crafting: pro edition

Today's adventures in editing
  • roane: notices a TREND.
  • roane: The scenes that are weakest are almost all in one character's head. SHOCKED. I AM SHOCKED.
  • roane: It's almost like there needs to be action happening or something.
  • evith: LOL. <3
  • roane: shakes her head
  • roane: seriously brain. SERIOUSLY.
Distance in first drafts

I’ve been having an excellent day doing some editing on FARTHER. I had some major pieces drop into place and found a thread to sort of pull through the entire book. It’s exciting. I think I could learn to love editing.

One of the things I know I do when writing first drafts is put in a lot of distance between the reader and what’s happening on the page. Sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes you want that. But when you’re writing something really visceral, like sex or combat, you might want to throw the reader right into the middle of it.

You get distance by using more words than you need, roundabout phrases, soft words when you want hard ones. I’m writing a flashback scene for Gwen, my heroine, and the difference in this little bit really hit me:

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