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I finally had time to make my flapper dress and headband for my Cleo - and I am so happy with how it all came out! Fringe is annoying to work with, but the stringed sequins were even worse! Very happy with how it turned out though, even happier that I still had some of the black feather “rope” to act as a boa for her, and that I was able to find a pretty feather for her headband that had all the right colors. :-D

NEGAVERSE - The Richest Duck in the World

So, ever wondered what a Negaverse version of Scrooge McDuck would be like? I totally did! and I came up with this version for my usual darker universe. Go me and my infinite concepts that never go anywhere! \o/

He doesn’t look the friendly sort does he? He isn’t; he’s a horribly cold and calculating sort who let himself become consumed with greed.  A quick summary of my idea for him is basically the number one dime he owns is actually made of a metal that’s imbued with ancient magics that Scrooge (With the inadverted help of Negaverse Magica De Spell) finds a way to harness beyond it simply offering him luck.  Now in control of darker forces to do his bidding he basically becomes a kind of untouchable force the rules over Duckburg and most of the world through conglomerate take overs, monopolies so domineering that even the government is powerless to stop him, and for those unfortunate enough to actually have real encounters with Scrooge, a warped array of magics that can strip people of both flesh and mind if he so chooses.

But, you know, Scrooge isn’t like Negs; he doesn’t mercilessly find victims simply because he enjoys their suffering.  Nah, Scrooge is an intelligent, crafty, business-as-usual monster. A bit of Lawful Evil perhaps.  Some people are aware of his abilities and they’re rightfully afraid of him, but it takes a special kind of annoyance to make Scrooge step out of his comfortable little money bin and deal with them directly.  He’s probably really freakin’ scary when he’s mad.  I love him to bits!

This is primary an extension to the Negaverse concept from the Darkwing show and I have all sorts of fun ideas for Duckberg’s richest man and his “friends” - A whole city and world ruled by a single man more powerful than Negaduck (Who runs a dilapidated nearly abandoned city that Scrooge laughingly allows him to control.) sounds like it could easily make for some interesting ideas and conflicts.

I hope to have a more in-depth concept for Scrooge’s story when I actually take the time to draw out less darkened images and more character concept/profiles.  (Gotta finish up some commissions!)


For the original idea of this, I was actually trying to do a kind of 7 Deadly Sins thing with both the heroes and the bad guys of the duckverse separately and Greed immediately came to mind as Scrooge (Which on the polar opposite, Flintheart Glomgold was not the representation of greed for the bad guys side, a decided on wrath for his occasional show of murderous tendencies.)  I hope I drew this in such a way that it really conveys the disgusting excess of his wealth at this point in his life.  His bin is overflowing, people are starving and suffering and all he cares about is seeing that glinting golden color flow into his pockets.  So I guess he’s like most large companies..but with magics and technology backing up his bad assery.

Image itself took about 3 days to draw with back and forth editing and being constantly interrupted.  About four/five hours to color using Manga Studios EX 5 and Photoshop CC.


Adventures in body dyeing. I have wanted a big sister werecat forever and a big black cat is just in time for my favorite holiday.

I used this post from Tumblr (it’s not letting me reblog it, hence the posting a link)

I used an extra Clawdia body since her plastic was darkest and I was hoping would dye quickly. I made the mistake in trying normal Rit dye first. All that dyed was her joints. I then ordered Rit Dyemore in graphite and was able to get close to black with two times dyeing, being careful not to melt her plastic. I kept removing her so check her hip joints. Her lower legs didn’t dye so I just ended up using spray paint.

And here she is! I wanted a rerooted head so I took one of my previous Catty rerooted heads. I’ll eventually figure out a name.


Whats new instagram… woah woah woah woah oh!

(Sing that like Tom Jones)

  • Today I received a parcel of wonder from RoisinSwales (Who illustrated my blog) she sent through a print out of our illustration and we framed it ready to go on the wall. We absolutely adore it.
  • Lucas is trying out his new monster dribble bib from Littlelucasloves
    Click the link to see more.
  • I also made my first pillow today, this is floor cushion sized! Check that out on Littlelucasloves too.
  • My best friend sophieleighrose came over over with the littles and Niall and we had a little catch up and she bought me over my birthday card and a cute little early mothers day card from Lucas! She’s so cute. I’m lucky to have her.
  • Lucas was my apprentice the other day, I swear it’s not child labour, and liked pretending to sew. He kept looking back and smiling at me.
  • Finally Lucas having a picnic at Grandad’s house. He was chuffed with his food in his paddington bear lunch box.

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Also I’m 22 tomorrow!! As Taylor swift Kindly sings… “I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELING 22!"