crafts you can make

100 Tips for the Secret Witch! 

  1. Use a shoe box to hide your more obvious items.
  2. Keep herbs stored in ziploc bags to easily conceal them.
  3. Take up “rock collecting”.
  4. Candles and incense because they “smell good!”
  5. Use an Altoids tin as an altar.
  6. Buy crystal jewelry.
  7. Use perfume to cleanse.
  8. Essential oils can be used in place of most herbs and are less obvious.
  9. Get into cooking, buying herbs is justified then. Plus, kitchen magic!
  10. Use old makeup/perfume/mason jars for spell jars.
  11. You can use almost any necklace as a pendulum.
  12. Use spice jars for tiny spell bottles.
  13. Put an altar in a spare drawer.
  14. Playing cards can be used in place of tarot cards and are very common.
  15. There are a lot of virtual apps geared towards witches that are easily hidden.
  16. You can put sigils, tiny crystals, among other things in lockets to hide them but be able to wear them.
  17. Farmer’s almanacs are just as good as the witch geared ones if you add some information to them, and they are more mundane.
  18. Acorn caps make good biodegradable offering cups.
  19. Get into crafts! You can make some really cool witch stuff that can also just be taken as “artsy”.
  20. Taking a few pinches from your parent’s kitchen cabinets is never a bad idea . Unless caught.
  21. Store things in big, boring looking books.
  22. Seashells and rocks with natural holes make great windchime elements.
  23. You can say your bos/grimoire is a dream journal, which are fairly common and not suspicious.
  24. Draw sigils on with lotion or washable marker.
  25. A tea bag in your clothing drawer can help imbue clothing with the attributes of the tea you use.
  26. Draw sigils on the bottom of your shoes.
  27. Make a virtual altar instead of a physical one.
  28. Always remember to clear that browsing history!
  29. Draw small sigils on your nails then cover them with nailpolish.
  30. Pretty much everything at a craft store can be used for witchcraft. Except maybe the older people who shop there.
  31. You can buy really really small jars online and make them traveling spell jars.
  32. You can enchant jewelry to keep spells close to you.
  33. You can make friendship bracelets/lanyards with colors corresponding to your intent.
  34. Enchanting something you wear daily like glasses or shoes with a ward is something that could be done if one doesn’t wear jewelry.
  35. If you’re into sewing/cross-stitching: incorporate secret sigils into the design.
  36. You can grow plant ingredients under the guise of eating healthier.
  37. Buy soap/shampoo etc with scents to match different intents.
  38. Pencil cases are inconspicuous!
  39. You can use birthday candles instead of actual candles.
  40. Obtaining scented candles a covert way of having colored candles… and if you want scentless you can just say you like the aesthetic but not the smell.
  41. Bath salts can have magical intent and be just as effective as a for bath.
  42. Doodling is a great way to cover up sigils in a notebook.
  43. Grow plants. Collect rainwater. Say rainwater is for plants. Cackle to self.
  44. Make a private discord server for taking to deities.
  45. Threads that hang off of clothing or coats are good for thread magic so long as you don’t have to do a ton with them.
  46. Cleaning and cleansing go hand in hand.
  47. Virtual or sketched altar.
  48. Usually the isle that carries Ethnic food carries SUPER cheap herbs.
  49. All astrology is just you getting really into horoscopes.
  50. If you want a more accurate birth chart, ask your parents for your time of birth. Say it’s out of curiosity.
  51. Weird witch stuff lying around? You like the aesthetic from Charmed.
  52. Sigils don’t have to be considered witchcraft. Say they’re like a good luck charm.
  53. Make your own jewelry, beads, gems,threads, color correlation, etc.
  54. Pinterest boards are great for various things. Dedicating things to deities, saving spells, etc.
  55. Stuffed animals as representations of deities.
  56. Thread magic = sewing and crocheting.
  57. Side blogs on Tumblr are similar to pinterest boards!
  58. Sigils on the bottom of hair spray cans for glamours.
  59. Nail Polish = color correlation.
  60. Quote: “My room smells weird so that’s why I’m burning like 100 candles and some incense”. Works every time.
  61. You can make your own tarot cards with inconspicuous symbols and photos on them, say they’re drawings.
  62. Fairy lights in your room because they “look cool”.
  63. Put your bos in something that looks like a school notebook.
  64. Leave offerings outside if safe. Bury them! But don’t bury things that are bad for the enviroment!!!
  65. If you want to use a ouija board, there are quite a few virtual ones.
  66. Any herbs you can get be purely for tea and nothing else.
  67. If someone catches you meditating, tell them it’s for relaxation.
  68. Draw sigils on the top of your ceiling fan. The fan will charge them while on! - Not recommended you do with a permanent marker!
  69. Draw a sigil on the charger base of your electronic devices.
  70. Charge your makeup/hair products/perfume/cologne up with whatever you’d like.
  71. Lemon water makes a great cleansing spray and is usually not suspicious.
  72. Sigils inside your phone case!
  73. Enchant your jewelry or watches.
  74. Draw a sigil with a white crayon on paper.
  75. Put a pouch of herbs in your clothing drawers, if someone finds them, say it’s to decrease bad smells.
  76. Incorporate magic into art.
  77. Write poetry to your deities.
  78. Study herb pouch and gemstones in your backpack.
  79. Oils and herb pillow for your glasses case to encourage clear vision.
  80. Make your own paper and use flowers/seeds/etc to create a design.
  81. Sticky notes for sigils inside a school locker.
  82. Correlate your clothing to your intent that day.
  83. Sigils on a hair ribbon or enchanted ribbon.
  84. Put your intent into your food and drinks.
  85. Learn to make your own tea.
  86. Keep a penny in your pocket for luck.
  87. Google drive vs physical bos if you’re worried about your parents seeing it
  88. Slowly start buying candles and bam you wont be questioned because they are just candles!
  89. Craft store stars painted with black-light paint placed on your ceiling in constellation arrangements.
  90. Drink fruit infused water/tea.
  91. Carry salt in old film bottles or similar cases to help cleanse your purse or bag.
  92. Salt packets are free at fast food places.
  93. Enchant your bank account/wallet/piggy bank/etc so that it charges your money!
  94. Use travel size medicine bottles to hold random mini witch things: twig,  pebbles, sand, salt, etc. 
  95. Draw elemental items to encourage their energies around you.
  96. Leave sticky notes with magical symbols on your desk or in your locker to generate positive energy for the next school day overnight.
  97.  Terrariums and shadowboxes have always been popular, make it your altar or invitation to the fae.
  98. Fairy gardens have been a thing for a long, long time. They’re not suspicious and very good for attracting the fae!
  99. Enchant counter bowls of fruit or breads so that the food decays slower.
  100. Remember that no matter what, whether you can openly practice or not, that you are just as valid of a witch!  
Frugal Witchy Tips #1

