craig & company

Craig's Birthday Party #2
  • dadsona: craig, the company knows it's your birthday. stop fiddling with your phone.
  • craig: what if something comes up and i’m not there to answer it?
  • dadsona: craig...
  • craig: i don’t know... *looks away*
  • dadsona: *swipes the phone away and puts it in his underwear*
  • dadsona: now try and use it.
  • craig: which one? *smiles playfully and in a sinister way*
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  • What if Tweek actually calms down with any physical contact in general but Craig was just the first person to bother approaching "that weird twitchy kid"

Every month (or, if she was lucky, every three weeks), Donna had the opportunity to have sex with her husband, Craig. Not that he wasn’t a horny man, but Donna wouldn’t want to do it as often as he’d want. Every time, she had his 4 inches going in and out of her, giving her little to no pleasure for about 5 minutes before his inevitable orgasm.

One day, Donna was lying on the couch, talking to Craig who, as always, wanted to get his quick orgasm that he called sex. As he caressed her thigh, she held his hand and asked “Hmm, hey, sweetie. I was thinking. Uhm, you talked about threesomes once, right?” Craig’s eyes went wide and he smiled, immediately answering “Well, yeah, didn’t know you’d be into it, I mean–” he was quickly interrupted by her.

“Uhm, yeah. Ok. But, you know. Everyone takes a turn in this, right? I’m damn well sure you want two girls. But I do want two guys. And I’d like mine first. It should be fair, right?” She asked, with a calm expression and subtle smile. Craig nodded after quick consideration.

“Uuh… yeah. Yeah. I guess you’re right, but you kinda have to find a guy and–” again, he was interrupted.

“Great!” She said, excited as never before and hugged her husband “Thanks, sweetie!” she kissed his cheek “Is tonight okay?”

“T-tonight? Already? But don’t you have to find a guy for th–”

“Oh, don’t worry! I can get that, uh, done in no time” she giggled and stood up, smiling wide. “By the way, it’s time for you to go to work” she said, in her sweet and loving voice. Craig, looking quickly at the time, stood up as well and grabbed his keys. They walked to the front door and smiled at each other. “Exciteeed!” Donna said, giggling and Craig, a bit unsure of himself, scratched his head “Uuh, yeah, me too, sweetie”

As always, they shared a long and passionate French kiss. More than a minute of slow tongue kissing and she smiled wide “Have a great day at work, baby” she said and waved goodbye at him.

As Craig walked to his car, he stumbled upon his next-door neighbor, Carlos. The handsome black man worked in the same company as Craig. He was in a way better position than him, though. Single and living alone, the man was successful, handsome, had a muscular body that came from working out everyday and lots of money. He had a nice full beard, green eyes and short military style hair. He fit very well in his suit. Craig smiled “Hey there, Carlos!”

“Hey, Craig. How you doing, buddy?”

“Oh, just great, you know? Going to that meeting today?”

“Yeah, good things to come from the projects we’re organizing. Soon you’ll be there with us, man. Hard work is what will grant you that, know what I’m sayin’?”

“For sure! Thanks for that, man. And hey, golf this weekend?”

“No need to ask twice. By the way…” he said, with his charming smile “Talked to your wife yesterday. See you tonight. Let’s have some fun, alright?” He chuckled and got in his car, smoothly driving off to work.

Craig had no reaction. He just stood there, watching the man leave. “Tonight?” He thought “Talked to him YESTERDAY? HE is the guy?”

Later that day, around 7PM, Craig was parking his car in front of his house. Long day for sure and, as usual, working more than his higher ups. He saw Carlos leaving earlier and his head was spinning, wondering why would Donna invite him for a threesome before even talking to her own husband. Also: why him? Nothing against Carlos. Nothing wrong with him. But why Carlos? Why the neighbor? Why… a black man? Was it because he was black? All of those questions flooded his head as he opened the door to his house and saw Donna and Carlos sitting on the couch, chuckling and giggling, smiling and drinking wine. Donna wore the tightest and smallest black dress she had. Craig felt uncomfortable and said a shy “Hi”, to which Donna answered with a quick and excited wave and Carlos with a “Hey, man. Have a seat.”

