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South Park Season 21 Premiere Review (Spoilers)

So the season 21 Premiere of South Park has ended and now Broad City is playing in the background, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate that show but eh I thought the first season was alright than started to fade but this isn’t about Broad City, this is about South Park.

I thought overall the episode was definitely hysterical. Seeing Randy and Sharon doing a home renovating show, which pretty much consists of Randy destroying shit and some how Sharon turns it into a masterpiece in the end, was a great story line. It fit well with the typical “Randy gets into something” theme that re occurs throughout the show but with that bonus element of Sharon actually being involved as well.

Clearly they tried to touch on the political atmosphere as of late but did it very lightly, probably because of some of the backlash from last season. Which by the way come on, no matter what side you’re on, it’s South Park, have a laugh and shut up but I get why it happened. They still were able to get that point across to a degree by being silly with it and using the Echo and Alexa as the reference point of the problem.

Now speaking of Alexa we have to get into the main thing about this episode that is on everyone’s mind and that is Cartman and Heidi. Just like most of you I watched the episode and was getting upset by Cartman’s action throughout. That initial scene when Heidi came over as the boys were playing with the Echo and his attitude instantly changing definitely got me upset cause I knew right away that oh great they are gonna go that route with the relationship. There was hints of it at the end of season 20 but to see such a drastic change was a bummer. Clearly Cartman doesn’t know anything about serious relationships hence him acting distance and not knowing how to react to Heidi when she asks what’s wrong. He is still a kid who doesn’t know what he wants. The conversation between Heidi and Mrs. Cartman was so sweet and sad at the same time cause she obviously cares so much about Cartman’s feelings and oh quick reminder this is just a cartoon show and did you ever think you’d read in a million years a blog about Cartman being in a serious relationship… Wait Cartman has a girlfriend? I know right what is going on?!?! Alright anyway, the way Cartman turned it around on Heidi like she was wrong and abusing him was just fucked up and well, I guess the typical Cartman we all knew and loved so this is kind of confusing but in this case no come on man! This is a girl who likes you for you, who lets you have your space with your friends, who saw passed all the things people said about you, and you still pushed her away. Again Cartoon show but in all seriousness that is the kind of thing that shouldn’t be taken advantage of. You meet a girl like that and you’re too stupid to see how perfect she is for you and then you fuck it up and bam it’s like 15 years and you look back like holy shit what have I done?! Alright alright I’m going to deep and gonna end this post soon.

Overall I give this episode a definite A because the show is starting fresh again this season but as they have been doing the past few years they are keeping elements from previous years still in the forefront and I know some people have had complaints about that format but I personally think it is such a refreshing change to the show cause they have always had callbacks and references from older episodes throughout the years so it’s cool to see them do a more linear season and have it blend into further seasons.

OK I’m drained from that so here is some Yaoi of Tweek and Craig

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CRAIG: That’s a broad fucking question.
STAN: Better to start off with something less specific, right?
CRAIG: Whatever.
CRAIG: It’s your weirdass blog.
CRAIG: Neutral.
CRAIG: I feel neutral.

STAN: That’s it?
CRAIG: I get a broad question, they get a broad answer.
CRAIG: You don’t own me.
STAN: That doesn’t sound neutral to me.
CRAIG: Fuck off.

Leisure Time

Often when I isolate characters they can come across in a lonely way. I don’t think there is a sense of this here but she is sharing a moment with someone swimming, you just can’t see the character she is sharing a moment with.

After looking at this photograph afterwards, I realised it reminded me of my mum when I was younger. Whenever my sister and I would go to the leisure centre she would always refuse to swim. We always assumed this was because she didn’t want to get her hair wet.

The Dentist

A guy smiles eight times a day on average
but I’m sure you could get some more out of me.

You’re a masterpiece I’m sitting on, not sharing,
hoping it won’t break because
nothing should be this perfect.

Please, smash in my face
and rebuild it with porcelain plated teeth
then listen to me shake
every time you walk through the door.

You’re a Russian doll -
it doesn’t matter how many layers of clinical blue fabric
I peel off with eyes,
you’ll still look the same; flawless.

‘A guy smiles eight times a day on average’
I tell you with your hand so far into my mouth
I’ll be tasting knuckle for the next week.
'I’ve only seen you smile once’ she replies.

I remember with her, it’s always pulling teeth.

Some people naturally like to be directed when in front of a camera. While I intended this to be a natural shoot, there were elements of the posed in it. For this shot I just asked Tiberius to put his hands over his face, and this was what he did.

I Am Not Steve Buscemi

I do not have Steve Buscemi’s eyes; mine are worse, 
unrecognisable. My teeth, like his,
are crooked and still you don’t see me 
making cameos in the Hollywood movies.

Ugliness is subjective, 
all relative to the scene,
the character, the fiction 
that we were born to create.

I am not Steve Buscemi
because despite our similar appearance
my fiction is unimportant, unnecessary 
and undeserving of its creation.


She tells me that she has this thing
where even after she has let go of an object
she can still feel it on her fingertips
as if it were still pressed within her palms,

she tells me that it’s not very common 
asks if I know what she’s talking about and if it happens to me.
‘Can you roll your tongue,’ I ask her
'because damn, I can’t even roll my tongue
so what hope do I have in being uncommon?’

She looks at me and rolls her tongue.
'I can lick my nose,’ I tell her
trying to compete, 'but who wants to
in a British summer when all you get is colds?’

That night we held each other close
our hands hovering over the ravines of each others spine
a place we had never ventured before,
all I could think about
was that the moment she left, for me she was gone
but for her, even if it was just on her skin, I had made an impression.