1 - Crystal Hack: You really don’t need special crystals to work your magick. Places like Walmart and most dollar stores have cute polished rocks that can work just as well when charged with intent. You can also just go find them out in the wilderness if you’re the outdoorsy type! Just pay attention to colors, shapes, and if you find them yourself look at where you found them for their associations! If that isn’t doing it for you, grab some acrylic paint and paint runes, little pictures, even just write words on them to strengthen their meaning to you. Be sure to seal them with Mod Podge or even clear nail polish so the paint doesn’t chip off!

2 - Dirt: It’s dirt cheap! Hahaha Joking aside, if you don’t mind the bit of extra work many practitioners use different kinds of dirt for different spells, and if you put some thought into it you can find good associations for most spells. I’ll list a few below;
Graveyard Dirt -
Spirit work and hexing (Be sure to ask permission from the spirits first!)
Crossroads Dirt - Life changes and hexing
Dirt from a Police Station or Courthouse - Magick relating to laws, justice and correcting wrongdoing. (You may want to avoid this one if you don’t want to draw the attention of the law to yourself.)
Dirt from Your Own Home: Protection of the home, family and hearth spells
Dirt from a Place You Want to Live: To help you find a good new home
The list goes on and on, an entire post could be made just listing the kinds of dirt that can be used in different spells, (Maybe a post for the future?) but just give it some thought and you can find an association to dirt for just about any spell.

