crafty teacher

title Rivalry
summary I’ll kick your ass to Mars and back. I’ll kick my own ass. I’ll kick everyone’s ass.
pairing itasaku

A vase of pink carnations sat in her mailbox on Monday morning. Sakura peered around the mostly empty staff room. She could see the vice principal puttering around the coffee machine. Temari stood at the copy maker. She waved when she noticed Sakura.

But neither of those people would have-

The door to the men’s room creaked open. Out stepped Itachi, in all his perfectly-groomed glory. The crease of his pants always fell just-so. His shirt was light blue with a white check pattern, perfectly ironed, of course. He smirked as he walked past her.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Mornin’,” she ground out. 

She made a note to run him over in the parking lot whenever she got the chance.

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Okay so I taught @remussiriusetc and @spaera how to knit like a month ago and now we’re doing like a siblinghood of the travelling pants thing but with a quilt. Or we will once we’re all in college. The point is it started really small and now it’s getting bigger and a bunch of people have added squares too* and I thought it was high time we shared our beautifullness with the world.

*(s/o to mark for that damn fine hexagonal thing).


I made this!

Projects for winter break… The class problem box now has a lock! It’s about as sturdy as two door hinges superglued to a cardboard box can be, but so far so good.

Second are the pockets where my kids turn in homework/keep their planners/pick up their homework for that night, because my little darlings are organizationally challenged and would lose everything otherwise. Each pocket has a kid’s number on it. I made them a little too long for the weird space underneath their cubbies, oops.