Woodlands: Dinosaur Land Laser-Etched Wood Map

This beautiful wooden map is the second in a series of maps from Neutral Ground, a ‘digital woodshop’ based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Designed in collaboration with Alex Griendling, the Woodlands series pays tribute to classic maps from video games, and to the intrepid explorers who dedicated themselves to the discovery of everything in them.

Every map is laser-etched on hand-selected maple ply that measures 18-½" wide by 14" tall, with a keyhole slot on the back for hanging. You can see more details at the Neutral Ground Shop, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the series.


The only thing better than playing with a big pile of LEGO bricks is playing with pieces that you can also eat. Previously we’ve seen chocolate LEGO pieces. Now let’s take a look at the gummy variety. A few years ago Instructables contributor SFHandyman created a tutorial on how to make sweet, chewy, colorful, translucent, and wonderfully wobbly LEGO-shaped gummies, including instructions for making the LEGO brick molds.

YouTube contributor The King of Random (aka Grant Thompson) recently used SFHandyman’s tutorial to create his own gummy LEGO candies in a variety of sizes, including little gummy LEGO minifigs! Here’s his enticing preview video:

Stay tuned to The King of Random YouTube Channel for Thompson’s complete gummy LEGO tutorials, which he’ll be sharing on May 25th.

In the meantime you can head over to the Instructables project page for the SFHandyman’s original tutorial, which includes an alternative vegetarian recipe.

[via Laughing Squid]

BUY or DIY: Hula Hoop Tent.

For other DIY CanopyTents, see Below:

For a cheaper tent use sheets for fabric as seen in the  DIY Hula Hoop Tents from The Craft Nest here.

You can also use a large embroidery hoop to make a canopy tent like the one at Sew Liberated here. She used silk for the fabric but you can also use parachute-like fabric as a cheaper alternative.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Lace Back Shirt Tutorial from Melmaria Designs.

This is actually a very easy DIY. Melody of Melmaria Designs used a lace curtain she found at Goodwill that was not scratchy but still had a good drape to it. Top Photos: All sold out/NA Anthropologie Shirts - all are button down in the front. Bottom Photo: DIY by Melmaria Designs. For more knockoffs of all types go here.

DIY Flower Petal Chocolate Bowl Tutorial from Handmade Charlotte.

This DIY uses candy melts (that come in all colors) and water balloons. From all the online DIYs and my own personal experience, candy melts and water balloons are the key to successful chocolate bowls. I’ve posted a roundup of 6 other DIY balloon chocolate bowls here.

Herb Stripper

Simplify the tedious chore of de-leafing herbs by making it a quick and easy task using the herb stripper. With a single pull of the stem through one of the specially designed holes, the herbs will fall neatly into a small receptacle so you can use them as needed.


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Sweater foxes who are almost done (I pinned their parts together to show in the pics, they still gotta be sewn), plus ponies and cowls and owls in progress.  Also not shown are 4 vintage style bunnies that have been in pieces for weeks, who will all be for sale first week of June!  I am gonna be hand sewing a bunch of stuff at a friend’s place next week. :)

DIY Crochet Tassel Bag Free Pattern from Persia Lou.

Perfect summer bag that takes about 3 hours to make if you crochet. Under all those tasssels the construction is much easier than it looks and if you have any questions Alexis will get back to you in the comment section or on Facebook. If you read my blog you know I like tassels and fringe - they are so much fun and very easy to add to scarves, blankets, etc…