Glenfinnan Viaduct Book Sculpture

Latest book sculpture created for Visit Scotland by Thomas Wightman. The brief was to illustrate a memory of Scotland through a book paper sculpture. Using a book seemed the right medium for telling this story. The chosen memory was a train journey over the Glenfinnan Viaduct bridge, which is an iconic scottish landmark made famous thanks to the Harry Potter film series. The sculpture illustrates the rugged scottish landscape, the famous curved glenfinnan bridge and shows a small steam train making its way across.   The book sculpture will be displayed at the launch of the ScotSpirit campaign in Edinburgh. An event that celebrates the spirit of a nation to share inspirational stories and experiences about Scotland.

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Spanish Mandala: Create Your Own Sun!

Tatsiana from Lilla Björn shares her AMAZING Mandala work here.  She actually makes this into a cushion.  Click through the link for more info and pics.  Or if you want to get started on your own Mandala see below:

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Spanish Mandala pattern is available for purchase in this Ravelry shop HERE and on Etsy HERE.


Hey, you!
Do you have small items that you’re constantly losing? Medicine, dice, coins, game pieces? Aren’t you tired of constantly having to replace them?
Boy, do I have a solution for you!

Real talk: I got slammed with a $350 fine from my last apartment for not cleaning well enough (I can’t make this shit up) that I can’t contest because I don’t have evidence of what I did. They’re keeping my $150 security deposit, but I still had to pay $200 out of pocket. Which I can’t afford right now. I’m okay, I have food and housing, but I’d like to make that money back, if possible.

Hence, bags!

These bags are between 4x5 and 6x7 inches, all handmade by yours truly. The smaller bags are three dollars and the larger are five. Those pictured in the top are what I currently have for sale (minus one or two), and the bottom two are bags yet to be made. If you would like a bag but don’t see a pattern you like, message me! I have much more fabric in my stock that I would be more than happy to offer. They are available for purchase at my Etsy shop here!

Bonus! If you use the coupon code “TUMBLR” by the end of July, you’ll get one dollar off your purchase! If you’re not interested in a bag but still wanna help out, signal boost this please? ❤️