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Hey! I was wondering how you come up with the prices for your dolls. I was selling at a stall this weekend and a customer told me I had overpriced my handmade dolls, it's made me nervous that I'm overcharging. Any tips on how to price things?

For pricing, I use the approach that they mention in this Etsy article - overhead + materials + labor costs. There is lots of good information in the Etsy Seller Handbook!

One of the first events I ever had a booth at was the Providence Art Festival in Rhode Island. I had a very rude dude come up to me and ask if I “actually thought I was going to sell things at these prices.” Five years later I’m doing it full time and making twice what I was then, so don’t let it get you down. Some folks just love to complain.

Also, if I can recommend some books that have been really helpful to me with the whole beasting-and-selling adventure:

Craft, Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco - Available in a revised book form, or you can get it as a planner! So many blanks to fill in about your business! Help with pricing! Comes with super cute to-do list paper! Has a pocket for receipts! Fits in your tote! Soothing color scheme!

Crafy Superstar by Grace Dobush - So helpful! Has lists of crafty communities in the back! Blank inventory, budget, and invoice forms! Tons of helpful blurbs from other successful crafty folks! It has a section on selling at craft shows, designing your booth, just everything!

I can’t begin to tell you how dang useful these books are! They are chock full of important information. They were instrumental to The Beast Peddler existing. You could probably do with one or the other, but heck I love ‘em both.

Any other crafty peeps want to chime in on this?


About 3 months ago my niece asked me why she couldn’t have a Black Widow or a Hawkeye or a Falcon or a Winter Soldier doll when we went to the store because she’d been a good girl all week, she promised.  I had to explain to her that it wasn’t because she’d been bad but because they simply didn’t exist.  She said I should make them.   So I did.  Which eventually led to making Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Loki, Coulson, and Nick Fury.  As I was making them everyone kept saying that I could totally sell them on Etsy.  So I am.  Sort of.  

I decided I didn’t really want to spend all of my time sewing dolls together (on the off chance that people would actually want them).  I considered just selling the patterns but then crunched some numbers and figured out it would be cheaper (and easier) in the long run to sell not just the pattern but a whole kit with everything you’d need to make your very own Avengers doll!  The pattern, the felt, the thread, the filling, even a needle.  

So here’s what I need from you guys.  I need beta testers.  You don’t even need to be crafy cause it would be good to see if non crafty people could make these too!  So, I need people who are willing to take one of the kits, and using the materials and instructions provided, make one of the dolls and give me feedback on how it went (there will be a questionnaire).  Were the instructions easy to follow? Did I provide you enough felt, thread, filling? Did I provide you with way too much? Was there anything else you felt should have been included in the kit?  Was it something you’d do again or when everything is said and done would you be more inclined to just pay a little more for the finished product.  

What I’m sure you’re asking yourself now is, “What’s in it for me?”.  Well whichever doll you choose to make you will receive the kit free of charge!!!  That not enough for you?  Once you complete your doll and give us the feedback, you’ll get 50% off any other doll once the shop opens just for helping us.  That’s two kits for the price of half of one!!  Too good to be true right?  It’s not!  It’s just good enough to be true.  

So if you’re interested, what I’d love for you to do is drop me an ask.  In the ask please include the top 3 dolls you’d like to try - this is gonna be first come, first serve, and I need to get at least two of every doll done -  and an address where I can mail the kit.  

If you’re not interested in making them yourself - a reblog to get the word out would be much appreciated!  

Also if you’re not very crafty but you’d be willing to pay for a finished doll of your very own, drop me an ask and let me know that too cause any feedback is much appreciated.