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Honey Bee Wax Seal Kit from CognitiveSurplus

Seal your letters with the amazing honey bee. Each seal comes in its own kraft gift box with a stick of metallic gold mailable sealing wax. Light the wick and allow a pool of wax to collect on your envelope, then press the seal into the center of the pool and your letter is secure!


So the paintbrush and doll arm ended up being the gifts I received from the Sea today. The paintbrush in particular is really symbolic to me, as I am an artist, mainly a painter (I usually work with watercolours and botanical inks). This brush is also numbered as “3″. 3′s are significant in my practice, in particular to water magic, as I find water spirits tend to like 3′s a lot (or any numbers that may be multiples of 3′s). The doll arm further ties into with the paintbrush, as it means working with my hands, so that would include art, but also other creative endeavors as well, essentially crafting on multiple levels. I am so pleased! I even used the end of the paintbrush to draw my sigils in the sands today. I will definitely treasure these items very much and they will become wonderful witch tools for me.


DIY PROJECT: This adorable and economic gift was originally given from one creative boyfriend to his girlfriend of eight years. But this is a creative keepsake that you can make for friends, family, or even yourself!

Contained within are three-hundred and sixty-five handwritten notes, each color coordinated to the below themes (moments and memories, quotes and lyrics, reasons I love you). Every morning for the next year you can pick one note out and it will be a nice start to the day for you!


Dating Yoongi

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A/N: Tormented by his thoughts. Sex god. The tongue. Why am I so full of nsfw thoughts these days? Who knows, who cares. I really wanna date Yoongi. My lil marshmellow bias, Min Yoongi, it’s finally his turn.


  • You forgot to do the dishes?
  • Let’s bang
  • On the dishwasher
  • Oh wow a knife
  • Didn’t see that there…
  • Ok no, I’m kidding. Yoongi would be into rough sex but I don’t think he’d be up for blades and such, that’s a lil much. Besides he’s so lazy, he’d bottom all the time this lil shit
  • As we know, when he performs he’s so ENERGY and passionate. I think that would be the same when it comes to sex
  • He’s chill most of the time but he would be giggly whenever you do anything cheesy together
  • He’d always be showing you songs he likes and discussing them with you
  • there would be music playing on all of your dates
  • sometimes you would just stare at eachother in silence though. Yoongi is quite comforting so you could just stare at eachother, communicate through your eyes
  • You would wake up in the morning and just stare at his face. When you’re both awake you’d just smile at eachother, engulfed in a fuzzy warm feeling
  • He’s always quite tired but when he’s around you he’s like a little kid, begging ;) and whining
  • When you guys go on dates they don’t feel like dates
  • It’s just another outing with Yoongi
  • He likes for the romantic aspect of your relationship to be private. When you’re in public he’s obviously gonna hold your hand, but he’d be a little embarassed to kiss you in public
  • When he does he’s prepared himself mentally before hand so he doesn’t become tomato red, he a strategic bun in public
  • but when you’re alone he’s such a fluff ball
  • The other members definitely tease him about your relationship. When you’re there and when you’re not bc it’s hilarious poking fun at yoongi
  • he tries so hard to keep his composure but one mention of your name when he isn’t prepared - he’s alert and most likely blushing
  • Your New Years kiss would be ruined by taehyung and jungkook bc they tease yoongi right down to the last second
  • he goes in for the kiss but they are right behind you making atrocious noises and jungkook is whispering ‘ewwwwww’
  • Yoongi can’t kiss you under those conditions
  • He spends the rest of the night chasing Tae and kookie around the room bc they ruined your first New Years kiss HOW DARE THEY
  • You don’t even mind that much bc look at this quality entertainment you have
  • As your relationship evolves and becomes deeper he’d stop blushing all the time and start being more lovey dovey in public
  • the guys are going to 5ever tease him though so whenever you two go out with them yoongi’s smiling his gummy smile with a faint blush present on his cheeks
  • When he’s extremely comfortable with you, he’d talk about his family and childhood. How much he loves them and misses them, and how glad he is that he has you
  • He’d ramble on sometimes about things and tells you whatever’s on his mind and when he’s done he’d realize that he forgot to ask you how your days been
  • then he shuts up and listens to whatever you have to say, nodding at everything, making sure you know he’s paying attention
  • he’ll probably interrupt you a few times to share his opinion and you would interrupt him when he’s rambling so it wouldn’t be one sided chatter
  • He’s crafty
  • We’ve seen his crafty side a few times, but what comes to mind is when he made fans lil gifts on his birthday
  • Every once in a while he would do elaborate things for you, with the members help of course
  • He’ll make you a big card for your birthday, like a giant card. Unnecessarily huge and he’d put lil doodles in it and writing lil things here and there about how much you mean to him, inside jokes and happy birthday written so big in the middle
  • He’d probably buy you some ring pops or something cute bc his feelings plus some sugarrrr should be more than enough
  • well… You’re probably gonna get laid too
  • Y'all are just having sex featuring the birthday cake. If you’ve seen deadpool *spoiler alert* then like they did in the thanksgiving sex scene with potatoes, that’s you with the cake
  • Why eat the cake, when you can fun with it in another way
  • Yoongi = passion = hands all over you, on your neck, your ass, tummy
  • Spanking you, choking you, clawing your backside begging you for more
  • Sloppy kisses but then he pulls you down for an intense one
  • Yoongi is bottom so he’s gonna leave hickeys all over your neck and collarbone while your grinding on him
  • Sometimes his crafty gifts would just be sticky notes left in places you didn’t often check, saying stuff like:
  • “Your sleeping face is so cute” or blatant things like “I love you”
  • You’d find them weeks later and just gush bc min yoongi is so sly and so smooth sometimes
  • You guys are adorable fluffs who understand each other, you can act silly and serious when you need to, you’re passionate
  • You’re his temptation when he’s sleepy and inspiration during late night talks. You’re his salvation so he gives you everything he’s got
ID #14687

