Giant Cat Shaped Couch

Why stop with a house full of cats when you can add a whole new dimension of crazy with the giant cat shaped couch. This snugly 11.5′ mammoth of a feline sprawls out over the living room floor as a functional piece of art unmatched in absurdity.

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Liquid Plastic Welder

Repair broken cables in seconds using the liquid plastic welder. Unlike glue that sticks everywhere and dries up too soon, the plastic inside the welder remains in liquid form until you’re ready to make your repairs and cure it using the built-in UV LED light.


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DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs

These DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs are a great gift for just about any occasion whether it be friends or family. There are great for special events, parties, holidays or if you just want to show someone how much you care for them. And what’s really great is they are very cheap to make. All you need to do is be a little bit creative and add some of your DIY magic and you will have a unique personalized handmade gift. Head on over to check out this amazing DIY idea!

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👣 It’s strong independent properties dispel a victim complex and invoke the wearer with a sense of courage, self support and reinvigoration.

👣 Garnet is high energy, and is a very good supportive stone for the recovery of issues regarding abandonment or betrayal by helping the wearer to understand and control their own emotions, and to desire and strive for better things for ones self.

👣 With this in hand, it brings the wearer to understand you are your own best friend, encouraging and boosting self love and acceptance. This is why it is know as “The Stone of Commitment”: it allows you to fully connect, commit to and own who you are as a person.

👣 This stone helps the wearer tap into their sense of self preservation - their survival instinct, if you will - and thus can enhance situational awareness and attunes the wearer to their intuition to help avoid conflict and emotional/psychological dangers.

👣 Solidifies and nurtures love (friendship love, intimate love and love for yourself).

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These two sweeties will be for sale at Colossalcon’s Otaku Craft Fair on Thursday. Spring Bonnie and Freddy, together again at last! This is my first Spring Bonnie but of course not my firs Golden (Spring) Freddy plush. I will also have FNAF keychains at my table, and maybe some pillow plush and bracelets if time allows. If he doesn’t sell at the con, Spring Bonnie will be going up on my store as Ready to Go on June 8th! :) I am excited about my first artist alley-type set-up. We won’t be in the standard artist alley though, only at Thursday’s Craft Fair.