Yay commission! I actually got paid for these! Woohoo! They had a lot of false starts, but I’m finally done!! I just have one more Doctor Who related project… And then I’m putting away the TARDIS blue for a while… Starting to go a little crazy.
Also, I made a logo cause why not. Out of duct tape too because I love it as you all know :)


Merry Christmas arrowachi! These arts a pattern called the dragon scale mitts. An then I found this yarn and it seemed kind of perfect XD they were a lot of fun though… Took a few hours longer than it should have cause I accidentally made 2 left gloves and then I had to fix it >.< I’ll post a link soon for where I found the pattern cause I don’t have it with me at the moment.


Merry Christmas kaito! I’m amazed these actually got finished in time to get to you anytime near christmas *fist pump of success*

This was my first try at cabling and I think I actually got the hang of it. Lol. At least so long as kaito doesn’t tell me they’ve unravelled in the next few months. :P

Obviously, this was not my pattern. It’s way too gorgeous and can be found here for anyone interested:


These were little trinkets I added to a friend’s christmas gift this year. Someday I’ll finish some of the other stuff. …Okay, sooner than someday cause I already owe kaitou sooooo many things *beats self with roll of duct tape* I promise, dear! I shall get them to you! I shall!!

I followed an online tutorial for these (which I of course can’t find, so if these look like your design, they probably are. And thank you for the idea and instructions! You’re a beautiful person!!), so the design was totally not mine, though I certainly had fun playing with it :)


Soooo… this was made… um…. summer of… 2012? Lol. I never took pics of it before I gave it to kaito. Now she finally sent me the pics!! woot!
I still have another bag I want to make her. It will be epic. …and might be another 5 years in the making… *hangs head in shame* Anyways. This was fun to make. The feather has nothing to do with Doctor Who obviously but was the other bag with the DNAngel tie in so it’s in Krad’s colours. I did the inside in gold cause that’s just the colour impression I remember from the inside of the TARDIS (and then of course they kept changing it…)
Anyways. Making these bags were a lot of fun :) I need to try some more duct tape stuff soon!

Also, there are several other projects in the works at the moment, including a knitting pattern! Yay! I have some issues to work through in the pattern still (have been working on it but things keep being not quite right…) but once I have more time when school calms down I’ll work it out and post it up here :) yay! Possibly I’ll post some of my other ones too. We’ll have to see if I can find an easy way to create them digitally…