Name: Kathleen
Age: 24
Country: Canada

I’m both a bookworm and tv binge watcher. I’m nonathletic, but love hiking, snowshoeing and camping. I love baking and making “DIY” projects for my friends and families. I have a degree in History & Women Studies, and a post grad in Event Management.

Preferences:  21 plus.

Store Bound - Snowbound Part 011

It’s a little weak, but we get to see some muscles flexing, and it’s also definitely lighter than the last one. And it sets some stuff up quite nicely. You’ll see…. ;) x

P. S. The title was a devil. I just want a written record of that. 

Dad Masterlist


“Yes, love?” Harry’s call back to you from his office is exasperated and you roll your eyes. 

“You’ve got nothing to eat, you know.”

You listen to the faint clatter of a pair of headphones being tossed down and you sigh under your breath and count to three before you hear the inevitable, “What?” 

“You have nothing to eat,” you repeat as he rounds the corner into the kitchen. 

“S’not true,” he scoffs, shaking his head. “Juice in the fridge, pasta in the cupboard, and takeaway on the phone.” 

You balk at him. 

“Is that why we’ve not been home as much this week?” you ask him suspiciously. Harry has been shuffling over to your flat more since a week and a half ago, claiming you hardly ever saw it and that he’d left one thing or another there. You’d not taken issue at the time (although your bed in this flat is more comfortable), but now you wonder.

“It helped,” Harry admits sheepishly and you scowl. “Don’t be tha’ way, love!” he attempts to defend himself. “You know I wanted to see you both first and foremost!”

“Mmm,” you hum dryly while grabbing a notepad and pen from inside a drawer in the counter.

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If anyone’s looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift, you could always make matching mugs! I made these at a local pottery painting place for Evan and I two Christmases ago, and they’re SO cute. I love them so much. I can’t wait to have them together when we move in together too!

I wrote the quote “Together forever, never apart; Sometimes in distance, but never in heart!” on the other side! 

Just for those of you who have been asking me about DIY gift ideas!!


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the DIY lover | 12.11.16

DIY embroidered doll kit: beaver in a plaid coat by kirikipress

kirikipress’ DIY embroidered dolls are adorable — each one is cuter than the last. i think this sweet buck-toothed beaver is my new fave, with his buffalo plaid jacket and fuzzy cuffs and collar!

finns-roses  asked:

If the Rogue crew were demigods, who do you think their oarents would be? (Hope you're having a great day btw :D)

!!!!! First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME THIS ASK! I love asks, and this by far is the most complex one I’ve ever gotten. So *cracks knuckles* let’s get started. 

Cassian- Son of Athena. Cassian is basically the personification of the kind of war that Athena represents- war for justice, freedom, honor. He’s strategic, very intelligent, and crafty. He’s clearly gifted both martially and technically, as can be seen with how he reprogrammed K2so. So- pragmatic, clever, effective soldier who fights for the cause and not to spill blood? SON OF ATHENA.

(On that note, Diego Luna will ALWAYS be my mental fan cast for Hermes.)

Bodhi- Son of Zeus. Pilot who loves the skies. Enough said? But seriously, LOVE the idea of Bodhi being the most powerful demigod of the Rogue Squad, and Bodhi having the powers of flight also fits in really neatly with some of his crow/rook imagery. He’d be able to command air, wind, and thunder, and try to find a personal sense of freedom.

Jyn- Daughter of Loki. I’m gonna throw you on a real curveball here and give you a name from NORSE mythology- Loki! (Although if we were really following the plot of the movie, it makes much more sense for Lyra to be her godly parent, but OH WELL.) She’s on the outskirts of society, which fits a daughter of Loki well, and she’s also a shapeshifter, constantly changing identities. She’s smart, hard edged, tricky, and a petty criminal. 

Baze- Son of Ares. Once upon a time, Baze was a mercenary. He’s seen the horrors of war and killed for it himself, but he’s decided that even if it’s Ares’ blood in his veins, he won’t live up to it. 

Chirrut- Son of Apollo. This is the one that was the trickiest, so I decided to go with blind seer imagery -> Oracle -> Apollo. If anyone has any better suggestions, please add them!

It’s from Jewish mysticism, so a totally different belief system, but I would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to look up the Golem in regards to k2so!