In our class we like to do things a little differently.Our group is conducting an inquiry about “curriculum” 💭 and this is what we came up with as the visual aspect for our presentation. It’s not quite finished, and this photo shows it upside down …but man was this fun to make together today! ✏️🎨📚 #studentlife #earlychildhoodeducation #university #crafys #nevertoold #goodtimes

Alright, I’ve gained 40 followers just since the premier, so I think if I’m going to do a giveaway, it will have to be at the 300 mark, as 200 is probably going to happen today or tomorrow. 

So I ask you, what kind of prizes would you be interested in? I could purchase something from the cafe press fan store, or I could make something (hand drawn map of Fillory, I think I’ve still got parts to make 1″ buttons so I could do a Brakebills crest or safehouse star, etc.). I suppose I could also do some combination of the two… what do you think?