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  • What I expected from Rhombus of Ruin: Fun time spy adventures with witty commentary from characters I love and general humorous nonsense.
  • What I was not expecting from Rhombus of Ruin: The last half hour to get really heavy and kind of snap my heart in half.


•Today’s Anime Character we’re celebrating today is Nils Yajima

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Today was a good day, but holy hell it was hard because it involved a ton of unexpected things/things I forgot about, and I am definitely not feeling 100%.

I am real thankful it’s only a four day week because I have so much to get done. We have training deadlines coming up and data meetings and honestly I am forever behind on grading. On the plus side, I ate great today. Tomorrow is Wednesday. And I am also under all my budgets so far with just a week left to go (except I definitely can’t buy any extra groceries and need to get crafty with my choices). Okay, bye!

ID #48672

Name: Abby
Age: 18
Country: USA

I’m a college freshman majoring in chemistry. I moved away from all my friends so I would love to make a new friend maybe from another country. Snail mail or email work (either way I’ll probably send you pictures of my cat). I like telling people my stories and hearing others as well. I’m sorta crafty and like to (try to) cook.

Preferences: Ages: 18-24

a bad Wings of Fire post

I’ve been writing down a shit load of concepts I have for shitty self-insert AU of The Wings of Fire, and I’m absolutely astounded at how much it’s developed since I first started coming up with it. I wouldn’t normally do this (since it’s literally a ton of bullshit self-indulgence), but I figured I has nothing to lose by sharing my ideas.

All forms of criticism are welcome.

In the beginning, our continent was ruled by man. Mankind was intelligent and crafty, but it was greedy and prideful all the same. Man was willing to kill his own father for power.

In time, a great creature came from the stars. A shapeless serpent with powers beyond man’s comprehension. It could bend space and command the physical world at will. It’s body was made of nothingness, and thus, it’s its serpentine “form” never truly remained the same. Only it’s trio of eyes, which glowed with a bloody, red light, remained the same. The creature called himself Sorrauul, and his name meant “soul”. He hated man as man hated man.

Sorrauul wanted to take the continent from man, for man did not deserve the land it warred over. In a single breath, Sorrauul engulfed the continent in black flames, scorching the souls of millions of men into nothingness.

The few that survived are now in hiding, scavenging off of what little remains of their people.

Having cleansed the continent of the virus which was Mankind, Sorrauul felt fulfilled. But not forever. He soon sought out a new purpose; to bring new life, new perfect life, back to the now barren landscape which was his new home.

Sorrauul took up six talonfuls of material: a talonful of desert sand, and talonful of tropical flowers, a talonful of mud, a talonful of ice, a talonful of mountain air, and a talonful of seawater. Upon these materials he spilled his lifeblood, instantly imbuing them with power. And from these six, small talonfuls, six small eggs appeared.

The eggs each harbored a perfect creature. Each was perfect because Sorrauul created them in his own image, and in his eyes, he was truly perfect.

From the egg of sand hatched Thermecla, whose shiny, pale-yellow scales radiated the dry heat of the desert sun.

From the egg of flowers hatched Veredence, whose soft and vulnerable scales could shift to match all the colors of the world.

From the egg of mud hatched Cottata, whose brown and amber scales drew their immeasurable endurance of the very earth.

From the egg of ice hatched Cryoptis, whose sharp, glittering white scales were freezing to the touch.

From the egg of mountain air hatched Aeracrea, whose sleek, fiery red scales could cut though the sky faster than the winds could carry her.

From the egg of seawater hatched Hydrelus, whose ocean-blue scales could withstand the most crushing depths.

Sorrauul brought his six daughters into the world, proclaiming it was now theirs to own, and they would bring about an era of perfection for him.

It did not take long, however, for Sorrauul to become dissatisfied in his daughters. He began to suspect terrible things of them, and in his paranoia, Sorrauul devised a plan to monitor his daughters.

Sorrauul reached his massive talons into the sky, far past the clouds, far past the atmosphere, and he took up a talonful of stars. In another talon, he took up a talonful of light being reflected off of the three moons. With these materials in his claws, Sorrauul once again spilled his lifeblood, creating yet another egg.

