Craft Flash⚡️ Did you know you can acid dye nylon ribbon. I dyed this white ribbon yellow using food coloring and apple cider vinegar. Soaked 3 hours and set in a 220 degree oven. I could not set the color in the microwave due to wired edged ribbon. Cheap Christmas Ribbon Re-Do! #CraftsOMatic #CraftFlash #reuse #craftycrafty

Pinterest Odyssey: Upcycled tanktop baby headband

I had an old tanktop which was so old it had a few holes; so thanks to the joys of pinterest I upcycled it into a baby headband for my daughter!

She doesn’t seem to enjoy having things on her head as much as she used to, but atleast this headband is nice and soft and easy enough for her to pull off when she feels like yanking it off.