crafty creation

$1 sketchbook + $1 roll of fabric duct tape + leftover cardboard boxes + some weak sewing skills = new notebook!

Long story short, I repurposed a cheap sketchbook with a hideous plastic cover to be my new notebook/bullet journal (until I can save up for a Midori). I just removed the crappy cover, measured out and punched holes in some extra cardboard we had lying around, then decorated it with some Duct Tape brand fabric tape from the clearance section. I even added a cute little pocket for business cards, postage stamps, and general miscellany.

I started it with the month of August, since my current journal will probably last me through the rest of July. I can’t wait to practice my lettering and layouts in this notebook.

I’m pretty proud of my crafty creation. Super cheap and it took less than 30 minutes to make.