3 - Candle Hack: Most practitioners know you can substitute white candles for just about any other color, but did you know it’s super easy to make your own candles? If you’re in the position to be able to order a few affordable things from Amazon or Etsy (or if you can make a trip to a local craft store) and have access to a heat source you can make any kind of candles you want! I often buy cheap white candles from the Dollar Tree just to beef up my collection of colorless wax and I always save the wax from old candles or wax melts that have lost their scent so I can add it to new candles! Just get yourself some basic wicks (or google how to make your own) and either buy some heat safe glass jars or a candle mold and there you go! You can also add herbs that you associate with the kind of spell you want to do to give your candle a bit of extra umph!

4 - Herbs: You do not need fancy organic herbs from a foreign land to work magick, the herbs you find at your local grocery store will work just fine! Don’t get me wrong, fancy herbs can be fun but they aren’t really necessary. For any specialty herb you read about I guarantee with a google search you can find a mundane culinary herb you can use instead.

5 - Sigils: I love sigils because you can make them anywhere anytime and do anything with them, all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper. Do a quick search for “how to make sigils” and you will find a whole slew of different methods, pick one out that works well for you and start getting creative! In a pinch you can turn any spell into a sigil, just charge it up and go!

anonymous asked:

How does one use books of tabletop rpg's , do you have to read all 200-500 pages or skip to the parts that u actually need atm

It depends on the RPG but somebody at the table should have read at least most of the book at least once. But for example the first time I played DND the only parts of the book I was familiar with were the 2 or 3 pages that contained the info for my race/class. My DM knew an approximation of the ruleset and I learned the game through playing it under their knowledge. It’s been over a decade since then and I still don’t think I’ve actually read any core DND rule book from cover to cover, just referenced things when I needed to know them.

If you’re running a game that nobody at the table, including yourself, knows anything about, how much of the book you read is going to depend on how much you care about sticking to the rules 100%. If you’ve got a grip on how characters are generated and how conflicts are resolved in the system then you’re probably good to go on a basic version of the game. If something comes up in gameplay, like crafting enchanted arms and armor, you can either look it up or make it up.

IMO the only rule that needs to be followed 100% is having fun. Even if you do read all 500 pages of a rule book you can always disregard the parts of it that aren’t fun to you and your friends.

Call for Interviewees

Hello all!

Once again, I’m low on interviewees. Since I don’t have the time to constantly post calls every single time I’m running low, I’m hoping to use this post as a kind of a reminder:


I’m always looking for artists who are on the spectrum to interview. Any and all kinds of artists are welcome.

This is including but not limited to:

WRITERS: all genres and forms are welcome (novelists, short stories, poetry, flash fiction, etc). It doesn’t matter if you’re unpublished, just starting out, a student, a hobbyist, or established. Traditionally published, self-published, small press, etc. You’re all welcome and you all have something to offer.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Self explanatory, any kind of visual art you can imagine (photography, painting, sketching, drawing, sculpture, installation, etc.).

FANARTISTS: Another self-explanatory category. Cosplay, visual, fanfiction, etc. Whatever you do in your fandom (any and all fandoms welcome), you’re an artist.

FILMMAKERS: YouTubers, directors, cinematographers, anything that has to do with making films (short, features, documentaries, etc).

PERFORMANCE ARTS: actors, theater arts, singers, mimes, any sort of performers.

DANCERS: Any kind of dance style you can imagine is welcome here (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, burlesque, belly-dancing, ballroom, etc.)

MUSICIANS: playing instruments, composing, singing, anything involving music

CULINARY: maybe your medium of choice is food. If so, you’re welcome here.

CRAFTS: any sort of craft you can think of (sewing, knitting, crocheting, candle making, jewelry making, etc.)

All levels of artists are welcome: whether you’re a student or a professional, just starting out or already established. If you create, you have something to offer and therefore I want to interview you :)

If you’re still unsure whether or not your art qualifies (there’s a 97.9% chance it will), and your question isn’t answered in the F.A.Q., please contact me at

If you want to be interviewed, please email me at the same address (

This site continues because I get requests for interviews. If the interviews run out, this site will remain as a resource :) Updates will continue as long as there are aces out there willing to be interviewed.

Thank you, everybody.

Having trouble visualizing?

I’ll be honest. As soon as someone says “Antheia, think of a bright light between your hands,” I’m out. While visualization works very well for me when I’m grounding, meditating, or shielding,  I find it hinders rather than helps when I get to actual spellcraft and more complicated energy work. While visualization is a skill that is very useful and good to practice, here’s a few solutions.

