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ive started crafting an ascended vipers set and i want to say: anet choosing to timegate ascended mat creation may be the literal worst thing ever in gw2

Energy Cleansing!

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Energy Cleansing Through Cleaning!

Have you been feeling down? Too tired to get up and do things. Or that no matter how much normal witch-y cleansing you do, there is always something going on? Well, from my experiences, running around with a broom or vacuum smacking those dirt away really helps!

Here are some ways I clean up the energies in my house. If you have any additions add them on! I’d love to hear them and I’m sure others would love it too!

Vacuuming - Oh the smell of a room after it’s been vacuumed. Cleaner but also a little empty. Vacuuming is a good “lets whip the slate clean of everything”. It sucks up the energies in your home leaving it clean and blank.  After a good vacuuming is a perfect time to do some home blessings and protections!

Sweeping - Banishing! Now go go go, the broom shrieks as you brush away dirt and old leaves. Sweeping is a perfect way to banish energies. Not suck them up and get ride of them. Oh no, banish them. Forcibly remove them from your place cuz those nastiest aren’t allowed to stay around. You can also put charms on the broom so it lays down goodness as it banishes the not so good stuff.

Window Cleaning - Opening the mind to inspiration and clear thinking. Whipping away the muck from the windows allows the home to be charged and energy flow in smoothly. It also can bring in more inspiration and clearer intuition. 

Cleaning The dishes - Time to help harmony move around. Spreading love and charm with eat spoon, plate, and bowls. Allowing fulfillment of the stomach and the soul! Wipe away the muck of the day, and bring in time to for better days!

That’s all I can think of right now. But all of these simple things are great ways to move away from the past and start a fresh slate. After or while you clean is a perfect time to light some warm comfy smells. Good luck with you happy cleansing!

just-2-easy  asked:

Do you have any room decor ideas that you could make with things lying around the house? xx

First things first:

I love questions like this!! 

I’m not sure specifically on what kind of stuff you may be into (Are you into nature stuff, or maybe vintage aesthetics? Or maybe you really like pastels? Or maybe you host some macabre sentiments?), so I’ve compiled together here a variety of room decor tutorials! Hopefully one of these might fit your fancy! (And as always, feel free to ask again! Let me know what you’d like different!)

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DIY Geometric Photo Display

Nails or tacks, some string (in the colour of your choice!), and some bulldog clips (or paperclips, again, in the colour of your choice!). Hang up photos of your family, friends, places you might want to travel to, wish list items, your favourite characters! OOoor inspirational quotes! Recipes! Cute puppies! So many options!!

DIY Erasable Boards

Maybe you have some unused frames lying about? Or a photo that needs liberating? Maybe some pretty paper? Or make your own pretty paper (watercolours, marbling, découpage, etc).

DIY Found Moss Terrarium

Maybe you’d like to bring nature into your room? Can’t say that you’d be able to find the items needed lying around in the house…but maybe literally around the house. 

Grab a bag, head outside, and collect the ingredients above! (The activated charcoal is not necessary if you don’t have that in your collection!) The full tutorial is incredibly helpful, so please do go check it out in all its entirety.

DIY Tape Picture Frames

Okay, so maybe you can’t poke a bunch of holes into your walls (or maybe you don’t want to!), but you’re still looking to display some pics. Maybe you have washi tapes laying about the house. 

No washi tape? Decorating masking tape is another option!

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Sandylion Spongebob stickers🦀🐠


Mason Jar Holders

i only started listening to taz three weeks ago and look at me now mom

pattern by @odddaughterdesigns