LittleBatEmporium is an Etsy shop run by independent craftsmaker Kat, who runs the tumblr blog little-witch-princess.

Kat creates wonderful plush familiars such as mushroom sprites, bats, owls and more for all your witchy needs. All of them are handmade and each one is unique in it’s own way! No two familiars are the same.

As if the general premade familiars weren’t cute and beautiful enough, Kat’s speciality is custom orders. Here you can request the familiar how you’ve always imagined it; the perfect companion to guard over your room and keep you safe, or the playful friend you watch scary movies with. It’s all down to you. Just click on the custom order button on the shop!

The stock is updated regularly; there will be a cute new white ghost mushroom sprite coming to the store for Samhain/Halloween that is pictured above. This store has wonderful reviews from all customers and amazing attention to detail. Please, check it out! And reblog to help a fellow witch out.


Special thanks to cheshirewitch for suggesting the store to me this week!

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