  1. Do something physical. When you’re putting up your shields, lift your hands with your shield. When you’re cleansing yourself or something, rub it down as though you were washing mud and grime off of yourself/the object. Imagine the heat of your skin is the energy that you’re putting into something. While you might feel a little silly at first, I’ve found that doing something along with your energy work can be really helpful in putting you into the right mindset. In terms of spell craft, sometimes making something that you can hold physically will help, as well.
  2. Command it. You will do as you please. Saying it out loud can also be helpful if you’re having trouble visualizing. “I’m raising my shields/My shields are up.” “The energy will…” “My intent is…” Simple commands can be very effective, just don’t get too caught up in having good grammar or anything. Sometimes one word works. Sometimes you might want to dictate what you feel or what you want to happen.
  3. Do some breathing exercises. These are not for everybody, but again, something physical for you to do. A very simple exercise is to imagine your shields swelling big big bigger when you inhale, and then coming in tight around you, right against your skin, when you exhale. Works with energy, works with some spells, helps with meditation and grounding.
  4. Close your eyes. Sometimes, especially when you’re a beginner and can’t see what you’re doing, just closing your eyes can make a difference. By taking away that sense, you sharpen your other senses a little more, and it gets a lot easier to practice. When I’m in a very high or low part of my mood disorder, I have a lot of trouble concentrating on magic and on energy. I find that closing my eyes can help me by disconnecting me a little from what I’m seeing and I can pay more attention to what I’m actually doing.

Again, these are things that I do when I’m having issues with visualization. If they don’t work for you, try something else! These aren’t the only ways, and you can combine them however you’d like. I’d also love to know the practices that other people use in energy work, be it visualization, one of these techniques, a combination, or something else entirely!

*The Letter* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Readers estranged parents find out that not only did she marry Newt but has had children with him. Once they find out that he’s now a famous author and your his illustrator they want part of his wealth

Hope you enjoy!! I really liked this idea! It’s rather long.. sorry not sorry. 

“Mommy, look!” Your five year old daughter, Ava, came running up to you while holding her favorite little Bowtruckle, Fern. She had pieced together a nice little hat for the creature wear and was extremely proud to present it to you. Giggling, you knelt down to get a closer look.

“And what will Daddy think when he see’s you’ve made another hat for Fern?” You smiled and tickled Ava, who gave out an enthusiastic laugh. 

“What’s all this laughing I hear?” Newt entered the room and looked down to see Ava holding Fern. “Making hats for the Bowtruckles again I see?” He smiled and knelt down to meet her eye level.

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musical theatre challenge: [1/10] performers ► gavin creel

“I enjoy the process and the mystery of art.  even the most expert singer, it doesn’t matter how technically great you are or how much you study the technical aspects of it, but it’s the spirit you put into your craft that makes it great.  you can be a great painter but if there is no heart behind it than is it really art?  it’s just the unexplainable stuff that makes it exciting.” 

Twelve Olympians Spread

I was playing around with my deck today and came up with this… Sharing it to see if anyone else finds it useful. The Twelve Olympians each represent an important factor in your personal life. Using twelve cards, one for each Olympian, you can get a detailed reading with this spread.

Card 1: Hestia. In Hellenismos, Hestia is honored first and last, as the oldest and youngest child of Kronos, and is introduced first here. Hestia’s domain is the home and this card queries the Goddess and asks what is coming in terms of your home life.

Card 2: Zeus. As the primary male figure in Hellenismos, Zeus here stands for your relationships with men and what may be coming with male figures in your life. This could be anyone from a father to a lover.

Card 3: Hera. As her brother-husband stands for the men in your life, so does the Queen of the Gods stand for the women in your life. What is in your future with women? Hera will let you know.

Card 4: Demeter. Demeter here stands for your material gains and your earthly wealth. Anything for which you work hard to gain, that is what Demeter will reveal to you.

Card 5: Poseidon. The Sea God’s card pulls on the constant generation that the sea, the source of almost all life, allows. This card is about what is growing from the source in your life, and what is going to manifest itself in your life as a new thing. This is the unknown becoming known.

Card 6: Artemis. The card of Artemis is a mystery being revealed to you. Something that you have been hunting and wondering about is made clear with this card. Differing from Poseidon, this is something known becoming familiar.

