Had an amazing time in the Mountains this weekend. I was able to bring together new and old friends for a magical evening. I got Matt and Kristen of Hello America to rock climb for their first time during their time here in Los Angeles. They are now onward to Big Sur and beyond! Check out their project and try and meet up with them if you can!


Ashley Potts
presidential traverse, white mountains 

This trip was all about coming to terms with the fact that the mountain is always in control, and to underestimate it is foolish, dangerous, and arrogant. Despite not finishing (and feeling slightly defeated), it was well worth it for the views and the lessons. Going to the mountains, for no matter how long, is going home.

Photo - Dale Comley soloing Fluorescent Adolescent, E6 6a/6b, Leicestershire, UK

Are you dedicated? Yesterday my dedication to photography was tested slightly when I found myself dangling off a cliff over ice cold water of uncertain depths! Here at Crimpington Bear we are always pushing to get the best photos and videos we can to show how cool climbing is. However, the limits I push as a photographer are nothing compared to those pushed by climbers!