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Sooo @supercolm tagged me in a 10 selfies of 2016 thing but I don’t actually take selfies so here’s 10 pictures of me in cosplay? because that’s the only time I’ll allow photos of me to be taken bye

I’ve grown so much as a cosplayer this year, it’s unreal. I started 2016 off with my biggest costume to date, Kylo Ren, and after that, it was just a nonstop stream of learning new techniques and practicing my craft. I also did more charity events than ever. Now, I’m finishing the year with my first ever cosplay commission!

I’m tagging @thoreaus and @cosplayconspiracy to post 10 selfies in hopes that they actually take selfies lmao

☺ cute & crafty: no-sew hand tied fleece ideas! ☺

If your sorority is looking for fun, a no mess project for a recruitment philanthropy round, sisterhood social, big/little reveal, donation project, or your next chapter retreat ~ it’s hard to beat the easiness of no-sew fleece crafting! With colorful fleece, a pair of scissors and patient knotting, a super cute gift or donation can be yours. Here are some sorority sugar top ideas for fleece goodies… 

The classic hand tied blanket: 

Pretty throw pillow:

Comfy pet bed:

Quick & easy hand tied fleece scarf: 

No-sew fleece cap: 

Fancy fleece decorated flip flops: 

Fleece pom poms for garlands, cat toys, or ponytail bands:

Hand tied dog chews:

Fleece kid’s toys & accessories:

✥ All of these projects are fantastic for family & children’s charities, women’s shelters, hospital related philanthropies, pet rescue centers, animal shelters, senior centers and more! xoxo ;)

[Photos are from Google. If needed, find specific tutorials online.}

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

One dreadful thing about this decade is, harmless campy kids goth movies no longer seem to be a genre. Casper, Addams Family, Nightmare before Xmas, Beetlejuice and then for teens things like Charmed, the Craft, Buffy.

I miss that genre! What do modern goth kids watch??

Anyway, I’ve just picked the Craft up from a charity shop, as it seems to be “mean girls with witches”.

✂️  20 no-sew philanthropy round activity ideas! ✂️

Q: I’m a philanthropy day chair for formal recruitment this fall and we’re trying to come up with a new, cute, easy, budget-friendly philanthropy activity (for example last year we did tie blankets) to do during formal recruitment. I was wondering if you knew of any good and unique options?

A: The first thing to consider is a tie-in with your philanthropy. For example, if you work with terminally ill children, then you might craft small teddy bears. But If you assist senior citizens, your craft would be totally different. Rather than planning just a random activity, it would be ideal to have a connection with your main philanthropy in some way. If there’s no direct link to your charity, then a simple and sweet project is wonderful too. Some education about your chapter’s philanthropy activities should accompany the projects during each philanthropy round.

Also, don’t make your recruitment crafts too sticky, gooey, or messy. Avoid staining paints, lacquers and the need for sharp cutting tools or sewing needles. Keep it simple and approachable even for the non-crafting types. Research exact crafting instructions online before you launch your project. Pinterest is a superior source for DIY instruction links. You can find complete instructions for the ideas listed below via Pinterest or Google searches. Lots of these ideas would be fun for sisterhood socials and retreats too. xoxo ;) 