Craig did so, shaking his hand right after and then looked at Donna, who smiled wide, showing her ever growing excitement.

“So…” she started “… shall we go upstairs and, you know, start?” She asked and giggled. Carlos smiled and caressed her hand. Craig just nodded.

“Uh, sure. Yeah. Question, though: how is this going to happen and all? How should we do it?” He asked and Donna giggled, shaking her head a bit

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll just go with the flow, okay?”

Craig nodded again “Alright, sounds good…”

Donna took Carlos’ hand, walking him upstairs. Craig was behind, just following them as they all entered the couple’s room. As they stood in front of the bed, Carlos kissed Donna. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed slowly. Craig could hear their tongues swirling around each other. He felt awkward and didn’t know exactly what to do. Out of awkwardness, Craig caressed her arm and she quickly patted his chest, in a gesture that basically said “I know you’re there. Don’t worry.”

She started to undress him. Slowly. The tie came out and she spent half a minute kissing him again. The shirt came out and she smiled, admiring his toned body. And another very long kiss…

Craig noticed that the attention to undressing was all over Carlos. So he decided to undress by himself, soon feeling inferior to Carlos, who was taller, stronger, more handsome and right from the get go, already seemed to have more stamina than Craig.

When she slowly removed his pants along with his underwear, she smiled wide, saying “Oh my god…!” those 10 inches of thick black cock were amazing to look at. Tracing every vein from beginning to end. She looked at Craig, wide eyed and said “Sweetie, look how BIG it is!” she giggled and looked back at that big black cock, slowly stroking it with one hand, though she could barely close it around that shaft.

Craig was embarrassed as he lowered his underwear, showing his rock hard 4 inches. “Rock hard just from watching my wife with this guy?” he thought.

“It’s so big, Carlos… isn’t it big, Craig?” She asked, gazing that cock and Craig just took two steps ahead, presenting his tiny dicklet to her. Carlos chuckled a bit when he looked at Craig’s pathetic excuse for a dick.

“Yeah, sweetie. Sure is… uhm…” he said, trying to suggest her to maybe touch or suck his white dick. But she just stroke his penis real quick and directed her full attention to Carlos. Both hands on his big black cock and Craig just gulped.

Donna slowly placed the thick and round tip of his cock in between her lips, swirling her tongue around it and looking up in his eyes. Carlos moaned and smiled, placing his big strong hand on her hair, caressing it, with his fingers going through her hairs slowly. Almost as a sign of approval to her action. She started sucking, soon gagging just a couple of inches after the tip. She giggled at the fact, looking at the already glistening tip of his cock.

As she pumped that black shaft back and forth, she sucked faster and harder. She slobbered all over that cock, every time going a bit deeper and, every time she went deeper, she gagged a bit, stopping, breathing and going back to work. Five minutes and she had a bit more than half of his cock in her mouth. Her chin was glistening with spit and his cock dripped with it. All Craig did was slowly stroke his dick to something he never got from his wife and only had seen on porn. And now, right in front of him.

As Craig stood awkward by her side, watching her suck his neighbor, she looked at him quickly and smiled. She leaned to the side and, for five seconds, she slid Craig’s whole dick in her mouth, quickly pulling out just after. She giggled “It’s so much easier with yours, honey” and smiled, going back to that big black cock.

Craig didn’t know what to say, just after having his wife easily sliding his cock in her mouth and then, so eagerly going back to her… what? “Lover”?

When she’s finally able to throat Carlos’ whole cock, she grabs his thighs and holds herself. She slowly sticked her tongue out to lick his hairy balls. Soon, she pulled out, breathing heavily and smiling wide. Tears running down her cheek and giggling. Carlos was impressed “Damn! Good girl! Wasn’t expecting you to be able to do that” he laughs.

