk like the raincoats/ x-ray spex/ crass female acts like poison girls which i loved. notable for interviews with au pairs and delta 5 ladies!!!!! + viv albertine pre her own book.. love it

Stormy Weather: The Music and Lives of a Century of Jazz Women by Linda Dahl – there are actually a good amount of books about women in jazz but this is probably my favorite, it’s a great starting off point. most focuses on the new orleans scene/ 40′s era big band/ swing in its prime/ seminal vocal jazz ladies but well researched, organized, and passionate. 

Black Women and Music: More than the Blues and Songs in Black and Lavender: Race, Sexual Politics, and Women’s Music by Eileen M. Hayes – both amazing works, heavily academic in precedent and standing but hayes is a definitive voice in this subject and i love her perspective. the first is a collection of essays that spans everything from disregarded black women in classical music to the nuances of black feminism in hip hop narratives to black women in avant garde collectives. unbelievably diverse, informative, well researched, and insightful. the second book is focused on black lesbian presence in music festivals predominately catered to white lesbians, very interesting look into a discourse you genuinely don’t see much written about.

Swing Shift: “All-Girl” Bands of the 1940s by Sherrie Tucker – super fun read about the boom jazz bands of women and interest in female musicians and performance saw in the WWII era and how these artists fought against the social perception that they were only replacements for REAL musicals acts while men were at war, captivating slice of history.

Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday by Angela Y Davis – some essential analytic insights into poetic politics if that interests you. it’s davis so what do you expect. her portrait of blues music is informed by working class black feminist histories and voices, making her perspectives on billie holliday songs (all of her breakdowns of artists’ songs are illuminating, astutely conscious in their literacy and force you to listen to the work differently) and how these artists laid foundation for feminist dialogs still enduring today something really special/ significant with potency imo. a genre as a basis of independence and freedom.

Finding Her Voice: Women in Country Music, 1800-2000 by Mary A. Bufwack – straightforward work documenting women’s roots in country music and related social anthropology pretty much. worthwhile even if country music doesn’t thrill you, the stories of this music is very american. watching significant historical plights and hardships of the US lower class shape that art is interesting.

Big Ears: Listening for Gender in Jazz Studies editors: Nicole T. Rustin and Sherrie Tucker – collection of essays on various subjects all relating to how gender dynamics/ politics inform jazz as a music and culture. really liked it.

Women’s Voices Across Musical Worlds editor: Jane A. Bernstein – well organized into five sections, approaches themes of sexual politics in music production & distribution/ sequestration of female performance with a very cross-cultural complex approach. 

Cecilia Reclaimed: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Music editor: Susan C. Cook – another book of essays, dull but informed. 

Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro by Kwasi Ampene – another one my friend handed off to me, thoroughly academic in its musicology and extensive field work. most comprehensive writings on nnwonkoro as a genre you’ll find so i found it compelling.

Gender and the Musical Canon by Marcia J. Citron – well done work regarding feminist perspectives in regard to the western music canon, would be aptly suitable as an introductory text. 

Women Make Noise: Girl Bands from the Motown to the Modern editor: Julia Downes – too broad and ambitious to be comprehensive into any one specific margin of women in music, but serves as a nice glance of the timeline from the past 50 years. another that would be best as a introductory guide.

Hazel Scott: The Pioneering Journey of a Jazz Pianist, from Cafe Society to Hollywood to HUAC by Karen Chilton – great biography of a seminal black renaissance artist and female jazz musician. 

Black Pearls: Blues Queens of the 1920s by Daphne Harrison – THE go to book for an overview of women in blues, examined from many angles.

Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction by Julie C. Dunar – this is an undergrad text book i read as a starting point and listening guide into the world of female musicians, lol. well done an engaging, the companion CD is useful. 

Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer’s Search for American Music by Judith Tick – i adore seeger and covet anything i can read about her so this is an all time favorite for me. so well done and comprising of her standing as a composer, woman, and within the scene that breed her. 

to read in tandem that i just finished recently because i had next to zero prior knowledge about opera:  En Travesti: Women, Gender Subversion, Opera //  Opera; or, The Undoing of Women //  Siren Songs : Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Opera // Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in Early-Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera //  The Queen’s Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire … female empowerment and agency in opera (as well as the gay history within) is so fascinating to me, worth looking into. 

Carla Bley (American Composers) by Amy C. Beal – fantastic biography and retrospective of an astounding female jazz composer. a bit brief but i enjoyed it regardless, felt beal had an intuitive grasp on bley’s prerogative and voice.

another in tandem pairing:  The Acoustic Mirror: The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema by Kaja Silverman and  Into the Vortex: Female Voice and Paradox in Film by Brita Sjogroen – maybe a bit off focus from “music” fully because it’s more about film, but worthwhile exploration of feminist theory regarding sound and women’s origins of voice as used in cinema. if you’re a fan of michel chion’s writings like “the voice in cinema” you’ll enjoy. 

Musicology and Difference: Gender and Sexuality in Music Scholarship by Ruth A. Solie – one of the first books i read that really covered gender politics in relation to music as a study, does a good job of dispelling the proposition that these perspectives are only applicable in niche women’s studies circles. hasn’t aged well though. 

another big in tandem reading list because i think these all overlap in focus and work well when consumed as a whole: Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus //  The Riot Grrrl Collection //  Cinderella’s Big Score: Women of the Punk and Indie Underground (Live Girls) by Maria Raha //  Pretty in Punk: Girl’s Gender Resistance in a Boy’s Subculture by Lauraine Leblanc //  Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music by Marissa Meltzer // Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys: A Memoir by Viv Albertine // Girls Rock!: Fifty Years of Women Making Music //   She’s a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock and Roll (Live Girls) by Gillian G. Gaar //  She Bop: The definitive history of women in popular music + She Bop II by Lucy O’Brien // Chris Stein / Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk by Chris Stein // We Owe You Nothing by Daniel Sinker (you’ll notice a lot of these are punk planet related) // Will Work for Drugs by Lydia Lunch //  Female-Rock Photos by Ronald Vaughan //  Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now! – most of these were big to me as a teenager, ahaha. 

sort of in that vein: Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir by Lisa Crystal Carver – i adore suckdog so i’m biased but this is def among my favorite music autobiographies. i love lisa, all her books are fun.

Mismatched Women: The Siren’s Song Through the Machine by Jennifer Fleeger – funny relic, very interesting. again, not so much solely “music” focused- more a study on the female voice and its application and history in different media. 

From Spirituals to Symphonies: African-American Women Composers and Their Music by Helen Walker-Hill – carefully researched, fantastic reference point. a must if you’re interested in black women within music. covers the likes of early 20th century composers like irene britton smith/ undine smith moore/ margaret bonds// women who achieved success in their respective periods who have been neglected by canonical standards today.

Female Voices from an Ewe Dance-drumming Community in Ghana by James Burns – respectful ethnomusicology of adekede, author does a great job and obviously has personal vested interest in these women and their music. nice read, accompanying DVD makes it better.

Blues Empress in Black Chattanooga: Bessie Smith and the Emerging Urban South by Michelle R. Scott //  Bessie: Revised and expanded edition by Chris Albertson – the former focuses more on the history and social landscape/ migration of the black community in chattanooga, the latter is a great biography of one of the most important female voices in blues. 

Mother of the Blues: A Study of Ma Rainey by Sandra Lieb – another good portrait of a seminal blues woman. 

Women Making Music: The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950 editor: Jane Bowers – encyclopedic and richly studied, contributions from a ton of respected scholars. great focus on female composers with chapters dedicated to the likes of Clara Schumann, Ethel Smyth, etc. 

Home Girls Make Some Noise!: Hip-Hop Feminism Anthology – great collection of essays that sometimes border on prose exploring black female agency in hip hop spaces with the nuance experience provides. recommended

Girl Groups: Fabulous Females That Rocked the World by John Clemente – super fun little read, informed profiles of 60 key girl groups that following in the brill building type sound. if you like that scene it’s a must, sheds light on histories i was less familiar with. definitive.

