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My name’s Amanda and I’ve been addicted to hooping for something like 4 years. I consider myself a curvy hooper and just wanna support anyone and everyone along the hoop path.

And I want to invite any hoopers, curvy or otherwise, to follow me and befriend me (

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For xwajer who asked about wonky-shaped tube: Sometimes the very end of a tubing roll will be too straight to be used in certain sizes of hoops. Sadly, if lightly applying heat (such as a hair dryer or sunlight) doesn't help to reshape the hoop, it's best to discard that part and use tube from the center of the roll. Also, the more it's heated, the more it will warp, so maybe it became too soft to begin with.

New batik fabric hoops coming soon! Let me know if you would like to reserve one; each design is unique and limited in quantity.

Fabric hoops are really nice for using indoors. Unlike taped hoops, they aren’t going to leave scuff marks on your walls if you accidentally bump them once or twice. It’s a good starter hoop because the fabric provides grip while you are learning that new move you just saw on youtube. ;)

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I love houndstooth. And iPads.

Special sale prices this weekend in the techie gifts category on my etsy shop. I know today is “shop local Saturday” or whatever, but if you know me via tumblr we might as well be friends in real life, right???? :D

Lemme know if you need a sleeve for a phone, tablet, or eReader.. I have more batik and colorful fabric than I know what to do with!

I just drank the last of some really good coconut green tea. I watched an interesting documentary about Chinese Tea the other night and now I want to find some different kinds to try, like puerh, oolong, and various green teas.

I might be going to a local cyclists fundraising thing tonight. They have a bluegrass band and do raffles for biking stuff. Debating whether to bring a hoop or just ride my bike there. If it’s too cold I might just stay in and work on some prints I am making. I did this one last night (my first linocut!):

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Best Thing I Did in 2011:

I learned how to use the different settings on my sewing machine.

On my Etsy store I sell more than just hand-wrapped hula hoops. I also make fibercraft versions of my favorite cartoons and video games. I could never have completed my first plush toy or apron without my sewing machine. 

Sewing toy robots is fun, yes, but I dream of branching out a little in 2012: making my own patterns for clothes and accessories.

[this bangle uses scraps from one of my fabric hoops!]

I really love designing purses and stuff and reusing old fabrics. Hopefully soon I will post more new items that I’ve turned into wearable art.

Blogging Live from Wakarusa 2012: Opening Day

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Festivities were fully underway yesterday with the first band, War Chief, kicking off at noon in the Backwoods Stage. With so many outstanding acts, it was not always easy for fans to choose where to be and what sounds to immerse themselves in, but it’s hard to go wrong. The weather was overcast and cool for the morning, offering fans a chance to explore without the heat glaring down on them. Most of the 4-day attendees have arrived overnight and begun to form neighborhoods in the main venue camping area. My day started with a leisurely tour around the perimeter of the festival, which is a circuit surrounding the main camping area. This year the entrance to the Revival & Outpost tents is through the same gateway as the Main Stage, which makes it easier to travel from act to act and sample the sounds. I meandered through the art structures and giant puppets on display and listened to ALO play their first time slot until it was time for my first band interview with Rubblebucket.