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Sometimes Alpha children will compete with their Alpha parent for their Omega parent’s attention/affection. The Omega parent will usually find this adorable and loves the attention their child is giving them, and will even laugh when they see their Alpha getting frustrated with the child and trying to get their Omega’s attention back on them.

Dans diss track: phandom version

Hello we are the phandom and we dont mean to brag
But we witnessed the wedding of dil and T-bag
So prepare for prepare for an attack if you dont ship phan
Cause this rap’s all about our dads Phil and Dan

First things first Phil is smol
And Dan is a giant meme
And everytime that they upload we fall off our chairs and scream!
Fanfic, whiskers, otp, yep that’s phan
And to think it all started with a ‘hi my name is ‘Dan’
We save up all are our money
So we can buy their merch
Better delete my history
After that phan smut that I searched
They only reason that we live
When we really want to die
If cause Dan and Phil told us to craft! Not Cry.

Reasons why we’re all trash
I’ll give you some:

The Hat Fic,
That shit made me feel real sick
Dan and phil uploaded? Quick!
seen every video, there is to see
Philtrash number two? It’s me
Dan always falls off his chair
Why is my life so unfair…

Repress it? yup

We’re gonna go and watch phan
Because we’re really sad
Tatinof was ‘the most fun that we have ever had’
Here at fangirl station,
We have trash appreciation
Oh and guess what?
We’re the phandom nation!

So subscribe! To Amazingphil and Danisnotonfire
If you want to have no social life
Until they retire
So leave a comment with your reaction
And remember stay random!
Cause you just witness the roast of the whole entire phandom!


As many of you know, my dumb sweet asshole baby Starling swallowed a cross stitch needle this weekend and between the emergency appointments, xray costs, and needle retrieval via scope down his throat, it came to the tune of $1200. With that in mind, I am reopening my etsy shop! I figure that since my crafting caused it to happen, my crafting will help it!

Right now I’ve filled my shop with things I have made this week and will continue to add things. I will be adding more lace pieces, embroidered towels with naughty words on them, and more! If you haven’t already finished all of your holiday shopping, please check it out! I also take custom work, so contact me if that strikes your fancy! Thanks guys!

ENFP x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: At the front line. They have strong ideals and spot injustices everywhere, which destroys them inside. But, because they are ENFPs, and Gryffindors, they shine on. Sometimes, they bend over backwards to please someone. They have a secret crush on the mysterious and powerful ESTJ from Slytherin. They are skilled at all sorts of crafts and love making presents. Being the cause for someone´s happiness is what keeps them going.
  • Hufflepuff: Tender. Angelic, and devilish. They oscillate between superhero and the sad clown that drags everybody down. Academic geniuses because they can juggle all these formulas, theories, trivia. They are sometimes forgetful, but their ISFJ friend from Gryffindor rushes to their help. They are popular and receive a lot of love, but that does not fulfill them. They want to understand all the whys and long for a place where they can encounter the peace they are looking for.
  • Ravenclaw: #1 Alien. Much like their Hufflepuff fellows, they do well in academics, in fact, they embrace the role of the resourceful teacher or student almost too much. Jokesters, playful but serene when the need arises. They adapt well to any social environment, having a mask for every situation. Their room bursts with brain food. Chinese takeout freaks with frequent phases of introversion. Existentialists.
  • Slytherin: Ohhh. These ENFPs are sharp-witted. And have a very provocative side, too. They put the Sly into Slytherin, I´m telling you. But they mean well, even to the point that they will become avoidant and socially awkward. ENFP Slytherins hang out with Ravenclaw ENTPs and probably run their own magazine, newspaper column, or wordpress blog, working tirelessly at what they enjoy about it. Dan Howell. They are legit powerhouses.

The Craft actually has a really good message for new witches, which boils down to:

Be careful who you work with.

This is presented both in the sense of what people you work with, like Nancy, who wanted to use the craft for personal gain regardless of any harm it may cause others, and who harbored petty jealousies like many people her age, and generally wanted to be in charge, and how the other girls got sucked into her vengeance and reckless use of magic, ending up powerless themselves.

Or in Manon, a powerful deity whose invocation the girls took too lightly, and in whose power Nancy was absorbed.  He caused the deaths of sea creatures after his invocation, and gave the girls power they couldn’t handle, destroying the lives of many people they interacted with magically.  

It’s actually a really good witchcraft PSA about building up to big stuff over a few years - not a few weeks - before invoking powerful magic, and not letting anyone into your practice you don’t truly trust.

Disguising Magic in an Unsupportive Household

1. Crystals: wearing and keeping crystals around is a good way to express your personality and interest in nature without showing that you’re explicitly practicing the craft

2. Herbs: Whether in soaps, candles, or food and drinks, herbs are a good way to share your magical ways through gifts and spending time together without them knowing about your craft. 

3. Gardening and enjoying the outdoors: Most people don’t know that being a witch implies having a love for nature. Maybe suggest gardening as a chore you’d like to have weekly. This is very easy way to spend time with family at the beach on vacation, experiencing a National Park, or in the backyard without them knowing that this is actually a part of your craft. 

An unsupportive household can cause a lot of anger, sadness, and resentment. Don’t forget to keep a journal (Book of Shadows) about your experiences, as an escape, and a way to vent.

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First things first Phil is smol And Dan is a giant memeAnd everytime that they upload we fall off our chairs and scream!Fanfic, whiskers, otp, yep that’s phanAnd to think it all started with a ‘hi my name is ‘Dan’ We save up all are our money So we can buy their merchBetter delete my history After that phan smut that I searchedThey only reason that we live When we really want to dieIf cause Dan and Phil told us to craft! Not Cry.

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Kind of a weird question, but considering your interest in plants and crystals, have you ever considered getting into witchcraft?

I am, I just don’t really like talking about it publicly much cause I find my craft very personal


January 28th 1986: Challenger Disaster

On this day in 1986, the US space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its tenth flight, killing all seven crew members on board. The craft had taken off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but never reached orbit as it disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the Florida coast. The crew compartment and various fragments from the vessel were recovered from the ocean floor in the following months, and several of the crew are known to have survived the initial breakup and died upon impact with the ocean surface. One of those killed in the disaster was schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, a civilian selected for the flight as part of a NASA project to send the first teacher to space and inspire ordinary people with space travel. McAuliffe’s involvement meant that the Challenger’s take-off was widely watched across the nation, and thousands watched in horror as the disaster unfolded. The cause of the craft’s break-up has been put down to technical malfunction, caused by mistakes made by NASA in the design of the vessel and the organisation of its flight. This incident damaged the illustrious administration’s reputation, and halted the Space Shuttle programme as safety measures were revised. The tragedy occurred the same day President Ronald Reagan was due to give his fifth annual State of the Union speech to Congress, but he postponed the speech and instead gave a national address on the disaster. The two-term President later called January 28th, 1986 “one of the hardest days I ever spent in the Oval Office". In was on this day that, in one of the most famous speeches of his presidency, Reagan mourned the Challenger crew and quoted the poem ‘High Flight’ by John Gillespie Magee Jr., a young American pilot killed in World War Two.

“We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of Earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’”