Are crows crafty, cunning or both?

Betty the crow rose to fame in 2002 when she bent a straight piece of garden wire into a neat hook to lift food from a tube.   

Oxford University researchers were stunned with Betty’s crafty skills.

Recently a group of biologists at the University of St Andrews also observed this same ‘tool-making’ behaviour amongst wild New Caledonian crows.

This latest discovery raises the question: does Betty deserve the cleverness crown?

To be fair, Betty may have understood the task at hand or it was an embedded skill that’s found in all Caledonian crows.

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Galactica, part 154

In this Courtney can’t stop thinking about Kellys words.

Thank you @veronicasanders @toriibelledarling and @samrull <3

Rating / Trigger warning: E + Sexual themes in relation to former abuse.

Authors note from Veronica: We got an anon request for a Bitney strap-on scene. Hopefully this works for you, anon! We’d love to hear what you think - it’s not exactly what anyone was expecting. :)

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I finished my skull shawl! I love the way the lemon swirl from ice cream by @lionbrandyarn looks!
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Got a custom order today, for a hamster sized cube. Made it entirely out of scraps. Boo-fucking-yah. My mom said I didn’t need a stuffed animal to model it, but a gnome- I think that makes perfect sense. It looks like a little fairy hut to me!

I’m going to whip up some premades in this size (4x4x4 inches) and add them to my Etsy store at $6.50 a pop. I also make larger ones (7x7x7 inches) for larger animals, like rats, ferret, and sugar gliders, and they sell for $10 each.