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stiles-argent24  asked:

Post TBT? Pictures? Maybe?

Your wish = My Command

This shot was taken of just a few of our amazing Stunt Players/Doubles during the filming of episode 401 at the Mexican night club.  They did some amazing fighting and still looked good doing it.  

Back Row Left to right: Li Jing (the amazingly talented Kira Stunt Double - she is beyond sweet I can’t begin to describe how talented she is.  Check her out!), Anthony Nanokornpanom (a talented stunt player - This guy made “being taken down by Malia” easy - of course, we had to do the take several times where she throws him on the ground, I think he was pretty tired after awhile - haha), Craig Henningsen (another amazing stunt player - He got tossed into a wall by Scott McCall.  You may not recognize him without his mask on… Craig was one of our Oni’s in season 3b), Natalie Padilla (was so excited to have her back.  She took Kira’s nunchucks to the face better than anyone, ha! We hadn’t seen her since season 3a, where she doubled Cora), and of course Arden Cho (who does a lot of her own stunt work).

Bottom Row: Michelle Gonzalez (a cool cat stunt player - she rounded out the amazing hunters at the Mexican Underground Club)