Listening to Salsa: Gender, Latin Popular Music, and Puerto Rican Cultures by Frances R Aparicio – genealogy of Afro-Caribbean music filtered through Puerto Rican literature with a women’s studies angle makes this look at salsa as a social identity compelling and different. some of the analysis of the music leaves room for conflict but still worthwhile. 

Monteverdi’s Unruly Women: The Power of Song in Early Modern Italy by Bonnie Gordon – AMAZING READ. i love this book, gordon divulges into the social and musical environment female singers whose voices were demanded but whose presence was largely discouraged and dangerous lived in during renaissance italy using theoretical frameworks to lend insight into music rather than using it to bring forward dogmatic statements re: theory.. so well done and fascinating. adore her writing and approach.

The International Sweethearts of Rhythm by Antoinette D Handy – enjoyable look at one of the most seminal all girl jazz bands of the time period. 

Melting the Venusberg: A Feminist Theology of Music by Heidi Epstein – verbose but feminist analysis of church music and deconstructing those hierarchies based in theology that goes all the way to contemporary artists like Diamanda Galas is hard to come by so i enjoyed this. 

Respect: Women and Popular Music by Dorothy Marcic – unique in that it takes a look at female narratives in western pop throw an organized introspection of 20 big pop hits. well written. 

Queering the Pitch by Phillip Bret //  Listening to the Sirens: Musical Technologies of Queer Identity from Homer to Hedwig by Judith A Peraino //  The Queer Composition of America’s Sound: Gay Modernists, American Music, and National Identity by Nadine Hubbs – all notable LGBT+ works on music that are worth looking into if that interests you.

Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon–and the Journey of a Generation by Sheila Weller Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words by Malka Marom / Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir by Linda RondstadtA Natural Woman: A Memoir by Carole King – all good to read in companion if you’re curious as to the histories of that group of women the defined a specific sound and idyll in american music.

Jazz Women: 1900 to the Present, Their Words, Lives and Music by Sally Placksin – 80′s relic of the female jazz preservation canon, pretty meaty and well focused subjects. 

Just for a Thrill: Lil Hardin Armstrong, First Lady of Jazz by James L. Dickerson – flawed characterization and contextualization reaches at points but still worth reading, pairs well with the former book. 

Shall We Play That One Together?: The Life and Art of Jazz Piano Legend Marian McPartland by Paul de Barros – much better effort in terms of comprehensive bios of women who overcame social precedent to make names as accomplished jazz musicians, wonderful read. 

Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life and Work of an American Composer, 1867-1944 by Adrienne Fried Block – big fan of beach’s piano works so naturally i was thrilled to find a meticulously detailed well researched fleshed out biography on her, takes her character beyond being a victim of odds against her into a complex artist with inherent musical prowess.

Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country by Angela Smith // When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm by Layne Redmond – well suited for reading together, the former indexes hundreds of female drummers with over 50 some odd interviews, super informative and engaging historical anecdotes. the later plays on a much older narrative- the practice of sacred rhythm/ drugging among goddesses and various religious ceremonies/ celebrations- equally as compelling. 

Some Liked It Hot: Jazz Women in Film and Television, 1928-1959 by Kristin A. McGee – chronicles women’s jazz performances through early filmography, explores the motivations of these histories place within jazz “canon”, interesting read with great pictures. 

Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from the 1960s to Now by Addison Herron-Wheeler – fun little [100 pages] work that expands on women’s place with metal histories with some tracing back to goddess traditions that don’t entirely line up, still worth it.

Sophisticated Ladies: the Great Women of Jazz and Madame Jazz: Contemporary Women Instrumentalists by Leslie Gourse – gourse is a fantastic writer on jazz, the former would be a great introduction to the more notable and celebrated female vocal jazz talents, the later goes into the neglected stories of women instrumentalists in the jazz realm that’s really compelling- not anecdotal regurgitated shit. 

