Mad Hat-Ters Party Theme!

Wear another hat one evening! This party theme is all about the different caps, hats and head gear we have (or don’t have) and flaunting it, without any reservations. You could wear a wig, a helmet, a top hat, anything goes. Even the Mad Hatters hats from Alice in Wonderland. That would definitely be my favorite! So, let’s see how to plan this party & what all we can do with it.

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A few pictures of my room, also known as my magickal space ~ Requested by anon. I spend most of my time here, and every little thing is like a piece of myself and my personality!
Nearly everything in here was a DIY by myself, made from materials I found around the house, or re-used from old furniture (aka: Me being crafty!) The lights inside the canopy and under the bed also fade different colors ~ 

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DIY Crochet Flower - Easy Rose Pattern

This free easy rose crochet pattern is the perfect project to add a little beauty to your world.  These roses are super easy and work up quickly.  They would be a perfect embellishment for a crochet hat or crochet headband. Try them on a hair band or clip for an extra pretty hair accessory.