From the egg of night sky hatched Nixos. Her scales were as dark as the ethereal form of her father, and with the power she drew from the three moons, she was able to spy on the minds of her older sisters for her father. With the light of the stars within her, she was able to see infinitely into the future so she could tell Sorrauul if her sisters would try to betray him.

Nixos told her father that her sisters held no ill-will toward him, and that there were no futures in which they would attempt to betray him.

While this might have been true for her older sisters, the same could not be said for Nixos herself, but of course Sorrauul didn’t need to know that.

Time passed, and Sorrauul grew dissatisfied once again. While he did believe that each of his daughters was perfect in their own right, he didn’t feel like they were similar to him enough to be truly perfect beings above all others.

With this in mind, Sorrauul pooled his own essence into his talons before spilling his lifeblood over it.

An eighth egg was formed. It had no real form; it was made purely of magic.

The egg never actually hatched; it instead reshaped itself and became Sorrauul’s eighth and final daughter. Her name was Majirra, and from her scales spilled forth a magic so powerful it could manipulate the physical world, just like her father.

Sorrauul knew from the moment he looked at her that she was perfect just like him, even though she did not look exactly like him. She did not look just like her sisters either, but she resembled them more than she resembled Sorrauul, so he finally relented the expectation that any of his children would be exactly like him. With that, he decided to declare them a new, individual species, and he called them dragons. And to him, for the time being, dragons were perfect.

It would not last. Nixos knew it would not last. She knew what would happen to her little sister. She knew what she would do to her father, and what he would do, in return, to all of his daughters. But Nixos knew there was nothing that could be done except to set the events in motion.

One night, when the three moons were vacant from the sky, and Sorrauul and his eldest daughters were sleeping soundly, Nixos snuck away with Majirra and told her of Sorrauul’s rapid spiral into madness, and the impending destruction he would cause. Majirra was not the least bit surprised to hear this, and implored her wise sister to tell her what could be done. Nixos readily explained that Majirra would have to make a great sacrifice for her future generations, and what she would have to do to Sorrauul to ensure their survival.

The next night, Majirra woke her older sisters from their slumbers with haste. She did not tell them what was about to happen to her, only that they would have to run away, and that they would have to split up and hide themselves around the continent for the time being. Before they took to the skies however, Majirra requested they hold out their talons. With a swift motion, she parted the scales on each of their palms, including her own. She gently spilled her lifeblood into each open wound before healing her sisters once again. They flew off without saying a word.

It is unknown exactly what happened next, but what is known is that the essence which made up Sorrauul was sealed far away from the continent, but not before he could flay his youngest daughter alive for her betrayal. Some say her scales were forever stained a deep, bloody red.

Even after being sealed away, Sorrauul could still feel Majirra’s essence, his essence, alive in the hearts of his other daughters, and once they had eggs of their own, Majirra’s essence was alive in them as well, and in their children, and in their children’s children.

Majirra was mocking him. She had to be. In her death, she found a way to not only live on in the scales of her collective children, but she also granted a number of them access to the same magic that only Sorrauul deserved to have. And it made Sorrauul’s ethereal blood boil. With the last sliver of power he still possessed, he laid a horrid curse on Majirra’s traitorous blood; he demanded that each of her perfect descendants, any dragon born with access to his magic, would have to pay the ultimate price for using that magic. Each usage would cause fragments of their souls, and by extension, Majirra’s soul, to be ripped from their bodies and transferred back to Sorrauul, as he was the rightful owner of the great power which flowed through their veins.

Children of Majirra found that using their incredible magic would slowly turn them towards a darkness which clouded their minds and made them lose sight of their morals. They were driven insane. The tribes that they belonged to began to fear them for their abilities. Dragons of magic slowly became more and more rare. However, the longer a tribe went without having a dragon of magic (or as they are called now, an Animus dragon), the more strength would build up in the magic blood that was still present. Once an Animus was born after these long periods, they would have massive reserves for magic in their blood, making them unnaturally powerful.

It was dragons like these that were also the most vulnerable to Sorrauul’s steadily growing power. Animus dragon with huge stores of magic were like beacons to Sorrauul’s presence, and once he found them, he would forcefully latch hold of their minds and their souls, shrouding away their magic in intangible clouds of darkness. His influence would then begin to fester within their minds, and each of them would gradually become more susceptible to Sorrauul. Eventually, these powerful Animus dragons become nothing but hollow shells, even more so than magicians who used too much of their magic. These shells were then used directly by Sorrauul as his proxies.