Card 7: Apollon. Apollon Παιαν, the Healer, gives you information about health with this card. If there are no concerns in your own life, the Healing God may help others through you.

Card 8: Athena. Wise Athena speaks of knowledge and understanding of the world of book-learning. Her sage counsel advises you with wisdom that you need for whatever situation you approach.

Card 9: Hermes. The Messenger God stands for all money matters. Be it related to a job, money you already have, or a random lotto victory, the Trickster’s Guardian gives you advice on how to deal with your fiscal life.

Card 10: Aphrodite. Here, the Goddess of Love stands for all romantic relationships. The future and fate of your romantic life is revealed at Aphrodite’s whim.

Card 11: Hephaistos. The Crafting God of the Glowing Forge, Hephaistos tells you what you can make in your life. Not content to sit back and let things come to him, the Sooty One brings his dreams to life. What will you find that you can bring to life as well?

Card 12: Ares. The God of War asks you to look at any conflicts you have in your life, be it with yourself or with another person. How can these conflicts be resolved for the betterment of all involved? Ares gives you advice on this matter.

Feedback on any use of this spread would be wonderful! May the Gods bless your endeavors!

Discover the Magic of Wardrobes and Start Your Day with a Nice Brawl in Ereda Island!

Heya adventurers! Get ready to stretch those gaming fingers and make sure that you’re very comfortable in your seats because we have tons of stuff coming in this week just for you! Fashionistas, say you want to wear something for the stats but it’s just not quite your style, what do you do? Why not wear that fashionable costume on top of that not-so-stylish but totally OP set? I see you shaking in excitement but hold on to your girdles for now because this update doesn’t come out until tomorrow! PVPers, this one’s for you. We’ve made some awesome improvements in Ereda Island that we want you to check out, so don’t forget to queue up and start a fight tomorrow! Also, if you’re planning to create a new character, tomorrow’s the perfect time to do so. Newly created characters will get awesome rewards when they reach Ruben to start their journey. And as always, there’s plenty of amazing stuff at the Item Mall that you wouldn’t want to pass up tomorrow so don’t forget to take a peek!

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anonymous asked:

Do I have to do spells to be a witch? I like to do tarot, and use crystals and sigils, but for some reason doing spells just make me uneasy....

Of course not honey! Majority of my practice is sigils, crystals, and kitchen witchcraft. Your craft is what you make of it. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with and it will still be witchcraft, and you will still be a witch. ❤️

i sometimes stim using this little guy! he’s one of those wooden rattly snakes you can find at craft stores. if you shake him around, he makes an awesome clacking noise :)
i think he’s supposed to be a coral snake? i was really fascinated by venomous snakes when i was little, so i painted him to look like one. :P

Video game concept. 

Imagine a cross between Harvest Moon and Cooking Mama.
You run a restaurant. Your job is to make money and get better things for your restaurant and home, as well as make friends around town (aka romance somebody.) You can buy ingredients, collect them in the local wilderness, or buy seeds and grow your own. Your job is then to cook the ingredients in a (preferably touch-based) mini-game. How well you do in the mini-game plus the quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the meal. You gain experience points towards each meal as you make it, raising the quality. If you max out a meal, you can auto-craft it instead of playing the mini-game.
Making friends in the town gives you benefits. The local store owners (butcher, produce person, bookstore owner, etc) will give you discounts on their products (meat, fruits and veggies, recipe books, etc) if you get to know them. They will also occasionally gift you rare ingredients or items.
You can choose between a number of potential spouses to romance. You can flirt, give gifts, or invite them on dates after you have successfully befriended them. Once their affection is maxed out, you can get married and have a child.
Your spouse dies shortly after the child is born/adopted (does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, or if you married a boy or a girl.) The person you cared about most is now gone.
Within a month, after funerals and countless awkward encounters with apologetic friends, you find a book on Black Magic. You have a choice here.
A. You ignore the book and continue living as before, struggling with your new lonely life, but full of hope for your child and still enjoying cooking. The game continues as before. As the years pass you get to see your child grow.
B. You open the book and reanimate your dead lover. There is a condition, however, being that your lover can only survive on human flesh. You must obtain the flesh from other townspeople. If you befriended them all earlier, it will be easier to kill them. You must keep this a secret from everybody, including your spouse. Your job is now to kill and disguise human flesh as delicious meals, which you can feed to your spouse or customers. The cooking game continues.

