We all know that Tweek is great at acting, so why doesn’t he play the role of Craig’s favorite show character “Red Racer ”, but Tweek doesn’t want Craig to know because he fears that Craig will hate him because he is not red racer himself, but really Craig loves tweek being red racer!

(Sorry if the comic is very hard to read or it’s not very well done but I had to rush in order to work on my other work, but do enjoy the AU)

Craig Conspiracy

A couple of years ago, I made a joke post about a paranormal mystery story I wanted to write. It featured a demon named Craig, based on my evil 7th grade science teacher. I thought “Craig” was a hilariously underwhelming name for a hilariously underwhelming demon.

I was not alone.

I swear, it seems like every time somebody gives a demon a funny name, it’s fucking “Craig”, or the demon is talking to “Craig”.

Is this because “Craig” is a nonthreatening name, and using it in supernatural contexts is humorously jarring? 

…..Or is it because Craig is a real demon whose sole purpose is to inspire ridiculous stories about himself? For… nefarious, diabolical purposes? Probably. 

Craig: “Screw Coon and friends, this new kid pisses me off even more than those asshats!”
Tweek: “ARGH! Yeah! Let’s get him!”

Both Craig and Tweek ditch there symbols and prepare for the fight

Craig: “That Stick isn’t going to do any good if we’re together!”

Ultimate move don’t you say?