while i’m on board for cute contact names in each other’s phones i feel like tweek would be a little shit and have craig in a myriad of weird and questionable things sometimes such as:

$5 handjobs
South Park Gynocology
Bob from yoga (he doesn’t go to yoga)
Not an alien…..?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Dora the explora
15 guineapigs in a trenchcoat
Soggy sock
Untoasted toast
Gerard way + pete wentz lovechild
Definitely not craig
Clyde (clyde is under another name)
Erectile Dysfunction Survey
Shakeweight ambassador


Stranger Things kids reminds me of Craig’s gang A LOT + i love these two series so why not make a crossover >u< and tweek wearing eleven’s clothes is cute af

There must be a trophy for
“Forgetting the day your bf had f*cking eye lasers and dragging your friend into your shitty relationship jokes only to get him killed”
because Tweek you had earned it 🏆

I bet this is how the Japanese Market will play this