brokenchipbag  asked:

Hi i was wondering if you have any cool crafts/ activities that I can do to make my room a little more witchy! Even room colour ideas would be amazing! Thanks! :)

- Tapestries
- Plants
- Crystals
- Candles in candle holders
- incense holders
- Pillows
- Colors of purple, gold, black, dark greens, red
- personal crafts of your own
- Himalayan salt rock lamps
- Christmas lights
- Stained glass window decor
- wind chimes
- lanterns
- bookshelf
- treasure chests
- paintings

Holidays for Littles: Valentine’s Day

Valentines day can be a really fun day for Littles, both with and with out caregivers. Here are some ideas of activites, foods, and crafts you can explore for valentines day!

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Tips on Growing a Witches Garden

A garden is a great way connect to the earth. And having fresh offerings for your altars is always exciting. 

What you can grow:                

 (Caution: Some of these plants are poisonous)            

  • Yarrow
  • Wolfs bane
  • Poppies
  • Mandrake  
  • Belladonna
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Marigold
  • Henbane     
  • Basil     
  • Chamomile
  • Cilantro 
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Echincea 
  • Lemon Balm
  • Mint/Peppermint
  • Lemon Grass
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Skullcap
  • St. John’s wort
  • Witch Hazel 
  • Foxglove
  • Mugwort
  • Aconite

Of course you don’t need all of them just starting with the basic herbs would work just as well. Feel free to add a mixture of these or all of them, it is up to you! Make your garden personal by using your own herbs/plants/trees/flowers that you use in your craft. 

What else you can add/do to your garden to make it extra special:

  • A place where you can meditate and perform spells/rituals.
  • An outdoor altar for the Fae or an agricultural God/Godess.
  • Do a protection spell around the perimeter of your garden to keep out unwanted visitors. 
  • Create a section of the garden where you can plant flowers that bloom at dusk/night. Think how amazing this place would be to do rituals at night! 
  • Shape your garden into the shape of a Pentagram.
  • Add Bones or crystals.
  • Create a small place for fearies to hang out. 

Hope this helps!

==Moonlight Mystics==

To celebrate the autism awareness month April I create a creative challenge for autistics.

Every day has a topic. The topic is just an orientation. Think of it in relation to (your) autism and be as creative as you want. It’s not a competition. You can enter everything and there is no wrong way of interpretation. (Freebie stands for a free topic of your choice.)

You can write a story, fanfiction or poetry, draw something, take a picture, craft something, make a gif, video or collage. Everything you can think of. Share your experience and thoughts with me and the autistic community.

It is open to all autistics on the spectrum. (Whether official diagnosed or self diagnosed, autism or aspergers)

If you have questions message me.

Tags to use: #autistic creative challenge, #autism awareness month, #uniqueaspergirl
Make sure to use the three tags, that I can find your posts.

Let’s celebrate the autism awareness month and be creative!

🌏 Some Favorite Grounding Visualizations 🌏

🌺 These are some of my favorite visualizations for settling into a calm, relaxed mood.  They are adaptable for almost any kind of scenario - grounding before spellwork, divination, casting, energy work, or anything else; relaxation for falling asleep while lying in bed; relaxation/centering for beginning meditation; distraction or escapism when surrounded by everyday dullness or even chaos; or just simple enjoyment and entertainment.  The recurring theme through all of these is that they are repetitive (you can keep repeating the imagery as you lapse deeper and deeper into quiet calmness) and tactile (involving visualization for physical senses, which deeply immerses you into them).

