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Watching dumb movies

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Exploring a forest

Driving without a destination

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Spring Equinox Spellcraft Idea- Witch Eggs!

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox everyone!

This seemed like the perfect time to share a new type of craft (of both the witch and arts varieties) that I’ve been trying out- Witch Eggs! 

The term “witch egg” usually refers to a tiny, weird little egg laid by a chicken in response to some kind of grit or something getting into their system. In this case, though, I’m adopting it to refer for these little guys, although “spell egg” would work, too.

Eggs represent renewal, fertility, and new life, so making witch eggs is a great way to help bring new things into your own life! You can make them any time of the year, but spring is especially appropriate.

What you’ll need-

-Some sculpy or air-dry clay


-Herbs, spices, and salts associated with the magical intent of your witch egg

(I made general purpose ones with black salt, pink salt, rosemary, lavender, and bits of bay leaves to start with)

-Paint brushes and paint in colors associated with your magical intent 

How to make them-

1. Bundle your herbs and salts up in the tinfoil and form the clay into an egg shape around it.

2. Bake the clay or let it harden

3. Paint the egg with colors and/or sigils of your choosing. 

4. Magically charge, enchant, and/or cleanse the egg in the method of your choosing

Spoonie Witch Alternative- Get some of those hollow plastic Easter eggs that snap open and stuff them with packets full of herbs, sigils, gems, dried flowers, or whatever works for you! You could decorate them with paint or markers, or leave them plain. 

Once you have your egg, you could make a nest for it on your altar or anywhere else in your house that you’d like to imbue with its energy, or carry it with you and “incubate” it by holding it occasionally and meditating on your desire. They’d also make great little gifts for loved ones. 

(I’m gonna share some better pictures once my first batch of eggs is done, this one is technically a work in progress. They can be WAY prettier than this, I promise)



Adorable right? What a great little tutorial.