 20 Crafty No-Sew Philanthropy Round Project Ideas: 

  1. Felt build-a-bear project. Make small teddy cut-outs from felt, offer a station for making felt vests/clothes and another station for crafting little necklaces for the bears. A mini Build-A-Bear workshop would be super cute for children related philanthropies. 
  2. Toiletry totes. Women’s shelters, hospitals and resident homes need tote bags filled with sample size necessities. Buy plain totes in bulk, offer craft supplies and decorate the bags during rounds. Also have a drive, or purchase, small size toiletries to put in the totes. Mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, lotion, bandaids, kleenex, etc are the types of things you need to collect.
  3. Patient scrapbooks. There are special things you can craft for illness related charities and sick patients. it helps children in the hospital to chronicle their experience. Buy small scrapbooks in bulk. Offer them with craft embellishments during recruitment rounds. Have the PNMs decorate the front of the scrapbooks and later donate them with a packet of scrapbooking supplies for the interior of each book. 
  4. Affirmation bracelets. Purchase beads and supplies in bulk and have tables set up for fun bracelet making. Along with brightly colored beads, include letter beads for spelling out positive a word on each piece. The jewelry would be a wonderful donation to a teen related charity or family shelter.
  5. Pretty plastic cups. Paint pens, jewels and flowers can be used to embellish plastic tumblers for a children’s shelter. They make a nice duo with the shelter tote bags too. Beware of small sized decor and choking hazards. Stick to larger gems and blooms. 
  6. Keepsake boxes. Small wood memory boxes are welcomed by hospital patients and the elderly. Paint the outside with just one or two colors and a simple accent. The insides can be filled with stickers, or other small treats appropriate for the recipients.  
  7. Sick patient calendars. For recovering patients, it’s really nice to have a calendar of events to look forward to. Find calendars in a style that allows embellishment on the front or around the frame. Decorate with flowers, stickers, paint pens, etc…
  8. Dreamcatchers. Supply the hoops, yarn, string and decorations for crafting dreamcatchers. Perfect for the needy or ailing of all ages. 
  9. Assemble sandwiches. No gluing or painting involved! Buy bulk ingredients at a wholesale store such as Costco and ask PNMs to assemble peanut butter and jelly (or turkey) sandwiches while you talk. Later donate them to the nearest homeless shelter. 
  10. Stuff backpacks. Set up a “buffet line” table of school supplies and inexpensive backpacks and have the PNMs stuff the bags for needy school children. This system works for stuffing other packages or bags too. 
  11. Windsocks. Supply construction paper, streamers, glue sticks, markers and string for hanging. The PNMs can assemble the windsocks and decorate them for children’s hospital rooms or shelters. 
  12. Fleece caps. Instead of fleece blankets, make no-sew fleece hats for children. Find simple instructions online and spend your philanthropy rounds making beanie style caps. No fuss and so cute. 
  13. Fabric covered bookmarks. Buy inexpensive fabric remnants, poster board and ribbon. Cut the board into bookmark size strips. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of each strip. PNMs can then decorate the bookmarks by gluing on fabric and attaching a pretty ribbon. Rickrack, fringe and other trims add more decoration. The same process can be used to make decorated door hangers. 
  14. Motivational drink packages. Provide water bottles, powdered drink mixes, rubber bands, colorful ribbons and hole punched tags for notes. Remove the labels from the water bottles. Ask PNMs to attach two powdered drink packages to each bottle with a rubber band, decorate the top with several ribbons and attach a note of encouragement. The perfect gift for relay race participants or volunteers working on a strenuous project. 
  15. Fleece pet beds. Another alternative to tying fleece blankets is to tie fleece “pet pillows.” Make them the size to fit cats or dogs, insert a layer of fiberfill and hand tie using the same method as a blanket. Donate them to a local animal shelter or humane society. 
  16. Ribbon & bead keychains. These are easy to make with ribbon, beads and a keyring. No gluing or sewing involved. They can be given as favors to the runners in your next 5K, or used as a fundraising item to sell. 
  17. Random Act of Kindness bags. Provide ziplock bags, an assortment of candy, large paper labels and Sharpies. Each girl fills the bag with candy, then decorates her label with inspirational words and designs relating to your mission. When the label is decorated, she should stick it on the bag. Distribute the bags to your charity or a local shelter. A list of inspirational sayings can also be provided for the girls to use.
  18. Knee sock heating pads. A great idea for patients. Use kid’s knee socks, white rice bought in bulk and string. The end result is colorful heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave. 
  19. Bandana bangles. Make no-sew banana bracelets for a family and teen charity. You can purchase cheap bandanas and plastic bangles in bulk from an online store such as Oriental Trading. PNMs can have fun cutting the bandanas and wrapping them onto the bracelets. 
  20. Scented sachets. Fabric squares filled with lavender and tied with ribbon make delightful gifts for senior citizens or families in shelters.

My Princess Peach dress will be at "Press Start" a Nintendo Charity Gallery & Auction put together by SJSU’s Animation/Illustration Charity Committee. Opening reception will be on April 25th from 7-9pm at Umpqua Bank, San Jose. Gallery ends on May 16th. All proceeds go to Morgan Autism center. 

Rambling about the term "godspouse" a little

I think that “godspouse” currently is sort of umbrella term that includes different types of relationships. (they may include all genders, they may be “nun-like” or include sexual relationships in the astral, etc etc).
The term is flawed, but we have no better term right now. And, the term is like the word “pagan” itself, it lets people to have some common ground for a discussion, and then, define certain relationships better.

(Not everyone is familiar with term “bhakti” and MANY forms it may take…)

As far as I see, some people who frequently complain about godspouses… just don’t like when other devotees’ relationships don’t fit into their own cookie-cutter forms.

We may also note that not every person who is involved in deep devotional relationships that can be labeled as “spousal”, writes about this on the internet. They don’t have to. Their relationship may be completely secret and intimate. The work they do, they are not obliged to report on the internet about this work for some random strangers’ pleasure!