Women Composers: The Lost Tradition Found, Second Edition by Diane Peacock Jezic – fine for what it is, another book documenting female composers, noting their dejected obscuring, expanding on feminist musicology.

Women of the Underground: Music: Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves by Zora Von Burden – great read. highly recommend this one, notable for first hand interviews with: Wanda Jackson, Miss Mercy (GTOs), Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground), Nina Hagen, Lydia Lunch, Adele Bertei (The Contortions), Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), Jarboe (Swans), Slymenstra (Gwar), Patricia Morrison (Sisters of Mercy, The Damned), Teresa Nervosa (Butthole Surfers), Laurie Anderson, Kembra Pfahler (The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), Pam Tent (The Cockettes), Pauline Black (The Selecter), among others.. that diversity and the depth of coverage make it one of the more unique entries. 

Women In Music: An Anthology of Source Readings from the Middle Ages to the Present by Carol Neuls-Bates – includes some interesting source material from its subjects including diary entries, poems, lesser known writing and compositions- scholarly but approachable. 

Rock She Wrote: Women Write About Rock, Pop, and Rap by Evelyn McDonnell – a fun one. more about the practice of writing about music than playing it. compilation of almost 70 articles/ pieces/ essays/ personal anecdotes penned by women who serve as columnists, contributors, academics, as well as musicians (patti smith and kim gordon among them) about various genres and events. lots of personal appeal.

Girl Groups, Girl Culture: Popular Music and Identity in the 1960s by Jacqueline Warwick – interesting work of sociology study as applied to girl groups, examining their significance and audience barriers, stresses their importance with an author well attuned to the scope of what they’re talking about. accessible for thesis writing.

Electric Ladyland: Women and Rock Culture by Lisa L. Rhodes – if women’s advancement of and involvement in midcentury rock culture is of interest to you this is probably the most thorough examination of it you will find.

Antonia Mercé, la Argentina: flamenco y la vanguardia española by Ninotchka Bennahum – a bit off tangent because it’s far more about dance than music, but a great celebration of early 20th century spanish vanguard in all avenues. really enjoyed it.

The World of Women in Classical Music by Anne K. Gray – far more accessible than some of the more college level texts i’ve mentioned on the subjects of women in classical spaces, a bit broad and sweeping but beholding of all the biographical information and encyclopedic in its approach. great resource.

Girl Groups: The Story of a Sound by Alan Betrock - another fun relic of a girl group aficionado summarizing some history, less vital than the others i listed but worthwhile to any big fan of the genre. 

Lydia Mendoza’s Life in Music: La Historia de Lydia Mendoza: Norteño Tejano Legacies by  Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez – fantastic biography of one of the most enduring and notable Chicana icons, includes some first hand interview coverage and astoundingly thorough documentation of her life.

Satin Dolls: The Women of Jazz by Andrew Hagar – another in the lineup of works regarding female jazz vocalists, nothing life changing but i do enjoy hagar’s writing- it’s obvious he comes from at least a seasoned background.

Music and Women: The Story of Women in Their Relation to Music (The Diane Peacock Jezic Series of Women in Music) by Sophie Drinker – uncompromisingly feminist, compendium of background into women’s relationship w/ music, puts forth a theoretical model for reconceptualizing how we understand this harmony. interesting but very theory heavy. 

Musical Echoes: South African Women Thinking in Jazz by Caron Ann Muller – fascinating biography of cape town jazz musician Sathima Bea Benjamin. who, among having a gripping career as a recording artists, founded her own label and made a unique mark on jazz’s history. 

Shout, Sister, Shout!: The Untold Story of Rock-and-Roll Trailblazer Sister Rosetta Tharpe by Gayle Wald – obviously “women in rock” as a colloquialism begins and ends at tharpe. definitive not only as her personal history but for a bluepring for all rock musicians to come. definitely a must. 

