Textile Art + Science = Crocheted Chemistry

Dallas, TX-based textile artist Lauren Espy just completed crocheting the cutest chemistry set we’ve ever seen. Each handmade piece of amigurumi lab equipment, colorful beakers and test tubes, and a fiery little bunsen burner (our favorite), wears a smiling face that clearly says they’re ready to do some awesome science.

Follow Lauren Espy on Instagram to check out more of her crocheted creations. Espy sells some of her pieces via her Etsy shop, where she plans to list smaller pieces of crocheted chemistry equipment in the near future. So stay tuned!

[via A Menagerie of Stitches]


Macabre Tea Party by Michael Palmer

Artist Michael Palmer based in Brisbane, Australia is the devious mind behind Voodoo Delicious that specializes in creating dark toys, accessories and jewellery that caters to the sinister tastebuds. In this latest feature, Voodoo Delicious has invited its well-wishers join in a tea party with porcelain that has monsters lurking inside it.

The deceptively pretty floral printed cups hide a secret - there are evil octopuses, Cthulhu ( the god of madness and despair) and other strange creatures peeking out from its resin tea. These exclusively designed cups, handmade by Palmer at Voodoo Delicious, are available to purchase at the store’s Etsy shop along with other nefarious wearables which can either act as a prop on horror film or become a style statement for Halloween depending on the buyer.

Voodoo Delicious aptly describes their trade, “unique handmade jewelry and accessories embracing gothic, steampunk, rockabilly, psychobilly and horror to create deliciously elegant pieces of wearable art.” You can find Palmer’s work in his Etsy shop.

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DIY Survival Doll Tutorial from Stuff You Can’t Have.

Make a DIY Survival Doll filled with many things you will need if the SHTF. This has got to be one of the most original doll/plush hacks I’ve ever seen.

Whether earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, the rapture, or an alien invasion from outer space, you have only to grab your survival doll and run.

Concealed within this innocent-looking, seemingly worthless doll is everything you will need to survive just about anything that could possibly happen.

Arms - filled with rice

Legs - filled with beans

Head - made with a plastic bottle with hardware like fish hooks, nails, safety pins, twine, and fishing line.

Heart - filled with silver dimes

Minted prior to 1964, these dimes are comprised of 90% pure silver and can be used for negotiable currency after the global economy collapses.

Torso - survival gear

Petticoat -  layered petticoats printed with a survival manual.  

**You can always modify an existing plush toy if you don’t sew**

DIY Constellation Lighted Wall Art Video Tutorial from ThreadBanger.

ThreadBanger used an art canvas, a string of lights (you can use a battery pack or plugin cool lights that won’t start a fire), and paint to create this DIY Constellation Lighted Wall Art.

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You can print out these images and add lights using 25 Free Vintage Astronomy Printables from Remodelaholic HERE.

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DIY Crystallization with Borax Tutorial from Stuff You Can’t Have.

I’ve seen so many Borax crystal DIYs using pipe cleaners and string - but never larger objects. Growing crystals with Borax bought at the market is so cheap, easy and relatively quick.

You can also crystallize photos HERE, fabric HERE, and shells HERE. All photos are from Stuff You Can’t Buy.

How To Make Heart-Sewn Valentine:

What You Need:
-Colorful paper stock
-Screw punch (awl or thumbtack will also work)
-Large blunt needle
-Downloadable Heart PDF

1. Download and print the heart pdf at www.realsimple.com/static/pdfs/Heartholrpunchcard.pdf
2. Using a screw punch, follow the premade heart shape and pierce holes over each dot.
3. With a large blunt needle, sew yarn through the holes.

via realsimple.com

DIY Knit Chunky Heart Free Pattern from Lebenslustiger.

Yes, this DIY Knit Chunky Heart Pillow uses beyond expensive super chunky yarn, but you can find cheaper alternatives or knit with multiple strands.

I’ve posted lots of Extreme Knitting DIYs, including how to make your own cheap gigantic knitting needles HERE.

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**There’s a link to the knit pink bunny free pattern (a knit square) on Lebenslustiger’s site HERE**