DIY Science Valentines Free Printables from Evil Mad Scientist.

Every year I look forward to Evil Mad Scientist’s DIY Science Valentines, which I’ve been posting since 2014. 

This year’s set of six new cards features a note about warming Pluto’s cold heart, at least one embarrassingly bad pun, and the perfect card for your robotic expression of love.

Below are 2015 DIY Science Valentine’s Day Cards Printables from Evil Mad Scientist.  2015 featured hearts, arrows and love in their equations. 

Below are the 2013 and 2014 Science Valentine Printables here. 2013 was equation heavy and 2014 was symbol heavy.

DIY 4 Ways to Make Origami Hearts from Gathering Beauty.

Are you looking for an easy Valentine’s Day DIY? Gathering Beauty has 2 posts with lots of how-to photos for making these 4 different origami hearts.

For over 300 of the best DIY Valentine’s Ideas go here.

  • Top Photo: DIY Origami Hearts Tutorial from Gathering Beauty HERE.
  • Bottom Photo: DIY Origami Hearts 3 Ways Tutorials from Gathering Beauty HERE.

Or make these popular 3D Puffy DIY Origami Hearts from Life is a Party HERE.

DIY Knit Cheap Super Chunky Scarf free Pattern from Margo Knits.

Don’t want to spend a small fortune on the Loopy Mango chunky knits? And I mean around $100 of their yarn for a scarf! This $16 scarf by Margo Knits has you covered.

Instead of using Loopy Mango, knit with 2 strands - held together, of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick n’ Quick and a pair of $15 size US 50 knitting needles. This is an absolute beginner pattern: just knit and purl.

For everything DIY Knitting, go HERE.

BUY or DIY Wink Eye Pillows.

Buy or DIY these Wink Eye pillows. I’ve seen variations of these pillows at Urban Outfitters, Nordstom, Etsy, etc… (via Swiss Miss here )

For more DIY Knockoffs of all kinds go HERE.

  • BUY: $36 Bedroom Eye Pillows from Sensitive Boyfriend here.
  • DIY: Dream On/Wake Me Up and Wink Eye Pillow Tutorial from I Spy DIY here.

I also really like these easy fabric pen DIY Stenciled Dream Quote Pillows from The Thrifty College here.