Women and Popular Music: Sexuality, Identity and Subjectivity by Sheila Whiteley – feminist musicology work a little too vague and light for me to find compelling. would be of interest to those invested in feminist analysis of pop culture touchstones and that line of dialog. 

Underneath a Harlem Moon: The Harlem to Paris Years of Adelaide Hall by Iian Cameron Williams – amazing biography of a harlem renaissance superstar. a consummate, reverent, and adoring look at her life. if the work of artists like duke ellington interest you this is definitely of note.

Women in Music: A Research and Information Guide and Women and Music: A History by Karin Anna Pendle – pendle’s a good author, knows what she’s talking about and commanding of fact. i highly recommend the later as a resource for contextualization and history. 

A Bad Woman Feeling Good: Blues and the Women Who Sing Them by Buzzy Jackson – truly one of the more mediocre books on this subject but since i’m already being a completionist, it gets a mention.

Feminine Endings: Music, Gender, and Sexuality by Susan McClary – one of the more widely regarded and “important” works of cultural critique within music context, you either love it or you hate it. i think its praxis is a little reductionist and not really in alignment with my personal standings but it’s worth a read. 

New Historical Anthology of Music by Women by James R. Briscoe – accompanies a CD of the works listed and discussed, some good biographical information. worth investigating if you’re as invested in the subject as i am.

as per usual i know i’m forgetting some but yeah those are what come to mind rn.. a fun topic i like talking about. you should read one/ recommend me one

CLYDE: Actually, hang on a second.

CLYDE: Craig?

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: I have something very serious to ask you. It is important and I want you to take this as calmly as possible.

CRAIG: What is it.

CLYDE: Well, um,

CLYDE: Remember, a while back, how you let me use your phone?

CRAIG: Yeah, you broke it and I had to wait two months to get a new one.

CLYDE: I was just thinking…

CLYDE: Because, like, my phone is almost dead and I wanna keep updating the blog but you see, I am not capable of doing such a thing with a dead phone.

CRAIG: And you somehow think updating in the middle of the mountains will work?

CLYDE: I mean it’s been working so far.

CRAIG: Uh huh.

CLYDE: But yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen you take out your phone this entire time and I know you always have it, so it must have a lot of battery left…

CLYDE: So I wanted to ask…

CLYDE: Would you let me use your phone?

CLYDE: I promise I won’t break it this time, I’ll be super careful!



CLYDE: Please?






CRAIG: Okay.


Clyde: Okay, so now that we know the history, tell us how it all finally ended for good.

Craig: Um, okay. So one night I was at his house. Business as usual. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, so I was even less inclined to keep my hands to myself. 

“Hey, are you okay, Tweek? You seem not so into it.”
“Yeah, yeah. It’s just that… Maybe… Maybe we shouldn’t.”
“Oh? I’m like… not dating anybody right now, if that’s what’s bothering you.”
“No, it’s not that. I just- can we just talk instead? Is that okay?”
“Well, yeah. Of course.”
“I just don’t think we should do this.”
“That’s fine, really-”
“No, I mean. I don’t think we should do it ever again.”

“It’s just that… I’m tired of being the reason everything falls apart for you, you know? You date other people to try to move on, but how can you do that if we keep sleeping together? It’s just not good for you or me and we both know that.”
“Is that the only reason?”
“No… I’ve also kind of been talking to someone. And I really like them so…”

Craig: I got mad at him. I got mad at him for talking to someone else, and he was quick to remind me how many people I’d slept with since we broke up. He was quick to tell me how hypocritical I was being, and how all he wanted was for us both to just move on so we could try and really fix our friendship.
Craig: He asked which was more important; whether or not I owned him, or whether or not he was happy.
Clyde: Which did you chose?
Craig: Whether he was happy. And I realized how hard it would be to see him with someone else, and I realized even more how he couldn’t really be happy as long as I was around so…
Clyde: The rest is history?
Craig: Yup. I mean, that was years ago now, I’d be totally okay to talk to him again and see how he’s been, but I’m going to wait until I have my own place and things are going okay for me.
[Deleted by Craig]