Donna looked at Craig, giggling “See, baby? I did it!” She stood up and slowly removed her dress, letting her big milky tits bounce out and her plump white ass show up. She kissed Carlos some more before lying in bed and spreading her legs for Carlos, who would climb on the bed, already set between her legs. Craig kneeled on the bed by Donna’s side.

“Uh, honey, are you…? Will you…? You know?” Craig asked, mumbling and Donna just smiled, taking his hand and caressing it

“Don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll have your turn.” She said in a reassuring tone.

Carlos slowly started to slide his cock in her soaking wet pussy. As the tip went in, she opened her mouth wide and gasped, a moan would only come out when more of his cock other than the tip was in. Those were moans Craig never heard coming from her.

Carlos leaned towards her and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck as more of that ebony cock slid inside her.

“Oh fuck…” moaned Donna “F-fuck!”

As almost all of his cock was going inside her, Carlos, who was sweaty and moaning, looked at Craig.

“Your wife has the tightest pussy, boy. Is it from having to deal with that little dick of yours?” He asked, laughing and sliding his whole cock inside her.

She moaned loud, almost screaming. She smiled at Carlos “Don’t be mean to him, babe!” she said, giggling. As Carlos started to pound her, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Sweetie, he’s so big. He’s stretching me out so much!” Donna said, whimpering as she looked at Craig, who could only stroke his dicklet and admire what was happening in front of him.

She reached her hand to Craig’s dick and started to stroke it very fast. She not only could close her hand around that tiny dick, but make it disappear inside her hand. As she was pounded, she jerked it fast, soon making Craig pull back a bit

“I– I’m almost there, h-honey” he said and Donna stopped, letting his dick go and giggling “Oopsie!”

Her face went from a cute smiling expression to biting her lip and having her eyes roll back as she moaned way louder. Carlos wasn’t leaning on her anymore, he was on his knees on the bed, holding her thick thighs and pounding her hard enough to make the bed move.

Craig could only think of two things

“1) If I was pounding her that fast and that hard, I wouldn’t’ve lasted a minute.

2) I really gotta watch out how I stroke my cock or I’ll cum too soon and lose my turn… though, I don’t really think I’ll have a turn…”

“Fuck! Carlos! Fuck yeah! Fuck that tight pussy!” Donna shouted, moaning loud and loosing control of herself as Carlos pounded her non-stop.

As he pounded more and more, Donna would soon start to shake and her eyes would roll back. She wasn’t even able to wrap her legs around Carlos anymore, as they were weak and trembling. She moaned the loudest Craig ever heard and she held Carlos even closer with her arms. She could not let out one coherent word as she had that orgasm. For the first time, Donna would cum during sex, and Craig would just watch.

As she breathed heavily and smiled, lost in bliss, she looked at Craig “My god, sweetie, I just came so much” she laughed and kissed Carlos, who took his cock out of her pussy to give her some time to rest, though he would tease her a bit, rubbing that swollen tip of his cock on her clit, making twitch a bit.

“Ain’t done with you, babe” Carlos said, sitting on the bed and making a sign for her to climb on top of him “Time to ride this nigga cock”

Donna was quick to obey and got on top of him, letting him slide his cock in her gaping and wet pussy. Carlos’ big black cock went in just fine this time and Donna twitched and moaned again, still sensitive because of her orgasm. She immediately started to bounce on his cock, riding and getting her ass down hard.

“Y-you never did that for me, honey…” Craig remarked, stroking his pencil slowly.

Carlos grabbed her ass with both hands, getting them full of that plump white ass and, easily, considering how strong he was, moving her up and down so he could slam her down his cock “You wouldn’t be able to take this, boy” he said and smiled, starting to suck on Donna’s tits.