“Where are the chaste veiled nun-like devotees”? May be right here under your nose, but not reporting about this for the Internet, and not throwing their chastity into other people’s throats, because they don’t need to be “better than you”.

“Why are they only selling their etsy crafts and not working in charities for homeless people or animal shelters?” - well, may be they DO, but they are not obliged to report about this online, again.

^^ everything above is my humble personal opinion only

Now Taking Information about Fan Crafts!

Fan crafters! Lovers of fan crafts! If you’ve been watching the auction stuff go by and wondering how you can get involved in exchanging fanworks for donations-to-good-causes, your time has now come! 

We are now accepting information from fan crafters, to be posted on this page. (In addition to following the link here, you can also find a link at the top of blog’s homepage.) Interested crafters can send us their info using this form, and we will post it to that page. Though signing up ASAP will give you maximum exposure to interested donors/buyers, we will be accepting information through January 18th. There is no reason that the buying and selling has to stop then, but we will no longer be maintaining the page after that point.

** Please note that the exchange of fan crafts for donations is NOT an official part of the auction. Our involvement goes only as far as posting crafters’ information in a centralized place. Creators and buyers will need to negotiate the terms of sale (cost, who covers shipping, who is responsible for lost items, &c.) independently: we at the auction are not overseeing these exchanges. **

so wait, is this not part of the actual auction?

As we explained in this post, we realized awhile back that we would not be able to include fan crafts in the official auction.

That being said, we agree (as you probably do too) that fancrafts are awesome and worth buying, and we want to do what we can to help fan crafters who want to donate their creations in support of these important causes. So we are using our platform to offer crafters and buyers a place to connect.

I’m a fan crafter, and I want to donate! How can I do it?

It’s simple: just fill out this brief form by January 18th (though sooner is better – we will be posting information on a rolling basis, as it comes in.) We will post the information you send us on our dedicated Fan Crafts page, where potential buyers can find you.

I want to buy fancrafts for a good cause! How can I do it?

You can visit that dedicated Fan Crafts page mentioned above, which will have a running list of crafters, their offerings, and ways to donate in exchange for those offerings. (Please note that different crafters will offer different ways for getting in touch – please abide by their requests.) We will be updating it a couple of times a day from now until January 18th. 

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the fanworks auction, opening January 12th!


Hello Everyone! Once again we will be collecting handmade valentines to send to the children being treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  If you have a little time and construction paper consider making one (or several) valentines. 

If you’re stumped with where to start, check out the video and photos from last year. Everyone was really created, and you definitely aren’t limited to red and pink hearts.

The only guidelines we ask you to follow are:

  • Avoid using phrases like “Get Well Soon” or anything relating to the child’s illness
  • Avoid religious references, since St. Jude treats children of varying backgrounds
  • You may sign your valentine, but use only your first name and do not add any contact information

Our goal is 200 valentines, hopefully we can do it again!

Please send your valentines to:

Project Paper Hearts
PO Box 331
Annville PA 17003

They need to be received no later than February 6th so they can be shipped to the hospital in time for Valentines Day. 


I finished my second mini quilt for the QuiltFest silent auction. Another UFO off my wall!

This is the “Sassy Cat” pattern from Patch Abilities. I started it two or three years ago. I took it out of the drawer last week after our guild appealed for donations to the silent auction (which benefits the Shriners transportation fund).

Meanwhile I am waiting to hear how “Picatso” #1 did at the Hoffman Challenge. They said they’d announce the winners today, but there hasn’t been a peep yet.


Hey guys!

I’m happy to say that my shop, Eternal Blossoms is finally open on Etsy!

On it you will be able to purchase some of the stuff you’ve seen me fold over the years on my blog, including:

  • Tsuru Rose Cranes
  • New Kawasaki Roses
  • Sato Naomiki Roses
  • Krivyakina Spiral Cubes

A third of all proceeds will be donated to the Aquilino Cancer Center in Rockville, Maryland to help care for those stricken with cancer, a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

Feel free to check it out, and thanks for supporting my adventures in origami and giving me the confidence to open this shop~

Roc likes to act as if he’s the only person who’s been through some tough shit in his life when he’s not. Every single fucking person walking this earth has struggles and pain that they go through everyday. You can chose to rise above that type of shit and go out and make better of yourself. The Game - rapper if you don’t know was in an actual gang, he was on some REAL hood shit but if you see him now he’s one hundred percent devoted to his craft, his kids, charities, etc. I know everyone walks a different path but that “street cred” isn’t going to mean much to Roc when he’s behind bars or six feet under.