craig alexander reid

Adrian featured above has a thing where he posts a photo every Sunday with something that he’s been doing. For this Sunday, he and I went for a stroll with the camera and his handsome man’s hat.

I keep taking photos, but they’re not project based. I need to get a move on now m'ladies and sirs.

A darkroom black and white film print for my darkroom inductions.

They have a darkroom black & white but also a colour printer! It’s beautiful! I feel that having prior know how on how to make darkroom prints by hand will come in handy but for now I’m reveling the machine we have to use.

Today I had my studio induction. Despite it being an induction to the lighting in the studio I shot this without any flash and came to the conclusion that I really prefer not using flash. 

So here is my latest submission.

“Here is my favourite friend Rachael, she is really cool and I like her spots”

- Rachael Putt, 14:58, Friday 11th October 2013