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Last batch of my Undertale photoshoot at Nadeshicon with @terrible-icecube.
The first one is by far our favourite. You just look at it and you can feel the imposing stare, it’s awesome.

Me as G!Sans from the comic EchoTale that belongs to @yoralim
@terrible-icecube as Gaster Blaster

Mask, Gaster Blaster & paint job on arms made by me
Sewing and embroideries made by @terrible-icecube

Photo by @droophotographer

Farla and I say “Hi!” to my followers and others; “Thank you!” for all the sweet comments we received this week. Really appreciated!!!

I am so super happy Project Farla is finished after a year of hard work. And now I’m totally obsessed with this doll.

Because of the rain, I did an indoor photoshoot today. With my favorite indoor setting: the rusty iron door of the closet in which I store my paints.