Gonna practice some more spinning tonight on my drop spindle and then on my spinning wheel tomorrow. I’m still rusty on both tools, but I hope to master them soon so that I can dye this wool properly and make beautiful homemade skeins! (The last skeins I dyed were pre-made acrylic yarn that do not absorb dye at all verses homemade 100% spun wool).


So here is a something I have been working on…

This year at A-Fest 2013 I’ll be cosplaying Zacharie from the indie RPG game OFF by Mortis Ghost!

I’m pretty excited that the masks turned out pretty awesome (though the toad mask is going to be bananas to see through haha!) thank god for cardboard! 

As for the bag I went to the thrift store and picked up the perfect bag for .99! I then modded it to have the wings and the Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon symbols for fun (I def. need a con bag so here was the solution haha!)

I hope you enjoy and see you guys soon heh heh!

My friend commissioned me to make some stuffed animals of things from Castle Crashers (this is Pelter).  Originally I was going to crochet them, but I decided that it would look better to use fabric.  And so I did.  Use fabric.  Right.

So this is my very first venture into plush making.  EXCITEMENT.  For anyone who wants to know - it’s hand-sewn, made from fleece and felt, and stuffed with polyfill.