Proxies for Sorrauul rarely lasted long enough to truly fulfill their purpose, which was to conduct the genocide of the entirety of the dragon race. Their bodies were often made fragile by their strain against Sorrauul’s influence. Sometimes, they burned themselves out at birth, completely destroying themselves and their magic so that Sorrauul couldn’t take hold of them.

However, after thousands and thousands of years had passed, one Animus dragon was born whose magical power surpassed that of all others before him. He was the brightest beacon to Sorrauul. But once the darkness reached the unhatched dragon to take control of him, Sorrauul was surprised to be greeted by the dragons mind instead of immediately rejected by it. The unborn dragon had been expecting the darkness, for it had access to the same powers it’s ancestor, Nixos, once had.

At the moment of hatching, the baby dragon’s mind perfectly integrated with the dark influence of Sorrauul, creating a near-perfect being with the omniscience of Nixos, the unbridled magic of Majirra, and the megalophoric mindset of Sorrauul. From the moment of it’s hatching, the baby dragon had it’s sights set on a perfect future, a future in which it would be the only dragon in existence amongst a legion of perfectly obedient minions.

His name was Darkstalker. He was eighteen when he failed the first time. He will be over five-thousand when he fails the second time. He will not get a third chance.

Darkstalker is the second most recent (pseudo) Proxy in history. The most recent (pseudo) Proxy is a child of [EXPUNGED]. His name is [EXPUNGED].

This is Time Twisted. For all intents and purposes, it is the same story as Wings of Fire, but of course, with a few minor (major) differences.
Sorrauul did not exist in Wings of Fire. Snowdrift did not exist in Wings of Fire. Precipice did not exist in Wings of Fire. Slate did not exist in Wings of Fire.
In Wings of Fire, dragonets are considered fully grown at around eight years of age. In Time Twisted, dragonets are considered fully grown at the age of twenty-two.
In Wings of Fire, the War of Succession was meant to last for 20 years. In Time Twisted, it was meant to last for 30 years, and was ended after 27 years.
In Time Twisted, the dragonets were meant to go off and stop the war at age eighteen, but they instead escaped at age sixteen (fourteen for Snowdrift).
In Wings of Fire, it takes the dragonets a little over a month to end the war. In Time Twisted, it takes them over two months.
In Wings of Fire, it takes the dragonets about 4-6 months to complete Jade Mountain Academy. In Time Twisted, it takes them three years.
In Time Twisted, Moonwatcher is 15, Kinkajou is 14, Winter is 15, Peril is 20 (but has the relative mindset of a 17-18 year-old), Turtle is 14, and Quibli is 15.
In Wings of Fire, dragons usually live to be about 200 years old. In Time Twisted, current dragons can live up to 250 years.
In Time Twisted, Darkstalker and Clearsight were 18 and Fathom was 17 when Darkstalker was put into his enchanted sleep. In Time Twisted, over 5,000 years pass before Darkstalker re-awakens.
In Wings of Fire, the Scorching occurred 5,000 years ago. In Time Twisted, the Scorching occurred over 12,000 years ago.
The continent layout is largely different between Wings of Fire and Time Twisted, as well. In Time Twisted, the continent is still shaped like a dragon, but it is almost twice as large as a whole.

This is all I have written down in terms of concepts so far. If this gets enough traction, I might be motivated to write more.

If you made it this far without puking, good on you.


My little witch travel kit


  • A drawing based on a coin of Athens, for Athena (removable, in case I feel like switching her out for a different spirit or guardian)
  • Small stack of papers, for sigils or folding
  • Five crystals for simple grids, to recharge runes or jewelry
  • Tiny whistle, for noisy cleansing with no mess
  • Three cords, for knot magic
  • Bundle of cotton swabs and a small bottle of perfume (put perfume on cotton swab, wave around. For cleansing, incesnse substitute, or offering. Bottle can be refilled with scented oils when perfume is gone)
  • Miniature salt dough runes for spells or divination
  • Packets of salt and pepper, for banishing, cleansing, protection, etc
  • Miniature grimoire that fits in the bottom of the altoids tin. Will be filled with rune meanings, correspondences, and whatever else may be needed on the go. Hand made using this tutorial