Donna moaned and looked at Craig, smiling “Stand on the bed so I can reach your dick, sweetie” she said and Craig quickly stood up on the bed. As she was riding those thick 10 inches, Donna sucked his tiny white dick quickly and easily. It was a matter of seconds before Craig pulled back again, holding himself so he would not cum. Donna giggled “Sorry” and winked at him, bouncing again on Carlos.

After minutes of riding, Carlos said “Almost there, girl, get on your knees” to which Donna promptly obeyed, climbing off of Carlos and dropped to her knees, waiting for what was to come. Craig stared confused, not believing what she was doing “Nah…” he thought “… she’s not gonna let him do that. She never let me do that.”

And Carlos grunted, moaned and groaned as he started to cum all over Donna’s face. She smiled and moaned, turning her face so every spurt of cum that erupted out of his cock would cover her beautiful face, as it was when he finished.

Carlos laid back on a chair in their room, “Damn!” he said, his body all sweaty from power fucking Craig’s wife.

“Craig, sweetie, he came so much! He covered my face, see?” She asked, pointing at her face and licking her lips.

Craig just stuttered “Y-yeah, I can, uh, I can see that”

She smiled “Aw, don’t worry, honey. You can cum now”


“Well, yeah, you deserve a little prize for watching and letting me have all that fun, right?” She giggled and caressed her breasts “Here, you can cum all over my boobies”

“S-sure” he said and walked forward, now jerking his little dick with no worry about lasting more. Didn’t take long before he started cumming all over his wife’s breasts.

“Oh, sweetie, so good… you’re cumming so much more than you usually do! Does that mean you liked it? Did you like this new idea? You know, of watching…?” She smiled as she used her hands to spread her husband’s cum all over her tits.

“Uhm. Well. Kind of. I mean… yeah, I, I liked it…”

Donna smiled wide “So we can do it again later?”

“Again? I mean, sure, I think we–”

Donna stood up, excited “Great! I’ll see you tomorrow, Carlos! Thank you so much!” She giggled and Carlos, who was getting dressed, smiled and slapped her ass

“No problem, babe… see you at work, tomorrow, Craig” he chuckled a bit and walked out of their room, heading back to his house.

“Thank you, sweetie” said Donna, walking close to Craig and wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. He naturally accepted the kiss, even though her face was covered with cum, including her lips and a bit in her mouth. As their tongues swirled around with another man’s cum between them, she moaned. It was a new taste for both of them, and Craig was liking it.

The next day, Craig woke up and didn’t see his wife. He didn’t look for her immediately, since he was late for work. He had his breakfast and got dressed. As he stepped out of his front door, he saw Carlos and Donna, one on each side of their fences. The passionate kisses Donna shared with Craig every morning were now being shared with Carlos.

Donna looked at Craig and smiled, waving at him “Morning, sweetie. Have a nice day at work.” she giggled.

Wonderful! Normally In my fantasies I don’t typically have any sort of power, but this dirty little ditty is quite empowering. I loved the idea of being so scandalously naughty in front of my husband and the freedom of really not caring about what he might think about what I was doing. Thank you for the new spin on things. Loved it. 💋Donna
I know what you did last summer...


As Jonathan returned home from his parents for the summer, he noticed how different Evan acted towards him. He would yell as if stressed out, lash out in anger as though he’d always been this sensitive.

“E-Evan? I seriously didn’t mean to drop the plate okay?” Jonathan tried calming his lover before he could swipe him across the face.

“You always fuck up, Jonathan! Why do I love you if you’re so fucking clumsy?!”

This snapped him, he whimpered and tears gathered in his eyes. However, Evan flinched and held up his hands to comfort him, “I’m sorry Jonathan, please…”

“I can’t seem to hold you close anymore…”

Evan muttered a swear under his breath and  Jonathan flew from the room to their bedroom upstairs. With a soft shuffle, Evan followed with some soda for his upset husband.

“Babe, I’m sorry. Please”

“What happened to you while I was gone?” Jonathan demanded, his face stuffed in a pillow in the shape of a teddy bear to block out his crying.


