Paintings are made with fingures, twings brush and nib pens (traditional), Eye catching geometric patterns, Use of natural dyes and pigments, All pictures are complete unlike those in modern painting, Handmade Paper all Vegetable Colour.

Size: 22*30 inch

The Principal Motifs of Madhubani Paintings, as it has come to be known, are the Gods and Goddesses, Bride and Bridegroom, Animal and Birds and the whole decorated with a Frame of Floral trellis, or chain of fishes, and embellished by patterns. The drawings will tell often of anecdotes from the Ramayan or local myths. While the large individual figures are preffered, but in anecdotes several figures are drawn, though in a frontal plane, without depth. The colors are generally rich and convey a sense of joyness and brightness.


The tail of yoga Asana!!

Ganesha is known as Lord of Beginnings and is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. Start a healthy lifestyle with the help of these Yoga Ganesha. Benefits of this Asana : - It is very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, constipation, indigestion and nervous weakness. - It exercises all the muscles in the abdominal region, both internal and externally. - It corrects the pancreatic malfunction. - Strengthens the spinal cord and corrects disorders of the back. - Takes away the extra weight of abdominal areas and corrective effects on problems afflicting the waist, buttocks & hip joints.


Tring-Tring goes the phone bell!!! From the moment Alexander Graham Bell yelled those famous words, “Come here Mr. Watson, I want to see you!”, the business of providing telephone service was off and running. Soon after that fateful day of March 10, 1876, Bell and Watson were demonstrating the instrument. 

Today our phones and equipment are for the most part, made overseas. Ultra-fast communications systems are being developed and improved. And in dizzying speed, new companies start up every year and some of the Baby Bells have merged. For over one hundred years, telephone service has served as the basic communication link in this country and the world. Today, cellular phones and computers have revolutionized personal & business communication.

Here are some Antique and forgotten Antique collection exclusively at

Antique Old style Telephone:-

Antique Gold Telephone:-

Antique Black Telephone:-

Antique Box Telephone:-

Antique Maharaja Telephone:-

Antique Table Wooden Telephone:-

Are we headed for a “phone-less” future?


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Image Indian Art :-

Image Elephant design:-

Image Baby Elephants within mummy Elephants:-

Image Baby Elephant within Mummy Elephant:-

Wooden Indian Art :-

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