Using fabric scraps

I like sewing with scraps. I don’t like throwing out little bits that I think I might be able to use for something… 

Now that I’m done my big scrappy quilt (Accumulative Effect), I am probably going to leave the scraps to build up for a little while before starting something new. I have actually used up most of my little scraps to make that quilt, which is great!

My scrap organization is basic, but it works for me. As I’m working at my cutting table, I have a basket that I throw all my scraps in. I don’t keep scraps that are smaller than 1” square - in general, the smallest ones are probably about 1” x 2” - but everything else I keep. Everything goes into the scrap basket: any colours, selvedge strips, binding leftovers, etc.

When that box gets full, I’ll dump it out on the floor and organize by colour. I have baggies in shoe boxes organized by colour, and I’ll add them to those baggies. (After making that quilt - I’m down to one shoe box of little scraps). I have separate baggies of selvedge strips - I haven’t found a project to use these ones for just yet!

If the pieces are big enough, I’ll cut to 5” squares and add to my stack of “charm squares.” If they are wider strips or could be used for making hexies, I’ll cut them to 2.5” squares and put them in a separate box for my hexie project.

I definitely don’t want to hoard scraps for long periods, so I’m sure I’ll start using even the little bits again before long. I did find that making those scrappy blocks was very meditative and calming, so I’m sure that I’ll go back to that method at some point.

How do you organize your scraps? What are your best tips for scrap organization?

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