  • Walking - Walking forward, stepping lightly, with arms slack at your sides, fingers trailing behind you as you move forward.  One step continously is placed in front of the other.  Absorb the smells and sounds and other senses of the locale you visualize yourself in, such as if you are walking in the woods or along a beach, but you can truly place yourself anywhere (including fantasy settings) and even travel from one locale to the next as you move forward.
    • When intrusive thoughts or distractions come in, imagine them as weight dropping from your fingers, being left behind on the ground behind you.  I like to imagine a bracelet I’m wearing that loses beads as I let distracting thoughts go, crashing onto the ground so heavily that they form small craters in the ground as I keep moving forward without them.
  • Floating or Flying - Similar to walking, except without moving one’s legs or being in contact with the ground.  The rushing of wind is the tactile aspect instead (or it can be a gentle breeze - you don’t have to be flying fast).  You can soar in loop-de-loops or rise up to swoop down quickly if you want some variation in your travel, or just glide peacefully over the ground and experience many of the same things you would by walking.
    • Discard distractive thoughts by imagining them being loosed from your body as you move forward, dissipating in the wind.
  • Gardening - Sit upon your knees in the soft Earth (you have no worries about staining your clothes while visualizing!), with hands and fingers working in the soil, which yeilds easily under your touch and requires no tools for manipulating.  Move along rows in this manner, poking a hole in the dirt with your finger and dropping a seed inside, then covering it again and moving on to the next seed.  You can envision “fantasy seeds” such as tiny sparkling crystals that you’re planting instead of normal seeds since, heck, you’re allowed to visualize anything.  As you move on down the garden plot, you can imagine the seeds sprouting if you like, growing into stalks that burst into beautiful fantasy flowers, and you can spend some time contemplating the patterns of their petals and the colors that they show you (think of the flowers as mandalas).
    • In this visualization, distractions and unwanted thoughts show up as weeds.  Dig your fingers under them, lifting them by the roots and find that they slide right out of the Earth with little resistance.  Simply move on to the next seed without paying the weed any thought.
  • Braiding - The repetitive hand and finger motions of tying a braid is awesomely meditative.  You can envision threads of any color or thickness in your hands, or even imagine that you are braiding the hair of a fantasy creature such as a fairy or mermaid or any character that you’d like to have present.
    • Distractions in this version are knots encountered as you braid, but a gentle pull removes them easily and there is no trace of them as you continue without sparing it a thought.
  • Sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting - Similar to braiding in that you are making repeated motions with your fingers and the colors and textures of the materials you are working with are wonderfully up to your imagination.  Being familiar with one of these crafts outside of visualization will make this one much easier, since you can easily summon forth the sensation of muscle memory, but even if you’ve never actually tried one of these before, there can be some fun in visualizing yourself trying them and exploring what kind of muscle memory might be involved.  Distractions are removed as simple knots again.

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting!  And just as an afterthought, the idea of each of these is to continuously repeat them until you lapse into a calm mood with minimal distracting thoughts, so that you can do whatever work you’d like to do, if that wasn’t clear!

If anyone took the time to read this then I hope they gave you some pleasant imagery to work with~  🌺


I mentioned dig boxes earlier and I wanted to show just how easy they are to construct. Dig boxes (or digging towers as they are called sometimes) are great for pretty much any species of rodent. Too much loose bedding can make it difficult for their wheels to work if they rest on the bottom of the cage (like most do) so a dig box/tower allows them to still have an area with bedding deep enough to dig and tunnel into. This one rests against the side of my mouse’s tank, so I cut one extra side of the box out, allowing me to get a nice side view of her nest and tunnels.

This box isn’t very pretty, but it took me less than ten minutes to make, with only a crafting knife (you can use scissors instead) and a cardboard box. I took the box, which my mom’s alarm clock came in, and simply cut out two of the sides, and a little hole at the bottom which I stuck the toilet paper tube through. You can just cut one side if you only need the top open and don’t care about being able to view the tunnels/nest. I also glued a few bits of cardboard in the box to allow my mice to grip and climb up the inside, but I don’t know if that part is actually necessary.

If you want your dig box to actually look nice, you can also paint it, or you can construct it out of a wooden box instead if you want something sturdier.

the-cheer-teacher  asked:

I want to get my first ever pet rats, I'm so excited for it but the cages are so expensive, do you have any experience of diy cages? They will probably be out most of the time I'm at home, but I want a good home for them when they can't be out. I was also wondering if you had any other advice for a beginner? Thanks

Hi  the-cheer-teacher!

That’s exciting you’re getting pet rats and that you’re doing this research ahead of time.

Keep in mind you only need to buy a cage once. I believe you can save a lot of time and money in the long run by buying a high quality, ready-made cage. You can often find cages with discounted prices online. (More on this later on.) There are other pet rat supplies you can craft yourself. For example, using cardboard boxes for hideouts, and making your own hammocks and toys can all help cut costs. 