Evan thought back to when Tyler had offered to keep him company. Craig didn’t know either….

Jonathan looked around their bedroom, grabbing something from the ground to pathetically whine about it, “This…”

Evan looked at the article of clothing, the hoodie Tyler had given him while it was raining out. “I-I… Ii can explain, Tyler was being friendly.”

Jonathan flinched, “Y-You…”

Evan’s eyes widened and before he could say anything, Jonathan jumped up and fled the room, slamming it shut behind him.

Evan truly upset him badly this time. The first three affairs were accidental…. This one wasn’t. Why did Jonathan keep him for so long…?

As he left the memorial room, he watched Jonathan pace in the room. “Jonathan, I didn’t mean for it to happen! I-It was-”

“Accidental? Like the first three hundred flings, you-” Jonathan froze up as Evan ran forward and connected their lips.

As they broke apart, Jonathan’s face fell apart and he whimpered in Evan’s jacket. “I know what you did last summer…. Just tell me…. Was it Tyler then too?”

Evan slowly nodded, “I can’t seem to let you go though… Please, Jonathan, I’ll stop..”

Jonathan looked up and sniffled, “Liar.”

Evan sighed and let go of him, stalking towards the door, “C-Call me… um… when you’re feeling better..”

“You’re going to stay with Tyler and Craig again?”

“I’m not going to talk about this until tomorrow.”

“It’s tearing me apart….” Jonathan mumbled as he watched his lover disappear out the door.

“I know, I know, I know, I know, I know… I can’t seem to keep you close…. Can’t seem to let you go…” Jonathan groaned, his hands covering his face desperately to scratch away the pain, “I know you didn’t mean it though….”


cato gets punched and shot and concussed a bunch during the 2nd battle of hoover dam and arcade makes him lie in bed for a week bc if he didnt he would work himself to death drafting city infrastructure plans and trying to organize an election for a new vegas mayor. he keeps trying to sneak off but everyone puts him back to bed. at least he has company


See How Cadbury Hatches 350 Million Goo-Filled Eggs a Year

  • By Elise Craig  
  • 04.17.14

Candy company Mondelēz International only sells Cadbury Créme Eggs from January through Easter, but its factories fill chocolate shells with gooey cream 364 days a year. It’s the only way to ensure 350 million eggcellent candies are ready for their plastic-grass-lined baskets. Easter shift manager (his actual title) Charles McDonald shows us how the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, England, achieves candy magic, ova and ova.

1 | Mix: Cadbury trucks in chocolate crumb, a sandy paste made from reduced cocoa liquor, milk, and sugar. Two mills grind the particles down and machines fold in cacao butter, warming the mixture to just above body temperature. The factory goes through one ton of chocolate every hour, 24 hours a day.

2 | Coat: A depositor funnels chocolate into eggcups on hinged trays (96 indentations on each side). The trays shake as they move, helping the liquid chocolate to pool in the depressions.

3 | Cream: The white and yellow fillings are made of sugar, water, glucose, and a proprietary goo called “blended syrup”—and free-range-egg powder. Why? “I think it’s a historic thing,” McDonald says. The “white” and the “yolk” have nearly identical ingredients, but the yellow contains food coloring.

4 | Fill: The chocolate-filled trays run under the cream depositor, which squirts in the white goo. The dense cream pushes the pooled chocolate up the sides of the mold. Next, the depositor shoots a smaller quantity of yellow stuff into the center; the yolk is denser than the white, so the two parts of the egg don’t mix.

5 | Cool: To make the still-wet half-eggs whole, the mold-closing machine snaps the trays shut, “like closing a book.” Air coolers solidify the eggs—slowly, to make sure a white bloom doesn’t form on the surface.

6 | Wrap: Once the eggs have hardened, a wheel picks up each one and spins it 360 degrees while small mechanical arms smooth the foil onto the surface.