All of the clutter now can be used to craft an inordinate amount of items/mods. Actually not sure I like this. This is why:

On the other hand, it seems like all clutter will be split into a limited number of crafting materials. So while there will certainly be more hoarding, keeping track of what you need shouldn’t be too demanding; if you’re low on glass, just pick up everything that has glass in it.

There’s adhesive, aluminum, circuitry, copper, crystal, fiberglass, fiber optics, gear, glass, gold, nuclear material, oil, plastic, rubber, screw, silver, spring, steel, wood. So there’s at least 19 materials but at least the connection to specific clutter is somewhat intuitive.

Some of the “recipes” presented show perk requirements. Depending on the perk system, this might be no more restrictive (and perhaps less so) then past skill restrictions. Judging by the showcase, Science! is for energy weapons and Gun Nut for projectile weapons.


Weapon properties are tiered; poor, reduced, worse, [unmodded], better, improved, exceptional, superior, and super (assuming that’s not short for ”superior”). Don’t quote me on the exact order.

There seem to be three types of accuracy: sighted accuracy, hip-fire accuracy, and “plain” accuracy (probably encompassing hip-fire and sighted). There’s also the somewhat enigmatic “no accuracy penalty while firing”. Perhaps that’s if you improve accuracy to maximum.

Magnification and focus are distinct. I also wonder what glow sights are … especially since they need nuclear material.

An then there’s recoil, per-shot recoil, and recoil control. No idea where they differ.

(I’ve omitted some more specialized stuff like bleed, beam-splitting, flamethrower conversions, etc.)

Conspicuously missing is any reference to crit damage. May be a hidden variable that’s not modified by mods, or there may just be a flat multiplier.

All in all it does look like a modded weapon will always be better than an unmodded one, but that there will be no general-purpose uber-weapons like a recoil-less sniper minigun; which not only makes sense but makes for more interesting crafting and more diverse gameplay.

Melee guns are a thing.


This was actually more about weapon mods than crafting (as was the showcase video). Like, can I make a Pipe Rifle? It looks pretty self-made … Nuka grenades? (Presumably with yet another perk for explosives.) I’d certainly bet on some crafting besides weapon mods and armor.

Cooking also went unmentioned. Just saying because one of the player settlements features what looks like a small field.


My new favorite person on Balmung Kau Miyumi! I was one of the first (maybe THE first?) crafter on Balmung able to make the new Thavnairian outfits. Kau contacted me and as soon as we got the materials let me craft a Thavnairian Bustier, most likely the first one to be crafted on Balmung.

It couldn’t have went to a better character, she dyed it to match her new beautiful Au Ra! Even the pillow matches!