I’m going to tell you a story about me, my first personal pet, and the foreshadowing of every artistic endeavor I’ve ever undertaken. Who are we kidding my whole life actually.

So when I was in kindergarten my parents decided I could have my first pet that was just for me to take care of! Whoo!  I got a guinea pig and I named him after my favorite food at the time:  Pickles.  Right? A name so stupid it’s great. Well done, tiny me. 

Pickles and I were best buds.  I made Pickles a fort. My dad and I made Pickles an outdoor predator proof maze. My classroom science experiments were done on Pickles. Pickles? What’s your favorite food?  (spoiler alert: it was lettuce)

I started drawing every day before I can even remember.  Most of those drawings included Pickles.  Teacher wanted me to draw a person? Fine. But here’s Pickles too. And a dog in a tutu cause why the fuck not? After Pickles died he still appeared in everything he just wore a halo. I know. And yes, I was definitely that kid that pretended to be a dog at recess for far longer than was socially acceptable to the other children. 

So when I was home for the funeral, I met up with my best friends from home.  We hadn’t all been there together at my childhood home since high school and Lisa asked “Where’s that terrible statue you made of your guinea pig?” So we dug it up.  My godawful, complete disregard for craftsmanship or polish or just finishing anything to any degree started early because it was basically just a lump of clay that you can definitely get fingerprints off if I ever commit a terrible crime.

My craftsmanship continues to just be…honestly embarrassing if I cared that much.  It’s just the Pickles statue over and over until the end of time.  


Made myself a wooden mallet with refittable mallet ends. The head is made of Arizona Ironwood burl, the ends are made of Spruce and the handle is carved from Ash. The end grain on the ends is ok, but I would like to use it as a type of rubber hammer. I will probably exchange the ends with Lime, letting the grain flow to the side.
It has alot of power for a relatively light wooden hammer :) That’s probably due to the length of the handle.


No-nonsense leather binding is a classic full goatskin binding with minimal tooling, including an older version of my monogram on the back cover. The headbands were sewn with natural white bookbinders linen thread. This book has 190 pages of recycled paper in two tones, and it’s for sale here.

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