PHOTO: Cardboard boxes are a budget-friendly way to furnish your pet rats’ cage.

I’ve looked at a lot of DIY cage photos. Some are made using inappropriate materials and some are shoddily constructed. The best DIY cages I’ve come across are the ones made of the wire cubes used for closet storage. You’d need to find the right grid-size, though, so your rats won’t be able to squeeze through. The other possible problem with using these wire crates for cage-building is, if your rats chew on the wires, it could be toxic for them. When you purchase a cage made specifically for pets, you can rest assured they’re completely safe and non-toxic.

PHOTO: Wire closet storage cubes can be used to make cages.

In case you want to look into using wire storage crates, here are some examples of cages made for rabbits:

The wire storage cubes used in the above cages can be purchased inexpensively from Walmart online here

I previously responded on Tumblr to someone who was interested in converting a bird cage into a pet rat home

I love the idea of converting cabinets into pet rat cages. However, since converted cabinets only allow for air flow from the front, any build-up of urine and/or feces would be even more dangerous for a rat’s sensitive respiratory system. To keep rats healthy, It’s important to have adequate ventilation and air flow.

In fact, here are a few things you definitely want to avoid in a cage—whether or not it’s store-bought or hand-made:

  • Wood - Liquids (including urine) will soak into wood. Wood cannot be properly and thoroughly cleaned. 
  • Sharp Edges - Rats can easily get puncture wounds which can develop into abscesses.
  • Aquariums – As mentioned earlier, air flow is important. Aquariums don’t allow for adequate air circulation.
  • Wire mesh on the floor(s) of the cage unless kept covered. - If routinely allowed to walk directly on the mesh, rats are more prone to develop bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is a bacterial infection and inflammatory reaction that occurs on the bottom of rat feet, and is not always easy to resolve.
  • Wire mesh that’s rectangular (instead of square) can potentially pose a risk.  Injuries can occur when the gauge is just big enough for a rat’s hind foot to stick all the way through one of the rectangles. If the rat then rotates its foot and tries to pull it back out of the rectangle, a sprain or other injury could result.

For more information on choosing cages with the best specs and materials, I have a page on my website dedicated to Pet Rat Housing.

To help cut expenses, you could always look for a used cage in good condition. As long as the cage hasn’t accumulated years of crud and is still structurally sound you can sometimes find great deals on craigslist, eBay as well as on local rat group facebook pages.

Finally, the Critter Nation Double Unit is often on sale. Right now it’s on sale for $179.99. (It’s normally $239.99.) Many rat owner feel that this cage is the gold standard.

My personal favorites are the Martin’s cages. The F-470, in particular, looks fantastic. It’s nice and roomy, well-constructed and has square mesh. It is a bit more expensive but, as I said earlier, you only need to buy a cage once.  

PHOTO: This is the Martin’s cage in which my own rats live.

For babies, you can always get a Rat Manor as long as you can get a larger cage later on when your rats become full-grown. The Rat Manor is collapsible making it easy to store. This is a great cage to have on hand when you need to temporarily house your rats in another room. It can also be used when introducing new rats.

I hope my response is helpful. I know I went beyond just answering your question about DIY cages. However, since a cage is such an important part of a rat’s life, I thought I’d give you an overview that encompasses more than just cages you can build yourself. Rats love building nests and making their living spaces their own. Even if your rats will be out most of the time while you’re home, you’ll still want them to have a lot of space in a well made cage when you’re not home.

For tips on general care, I have a website called About Pet Rats. I also have a Guide to Essential Pet Rat Supplies you can get for free when you sign up for my pet rat care newsletter.

Enjoy your new babies and I’d love to hear what you decide to make (or buy) for their home!

Best Wishes,

Jasmine | About Pet Rats

Witch Tip #15

Before you decide to buy ritual tools and items, think about if you can make them yourself. When you craft your own tools, you are not just putting your work into them but also your soul. This can enhance your tools making them more powerful as they are intimately linked to your being. Here are some tools you can craft yourself:

  • wands
  • candles
  • oils and mixtures
  • grow your own herbs
  • jewelry such as talismans and charms
  • tea blends
  • incense
  • pentacle
  • witch boards
  • sigils
  • grimoire